Sailing in Croatia: A Perfect Escape From the Daily Grind (Video)

By 14 November 2017

On September 21st 2017, myself and some friends chartered a Hanse 455 from Croatia Yachting for a three-day escape and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Life. It has a way of sneaking up and completely blindsiding us. We all grind away in our day-to-day lives; putting in the hours at work, home, in friendships and relationships, trying to be the best version of ourselves – or just keeping our head above the water… Right now, in 2017, we are all uber-connected, emails, social media, contacting anyone at any time – it can all start to weigh us down if we aren’t careful.

That’s exactly why we all need to take time for ourselves and I don’t think there is any better escape than being on a boat at sea. Of course, I am mildly biased, having worked on yachts and sailed up and down the Dalmatian Coast for the last five years but still, week after week, all of our guests would step off the boat looking truly refreshed. Friends and families would spend genuine, quality time and reconnect. There is something about being at sea that can make us forget ourselves, our worries, our stresses and just let go, unwind and even stand in awe at how incredible nature really is.

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Credit: Croatia Yachting Charter

I have already written about our experience on the Hanse 455 (read the full report here) but what I didn’t go into too many details about, was just how fantastic it was to be back on the water and sailing with good friends!

We have always worked on yachts but never actually experienced it from the guest perspective and I tell you – it was damned good. Just to sit in the sun, not think about anything besides: what should we eat and what music should we play?...

We went sailing well out-of-season but we still got two days of water-sport weather and then when the weather turned, honestly, I really enjoyed sitting downstairs in the salon, cooking, cosy, drinking red wine and reminiscing over old-school music. It was easily the first time I had properly chilled with friends in a long time - no major event, social commitments or running around, just hanging out...

One of my other favourite aspects of ‘boat life’, is getting up early to walk around gorgeous towns and villages, to watch them slowly come alive, soak in the history or simply sit with a cup of coffee, watching the boats gently bobbing in the water… this is peace, relaxation and happiness all rolled-up in one amazing bundle.


Credit: Carol Newby

For the first time, in a long time, my emails and obligations felt worlds away, there was no pestering anxiety from a never-ending to-do-list, I just was.

This, exactly this, is what I believe everyone needs a little more of in their lives. I can guarantee that if you choose to come sailing in Croatia with friends or family, it will be a holiday you will remember forever.

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Thankfully one of my friends is also a pretty slick videographer, so, he captured the weekend for us too (disclaimer: we weren’t filming with pro-equipment, this was made from all of our snippets of footage because we were too busy enjoying!) My words might not quite do it justice but check out the video below for a taste of life at sea and, you might want to think about planning your 2018 summer sailing holiday in Croatia!

For more information about the Hanse 455 or chartering a yacht with Croatia Yachting Charter, click here for more info or visit them on Facebook here.


Video Credit: Nick Hathaway