Belgrade Airport Identifies Zagreb as Main Competitor for Long-Haul Flights

By 27 September 2017

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport sees Zagreb and Budapest as main competitors to securing long-haul services, EX-YU Aviation reports.

Serbia's main airport, Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, which had the second highest hub connectivity in the region in 2017, is looking into opening new routes to North America, China, and Australia, EX-YU aviation reports on September 27, 2017.

"Our aim is to become a gateway for long-haul flights in Southeastern Europe to North America, China and Australia, as well as to introduce new routes to the Euro-Mediterranean region and strengthen our regional connectivity, which would, in turn, help increase loads on flights to the abovementioned markets. The main competitors in achieving these goals are first and foremost Zagreb and Budapest", the airport said.

The tender procedures have already started, and they will close on October 11. The study will include looking into Zagreb and Budapest's data for the existing passengers and routes, and it will look into introducing flights to Africa.

Belgrade Airport attended World Route Development Forum in Barcelona a few days ago, which Zagreb Airport's representatives also participated in.

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