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Nikola Knez Presents Documentary 'Election Legitimacy - Republic of Croatia'

By 22 April 2023
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April the 22nd, 2023 - The award-winning American-Croatian director, producer and screenwriter Nikola Knez has presented his new documentary film called 'Election Legitimacy - Republic of Croatia', co-produced by Damir Rados.

The script was written by Dr. Natalija Kanacki and Dr. Dorothy McClellan. He has received more than 40 awards for directing since 2005, when his American filmmaking career began. His work varies from history, human rights, science, social life, technology, medicine, and sci-fi as well. 

Nikola Knez 1 by Croatian Film Institute

Nikola Knez's film examines whether the Croatian electoral process was successful or failed in guaranteeing citizens' democratic rights in a free, prosperous, transparent and productive society for thirty years since the founding of the sovereign Republic of Croatia. In this documentary, prominent Croatian political and humanitarian leaders, legal experts, and scholars are interviewed in a revealing and honest manner about the following key issues:

- Is the electoral process able to select leaders who act in the true interests of the people rather than those of the political elite?

- Does the electoral process produce policies that win public support and create a mandate that governments enforce?

- Is the electoral process characterised by broad the participation of citizens who enjoy political freedom?

- Can politicians and leaders of political parties be held accountable for their actions?

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There is no doubt that electoral law is one of the most crucial aspects of Croatia's aspirations for a democratic and just future. In this documentary, respected ladies and gentlemen share their perspectives on Croatia's electoral law: Vice Vukojević, Vladimir Šeks, Dr. Željka Markić, Prof. Ph.D. Joseph Jurčević, Dr. Natalija Kanački, Ph.D. Tomislav Jonjić, assistant professor, Ph.D. Stjepan Šterc, Ph.D. Davorka Budimir, Ph.D. Andrej Grubišić, Ph.D. Hrvoje Pende, Karlo Novosel and Đuro Vidmarović.

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On the Croatian Film Institute's website, you can see this film and read more about Nikola Knez's work. The Croatian version is also available while the Spanish and German versions of the film are being prepared.

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