12 Croatian Accommodation Facilities in Final Selection for Best in Europe

By 1 September 2017

With another record-breaking season in the books, it's time for the awards. 

There are 12 Croatian accommodation facilities in the final selection for the best holiday apartment or holiday home in Europe for the European Holiday Home Award, reports on August 31, 2017. 

The winner of the ceremony will be announced at a gala dinner on September 14, 2017, organized by the European Family Tourism Association EHHA. Members of the Croatian Family Tourism Association joined this association back in March.

"Such success of accommodation facilities in Croatia is confirmation of the work of the family tourism community at the Croatian Chamber of Economy for the promotion of quality by promoting specialization, branding and education developed through the annual cycle of national and family housing forums. Because of this, more than 6,000 hosts of family accommodation are educated", commented the President of the Community of Family Tourism at HGK Nedo Pinezić.

The categories in the competition for the European Holiday Home Award are: 

- The best holiday accommodation in a European capital

- The best beach holiday accommodation

- The best family holiday accommodation

- The best green holiday accommodation

- The best holiday accommodation with pets

- The best accommodation for a health and wellness holiday

- The most unique holiday spot

- The best accessible holiday accommodation. 

Nominated from Croatia are Villa Vista Zamask, apartments Peljesac-Sreser, holiday house Verudica, Villa Sea Edge, Holiday Villa in Split, Villa Falcon Rook, Makarska-Gornje Podbablje, Villa Milica, Villa Prosika, Split-Srinjina, Zminj-Vadediji House Ulika.

After the first phase of the competition, the jury selected eight finalists for each category, including 12 from Croatia, or at least one in each of the categories. 

"There were 425 accommodations from 18 countries with a total of 640 nominees. The largest number of entries, after Spain, came precisely from Croatia, and more specifically from Istria and Dalmatia. The finalists are from these regions,” said Croatian Deputy Chair of the Family Tourism Committee, Danijela Čavlović, who is also a member of the evaluating committee for the European Holiday Home Award.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce also reminds us that applications for family awards will be opened in September as part of the "Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia" action. Applications will be sent via a form that will be published next week on the HGK website.

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