Ryanair Quitting Osijek, or Not? Airline Issues Official Response

By 18 January 2017

Ryanair responds to local media claims it has ceased flights from Osijek to London on 18 January, 2017. 

Following the news from local media outlets yesterday that Ryanair was quitting Osijek, TCN received a reply directly from the airline, from the Sales & Marketing Eastern Mediterranean(Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia & Israel) |Sales & Marketing Department:

Please see below Ryanair’s statement in relation to your aticle “Ryanair to cancel flights from Osijek”

We have yet to finalise our Osijek summer 2017 schedule”


Thank you

Kind regards.

We have asked for comment on why what was billed as a 12-month service seems no longer to be so, and we will update the article as and when we receive more information.