Sailing in Croatia: Is October the New September?

By 15 October 2017

October 15th 2017, the summer goes on and on. Will October become the new September for sailing in Croatia?

October, so hot right now. Literally. It is mid-October and I am looking out over the Brač channel to calm seas, clear blue skies and temperatures in the mid-twenties. This isn’t an anomaly this year, almost all of October has been like this and next week’s forecast calls for similar temperatures; dropping a degree or two but still in the 20’s.

September was always my favourite month because the weather is gorgeous and the crowds dissipate, allowing all of our coastal treasures to breathe again. However, as the years go by, the summer season in Croatia seems to extend. It used to be that come September, while the weather was pleasant the crowds had all but disappeared; walking the streets of Split today show that the season is still going, just a little less chaotic, enough to make it feel lively without being overwhelming...

This year, the beginning of September wasn’t the most favourable weather, with flash floods wreaking havoc up and down the coast.

However, come the end of September and now into October, the weather has been absolutely perfect. I got out on the water with my husband yesterday for a day-trip on our little motor boat – the sails on our yacht are sadly under repair, but it was a gorgeous day to be on the water nonetheless. Cruising along the edge of the coast with barely another boat in sight. We anchored in front of an empty beach and enjoyed a piece of Adriatic paradise to ourselves and I realised – this could potentially be my new favourite month, is October the new September?

linda 7.jpg

Credit; Gulet Linda, Vis town in October

From a sailing and charter perspective, more and more I am asked – “when is the best time to come sailing and avoid the crowds?” I used to say June and September but even now, those months are getting busy; ok, October weather like this stunning ‘Indian Summer’ we are experiencing is not guaranteed but if this becomes a trend, well… you would be a fool not to take advantage of October sailing in Croatia.

Restaurants and bars are still open along the coast, no jostling for a table or space. The marine traffic has decreased heavily as the majority still vacation between the months of June and September; which means that mooring or finding a secluded spot to anchor is more achievable (near impossible in August). The water is definitely a lot cooler but I still went swimming yesterday, it was refreshing but gorgeous. Or, if you are more adventurous, you could take advantage of something like freediving (at least you get to wear a wetsuit)!

And, in regards to charter options, prices are dramatically decreased in October, anything from 15 – 40% less than August prices, saving hundreds of euro (more for vino and dining out)!

I am going sailing next weekend on a Hanse 455 to put October (late October) sailing to the test; so, you can look forward to my report. In the meantime, if your soul needs a break – the weather forecast this week looks set to be another ‘pearler’ as we would say back home; maybe, you should consider getting a last dose of vitamin sea before the winter kicks in.

Need more tempting? Check these latest photos taken from Gulet Linda who is still showing guests the best of the Adriatic.

linda 8.jpg

linda 4.jpg

linda 5.jpg

linda 6 kornai.jpg


Photos from Gulet Linda, all taken in October.