Top 5 Korčula

Top 5 Pizza Places on Korčula

By 29 June 2018

Yeah, yeah, you all know you shouldn't be having pizza when you go somewhere as a tourist, you should enjoy the local cuisine and taste the stuff you can only have there.

But still, sometimes you feel that craving for the carbs and the cheesy goodness, and when that happens, where to go on Korčula?


1 - Tedeschi - the first two places are located in the Korčula Old Town, with Tedeschi being on the eastern side of the town, where most of the restaurants are. It's very popular, it's always busy (expect that you'll have to wait to be seated if you come around dinnertime in peak season), the pizza there is made with excellent ingredients that are always fresh, but that's to be expected with the turnover they have. You'll get to have your pizza with the view of Badija and Pelješac, and I can personally say that their vegetable pizza is probably the best-looking pizza I've ever seen in my life.

2 - Caenazzo - another one in the Old Town, this pizzeria is located right in the dead centre of it - on the main, St. Marc Square, in front of the Cathedral. So, obviously, yes, it's popular, especially as it often has large groups of tourists with reservations off the boats, but the pizza here is really, really good, so it is worth the wait, and you should consider coming here sooner, not during the rush-hour of the evening. The atmosphere of having pizza right there is something else, almost as if you're having pizza in the 17th century. Pro tip: have some of their house wine with pizza!

3 - Leut - moving away from the Old Town, but still in Korčula, pizzeria Leut is another popular tourist place, where a lot of people come to have their pizza to go, and have it either by the sea or wherever else. The pizza is good, uncomplicated, with fresh ingredients, the prices are somewhat lower than in the places that are in the Old Town, so it really is a perfect place to get your pizza to go.

4 - Torkul Lumbarda - not in Korčula but in Lumbarda, pizzeria Torkul is worth the trip to get to Lumbarda. It's in the Tatinja bay, right next to the wonderful Tatinja beach with the view of the islets in front of it, although less central also very busy during the season. The staff is very friendly, pizza is baked in the wood oven, there's great outside seating in a lovely little garden and - here's an idea - if you're sailing on your boat, just dock there long enough to get your pizza and go have it somewhere in the archipelago for additional enjoyment

5 - Tinel Blato - the traditional pizzeria in the town of Blato, obviously much less busy than other places on this list. Located in the centre of the old, quaint town, in a traditional stone house, where pizza is also done in a wood oven, where you feel like you've entered the different era and where the pizza is really, really good and an excellent value for money. Don't miss the trip to Tinel if you're in that part of the island.