Pakoštane Active: Blue & Green Trail Race on Easter Weekend!

By 23 February 2018

Planning a weekend getaway for Easter? We have a destination for you - and a great sports event in case you're looking to dust off your running shoes

Pakoštane Tourist Board has prepared an attractive project titled 'Pakoštane Active', uniting all activities and events taking place at this lovely destination in Dalmatia.

As part of the project, tourism workers in Pakoštane are organising a running race on the upcoming Easter weekend, in collaboration with Mountain Traveller Croatia. Called dm BLUE & GREEN TRAIL, the race will take all competitors through a pine forest, along the coast and through the town centre; after they pass a view point overlooking the Kornati archipelago, they will continue to race along Lake Vrana, relishing the unique 'sweet and salty' scenery featuring the distinctive blue and green sites of Pakoštane.

"We have a truly unique natural layout here in Pakoštane, with two distinctive shores - the sea and the lake - located only 1,5 kilometres apart", said the Tourist Board director Danijela Vulin, explaining how the scenery inspired them to create a concept of sweet and salty, blue and green.

The race will have two separate tracks, one 10 kilometres long, the other 24. The shorter track will start from the centre of Pakoštane, spanning along the pine forest and towards the Crvena Luka Resort, the latter opening for this occasion exclusively. The runners will then continue to the Pine Beach Resort and head back to the finish line in Pakoštane.

The 24km race will take the contestants along the coast and towards Drage, the view point Čelinka, the southern shore of Lake Vrana and back to Pakoštane. Both races will be filmed by four cameras and a drone, on the mainland and from the sea, said Vulin.

During the adrenaline-packed weekend, Pakoštane will present one more project: new hiking trails which will connect several locations on Vrgada island, and in Pakoštane, Drage, and Vrana. Each trail will have a special name assigned, along with a memorable story presenting their distinctive features.

The races will take place on March 31, starting at 10 in the morning - head to Pakoštane Tourist Board to learn more about the event.