Dear Tourists, You are Queuing in the Wrong Lane

By 11 July 2017

A faster way to purchase your ferry tickets on the day.

As I came into Split on the bus this morning from Dugi Rat I was already dreading the hordes of tourists, the heat and queuing for a ferry ticket. I needed to get to Brač and as it is most definitely high-season, I feared I was about to lose the last remaining ounce of my patience in an impossible line.

But… to my surprise. There was none. Not one person. I walked straight into the Jadrolinija office in the newly renovated Tourist Palace, purchased my ticket from a friendly sales assistant – probably a lot friendlier because she was sitting in a nice airconditioned building rather than a ‘shack’ at the end of the Riva… and, I was on my merry old way.

I even had time to grab a quick breakfast at the brand-new Terminal F Café; knowing they are in a transit location, Terminal F have created a menu to suit – 75 kuna (approximately €10) for an omelette, coffee and glass of OJ - with very prompt service. I ordered and at breakfast in 30 minutes. Winning.

My partner in crime Daniela met me at Terminal F then we casually made our way to the ferry. For once, not stressing, running late or sweating profusely in the intense summer sun.

As we almost reached the main ferry terminal, we saw a ridiculous queue in the direct sun – it was for the Jadrolinija office on the pier (one of those little shacks I was talking about). Everyone was struggling with their luggage and a queue that had no order, I smiled smugly to myself and strolled right on by, straight to our ferry – where there was also barely a queue because everyone was still lining up to buy tickets.

I thought about writing this article, then a small part of me – let’s call it the devil on my shoulder, said ‘don’t do it Tash, this should be a local secret (the other guy that walked into the office behind me was also Croatian)….’ But, that thought was quickly stricken from my mind by the better part of me. The point of the Tourist Palace is to make it easier for all tourists visiting Split. Its central location makes it a lot less fuss than going to the Ferry terminal, plus there are more café options around, so once you buy your ticket you can enjoy a coffee or breakfast minus the stress.

So, if you don’t want to get on the ferry a sweaty, frustrated Betty – look out for the Tourist Palace at the end of the Riva beside Terminal F, you will see the Jadrolinija office where you can purchase ferry and catamaran tickets. Look out for this building (minus the red carpet and gladiators)

tourist palace.jpg

Tourist Palace opening night


And this sign



Yes, I am aware you can buy your tickets online (see website here), but if you are a last-minute planner like myself and you decide on the spot that you want to get across to any number of islands easily accessible from Split, then buying on the day is still how a lot of people do it (though for a catamaran to Hvar, I recommend buying in advance during high-season)

Also, are you wondering how I am writing this sitting on the ferry? Well, I have another life-saver in this job – I use a RoamFree Ninja, it is one of the best hot-spot options in Croatia. I am currently in the channel between Split and Brač. Not sweating, not nervous, getting work done so I can go off and enjoy part of my day.

Happy travelling people.