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By 21 February 2018

It may only be February 21st, 2018 but summer feels just around the corner. Looking to book your summer holiday, have you considered an active holiday in Croatia? Active Holidays have more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, creating tailor-made adventure packages for solo or adventurous travellers, groups, and families.

It is now, no secret that Croatia is an amazing holiday destination, with its crystal-clear waters, stretches of coastline and more than a thousand islands, it truly has something for everyone. However, what is still only just catching on, is visiting Croatia for an active holiday – a combination of relaxing and exploring with a side order of adventure.


Active Holidays Croatia saw the potential of this incredible country 30 years ago and have been offering active holiday packages as well as creating tailor-made holidays ever since. When you first think of an active holiday, I am sure your mind wanders to Instagram-worthy pics of a bronzed god with rippling muscles, free-climbing up the side of a canyon or a gorgeous ‘fitspo’ queen, hiking by day, doing yoga with the sunset and eating a kale salad for dinner…



Well, if this is what you’re after, Active Holidays Croatia can cater to you. However, there is so much more to it than that and surprisingly, an active holiday can be made to suit almost any level of fitness. The guiding principle of Active Holidays is to create unique, tailor-made activity and adventure programs for every skill level; whether you are a solo traveller in search of adventure, a fitspo couple looking to push boundaries or a family with teens who want to create lasting memories, Croatia has it all and Active Holidays can help make it happen.


kayaking the Cetina river

Active Holidays Croatia are based in Omiš and specialise in 7 – 10-day adventure programs; being based in Omiš is the perfect location for all of your adventure needs. The setting and surrounding of Omiš is absolutely breathtaking – I should know, I live here and it still blows my mind. Omiš is nestled at the foot of two mountains, the lush green Cetina river winds through the canyons to meet the dazzling Adriatic, it is an adventurer and nature lover’s paradise. Within 30-minutes’ drive from your accommodation, you can be canyoning, zip-lining, rafting, mountain biking, free-climbing, kayaking, windsurfing… just to name a few. This is particularly great news in summer because it means you will avoid the crazy traffic jams during peak-season.

Credit: the gorgeous Omis town

By now you are maybe thinking but where does the ‘holiday’ part come in? Don’t worry, not every day has to be completely jam-packed with activity; after 30 years in the business, Active Holidays have learned that it is good to create a program which allows ample time for adventure, as well as rest and relaxation. This is where their philosophy of creating customised and flexible itineraries comes into play.



In their Multi-Day activities, Active Holidays have created 7 – 10-day programs categorised under 'easy, medium, active' in terms of skill and ability. The programs have an incredible variety of activities, sightseeing, as well as rest days scheduled in. After speaking to Active Holidays, they also explained that their programs are completely flexible; they work with a fantastic team of professionals who will check on you daily and can adjust the program if needed – for example, if you fancy another day rest, shopping or exploring, it's all possible. This flexibility means that you can trust that you will walk away from a holiday that was catered specifically to you, with no stress of feeling like you are obliged to do anything or that you miss something.


Rafting on the Cetina

Activities are also interspersed with sight-seeing so you don't miss out on some of the highlight attractions of the region – like speedboating to island Brač for a day, exploring the beautiful history and culture of old town Split and Trogir, walking the city walls in Dubrovnik or visiting the National Park Krka with its stunning waterfalls and nature paths.


Credit: National Park Krka

Active Holidays have also set up their pricing to be all-inclusive, so there will be no extra ‘surprises’; their prices start at €1060 - €1310 for their 7 – 10-day programs. This includes all of your transfers, activities, accommodation (half-board), entrance tickets to Krka National Park or Dubrovnik City Walls, insurance… The best part about this? From the second you book and arrive in Croatia, you will have a professional team to take care of you, no need to figure out logistics, timings etc. You simply get to enjoy!


ATV Quad Biking 

Another point definitely worth highlighting is the fact the Active Holidays Croatia work with fully licensed and experienced guides who above all, aim to care for your health safety, as well as giving you an amazing experience. With an excellent record in safety and 30 years’ experience, your mind can be at ease that you are in good hands.

rock climbing.jpg


The first time I visited Croatia, I had no idea about all of the incredible activities that are available, now that I live here, the wow-factor hasn’t worn off and I still can’t believe this is all on my doorstep. So, if you are planning to come to Croatia or are looking for a holiday with a difference, consider booking with Active Holidays Croatia. Get a taste of Omiš and Active Holiday have in store for you in the impressive video below

Find more information on their website here or check them out on Facebook.


All photos from Active Holidays Croatia unless otherwise stated.