Top 5 Korčula

Top 5 Wineries on Korčula

By 22 May 2018

Honestly, if you picked just about any winery from the island, you could make a case of why it should be on the top 5 list!


1. Bire Winery
In Lumbarda, the one place in the whole world where you need to taste the Grk wines, one of the most renowned wineries is Milina Bire winery,, with family tradition of producing excellent Grk and Plavac Mali wines, tasting organized in a wonderful authentic Mediterranean estate near their vineyards where you can truly immerse yourself in the Dalmatian island atmosphere.


2. Zure Winery
Zure Family winery ( is also located in Lumbarda, actually quite close to Bire winery, and Zure family has wine-tasting, a restaurant and accommodation available for their guests. They produce award-winning Grk (as a still wine, a sparkling wine and as prošek), Pošip and probably the best Plavac Mali produced on Korčula, and their restaurant offers food prepared from the ingredients their family farm has produced, or they've caught themselves.


3. Intrada Krajančić Winery
Luka Krajančić, owner and chief winemaker of the Intrada Krajančić family winery, located in the small seaside village of Zavalatica, is one of those characters you just need to meet, in order to fully appreciate the wines he's creating. Year after year his wines are winning awards, his Pošip is often called "the best Pošip in the world", and Luka is also an artist, a poet who brings his passion to the winemaking as well as his poems.


4. Pošip Čara Winery
One of the most imporant roles in the recent tradition of winemaking on the island of Korčula was played by the Pošip Čara Winery, located in the village of Čara, which is the centre of production of the indigenous variety Pošip. They are still one of the largest producers of Pošip and Rukatac wines in Croatia, and worth a visit if for no other reason, then because of their dedication to keeping the tradition of winemaking alive on the island.


5. PZ Nerica is a small family winery, where young Jakša Krajančić is the chief winemaker, producing wonderful, fresh Pošip wines, but where you can also taste their wines on a terrace which is sometimes said to have he best view on the Korčula island that doesn't include the sea. From their Čara terrace you will get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the life in the vineyards, and taste bold wines created by a young winemaker.