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Steve Mešić Ludi Releases Fifth Single 'Ljubavna' Dedicated to Wife Tena

By 13 July 2022

July 13, 2022 -  Steve Mešić Ludi, a well-known Croatian rapper who lives and works in New York, released his fifth single 'Ljubavna', published by the publishing house D' Knock Production, led by Darko Juranović Knock.

‘Ljubavna’ is released after previously successful singles 'Emigrant', 'Hladan Svijet', 'Nije Bitno', and 'Hijene'. D' Knock once again took care of the production, arrangement, mix and mastering and is also the author of the music while Ludi wrote the lyrics. The video was shot in attractive locations in New York - Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and in the apartment of Ludi and his wife Tena Bugarin. Ivan Radavić was video producer, and Danijel Kovačević editor. 


"I was without inspiration for a while. I couldn't write anything meaningful without staying true to myself. I drew new inspiration from love and wrote and dedicated rhymes to my Tena, who is my biggest supporter. Where there's love, there's fire - that's what I was guided by when creating this song, which is also the first in which I learned the basics of singing with the help of D'Knock's wife Jelena Juranović Jay, to whom I'm really grateful," - said Steve and added: "It's not easy to teach a rapper to sing, believe me. We rehearsed for days so that I could sing the chorus, and she added more spice to the song with her backing vocals, adding even more sunshine and positivity to it. Thanks also to my wonderful wife Tena, who spent sixteen hours with me on the recording, and fulfilled my wish to be a part of my video". 

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