Trsat Castle in Rijeka Dazzles With New Holiday Gear: See the Stunning Display (Video)

By 21 December 2017

Another enchanting location joins the Advent frenzy - and in style

While the Christmas market in the centre of Rijeka is still trying to find its ground - we've been very unwilling to get out of the house last week due to incessant torrential rain - another neighbourhood in the city was quick to grab the attention of the locals.

All eyes are on the Trsat castle these days with the magnificent walls donning a festive outfit. As announced, the castle can now be spotted from any point in the city even in night-time, as its holiday gear is sprinkled with tens of thousands of lights. We're not exaggerating - they have really gone all out.

Have a sneak peek in the following video, courtesy of Moja Rijeka, and we guarantee it'll leave you planning a visit to the Christmas spectacle any day now: