From UberBOAT to UberADVENT: Road Testing Croatian Innovation in Zagreb

By 4 December 2017

It has been quite a year for Uber globally, and in one small country on the Adriatic, a year of growth and innovation. TCN checks out the latest Uber product, UberADVENT, on December 3, 2017.

How to impress your future Russian sister-in-law on limited time in Zagreb?

It has been quite a year for ride-share app Uber, both globally and in Croatia. Leaving the global focus to other portals, 2017 saw Uber Croatia expand its car business to various destinations along the Dalmatian coast, as well as opening in Rijeka. Over 120,000 locals have downloaded and used the app, and some 115,000 tourists used the Uber service on the Dalmatian coast this summer. Croatia, however, has been doing things a little differently to other countries. For here it was that the first UberBOAT service was launched properly, with a story, images and promo video which took the beauty of Croatia all over the globe.

As December begins, one might think there was nothing more coming from Uber in 2017, apart from servicing the hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists taking advantage of the Uber car service. And then they went and introduced UberADVENT, an electric rickshaw ride service for Advent in Zagreb. Now THAT is how I was going to impress my Russian sister-in-law to be.  


Using the service is as easy as your usual Uber app experience. Simply choose the UberADVENT option, and your nearest chauffeur claims the ride and you can watch progress as he approaches. No car icon here, just a committed cyclist making his way through the streets of Zagreb. 


A little bit of snow, and we could have the film set for Anna Karenina 2017.  


And they were off. I asked the driver to give them a tour of the main sights of Advent in Zagreb. 


Magical Zrinjevac was an early passing point. 


Taking in the streets of Zagreb where cars do not roam, complimentary Uber blankets to keep the cold at bay. 


Elegantly approaching the main square, Ban Jelacic.  


There are lots of different locations for Advent in Zagreb this year, each of them offering something different, and I can't think of a more convenient or more picturesque way to move around (and wait until you hear about the price). 


Onwards for our fearless Russian heroine, towards the Upper Town.  


Zagreb's majestic cathedral.  


A picture postcard at every turn.  


Until finally, some 1 hour and 21 minutes after departure (including a rest room break), a return to where the adventure all began. Three very happy young ladies. But was I the happiest of all when I saw the bill?


Uber's technology told me that the 80-plus minute ride has covered 5.23 kilometres, for which I was charged just 104.33 kuna. 

A fabulous addition to Advent in Zagreb for those too lazy/cold to walk, or who want to take in the beauty of Zagreb at this time of year in a leisurely fashion. Warmly recommended by future Russian sisters-in-law.