Weekend Getaway: Sports and Games in Delnice and Platak

Rijeka is probably the only place in Croatia where a ski resort is situated about 30 minutes away from the local beaches, making it possible to find a place to your liking no matter where your affinities lie. The ski resort in question is Platak, located north of Rijeka; the place turns into a hiking destination in warmer months and remains well-visited throughout the year.

To promote the advantages of sports and recreation, Primorsko-goranska County and Delnice Sports Center have joined forces and organised a manifestation providing endless activities on the weekend of 20-21 May. Visitors who decide for Platak will get to enjoy adrenaline tubing, panoramic cableway rides, football, handball, volleyball, dodgeball, disc golf, trampolines... Better than your average amusement park, as this trip won't leave you broke at the end of the day. For example, 10 kuna can get you three tubing rides, one cableway ride or an hour of sports; 5 kuna will suffice to rent two bicycles for 1 hour or use the trampoline for 10 minutes.

Apart from Platak, the Goranski Sports Center in Delnice will make their courts and facilities available to visitors, also at a small fee of 10 kuna for sports activities and 5 kuna for an hour of bowling. The symbolic prices and the vast activity range is meant to attract visitors and stress the importance of physical exercise.

The press conference was attended by head of administrative department for culture, sports and technical culture Valerij Jurešić, who remarked the County has been investing in the Recreation Center Platak aiming to make it one of the most attractive destinations for active vacation. "The center has been developing according to plan, and these Open Days provide visitors with a chance to state what they expect and what course of future development they would consider desirable." said Jurešić.

As Delnice are located a 1-hour drive from Zagreb and a 30-minute drive from Rijeka, you still have time to plan a short day trip. Platak also isn't far away - check out their website or Delnice Sports Center for a schedule of events!

Ri Prsten