No White Christmas on Europe's Sunniest Island on Hvar, Croatia

By 25 December 2015

Another day of Christmas disappointment for kids hoping for snow on Europe's sunniest island.

As millions of children around the world woke up to a White Christmas on December 25, 2015, spare a thought for the children on the sunniest island in Europe, whose dreams of Christmas snow were once again dashed.

With an average of 2,724 hours of sunshine each year, snow is such a rarity on Hvar that hotels are rumoured to offer free accommodation if it snows. As children around the world build snowmen in their gardens, Hvar children have been forced to deal with views like the one below.

It DOES snow sometimes however, and the last great snowfall, in February 2012, brought unprecedented pictures of the Sunshine Island, as well as joy to those snow-starved children. The island was covered from its peak to the beach, and one Slovak actually managed to ski from the top of the island at Sveti Nikola to the beach at Dubovica bay. 

That was then, and Christmas Day in Dalmatia is more of the usual - bright sunshine on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. And with that, this correspondent will be heading down to soak up the Christmas atmposphere on the main square, dressed in t-shirt and perhaps some shorts.

Merry Christmas from the TCN team.