A Few Years Ago the State Couldn't Give them Away, Now they're Leaders in Croatian Medical Tourism

By 11 May 2016

Bizovačke toplice are experiencing a complete revival with the refurbishment of Termia hotel and the expansion of the existing Aqua Park.

Two years ago, not many people had an optimistic thought about Bizovačke Toplice, the largest hotel and hospitality complex in this part of Slavonia. Their debt was growing on a daily basis and after a few years in receivership, the State was trying to sell it for 1 kuna and there were no takers. On May 11, 2016, Glas Slavonije reported on the bright future of Bizovačke Toplice and its investment plans.

As Bizovačke Toplice are getting back on their feet, the same can be said for the whole area around the complex. The largest artificial wave swimming pool in Croatia, which opened last year, along with a modern SPA facility which both tourists and locals have been enjoying for the last two months brought new jobs, revenue and a hope of better days ahead. Strong support from the local administration also shows that the whole Bizovac area has decided to join forces to become the most powerful regional medical – tourism centre.

Discovery of geothermal springs near Bizovac back in 1967 had a crucial influence on the development of tourism in the area. First pools and accommodation units were built in 1974 and in less than a decade Bizovačke Toplice became the largest tourist complex in Eastern Slavonia which offered health, recreational and rehabilitation services. However, homeland war, bad management, and economic crisis all contributed to their demise so in 2014, after several failed sale attempts, the company was taken over by Sunčane toplice d.o.o., a company owned by Jako Andabaka (Sunce, Bluesun hotels).  

Soon after the takeover, new owner restructured the company and announced new investments to the value of 120 million kunas. He also insisted on a much better use of geothermal springs and a close cooperation with local producers in order to revitalize the economy of the entire area.

Second investment phase is now concluded, a new medical centre was opened a few months ago with 56 well-equipped rooms, two suites and 116 beds altogether, along with state of the art medical and rehabilitation facilities.  Owners are now refurbishing Thermia hotel in order to increase the number of accommodation units and to raise the level of quality to a four-star hotel while the expansion of the existing Aqua Park will represent the very last stage of this large investment.  The expansion will include the refurbishment of all existing indoor pools, sport courts, outdoor cinema and numerous hospitality facilities.

Local authorities are pulling together to speed up the investment process. During the assembly of the Bizovac municipal council, members voted in favour of new changes in the master plan in order to alow new development projects around Bizovačke toplice “We want to create the framework that will allow the investor to build a campsite with all accompanying facilities, and we have allowed usage rights on several land plots owned by this municipality which will create the necessary prerequisites to build modern bungalows and additional tourism infrastructure” said the mayor of Bizovac Srećko Vuković.