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€1.16m for 136 Projects of Ethnic Croatians in 12 European Countries

By 19 June 2022
€1.16m for 136 Projects of Ethnic Croatians in 12 European Countries

ZAGREB, 19 June 2022 -The Central State Office for Croats Abroad has set aside 8.7 million kuna (€1.16 million) for 136 projects and programmes which will be carried out by associations of Croat communities in 12 European countries.

The grants for ethnic Croat projects range from HRK 7,000 to HRK 320,000.

This highest grant has been awarded to the project of public transport of ethnic Croat students in Janjevo and revitalization of the local Croat community in that part of Kosovo. Furthermore, the soup kitchen in Letnica, Kosovo, has received HRK 180,000 in aid.

The Democratic Alliance of the Croats in Romania has been awarded HRK 299,000 for its project of the preservation of the identity of local Croats in that eastern European country.

The state camp of the Croatian language and culture "Collegium Croaticum", managed by the Croatian local self-governing authorities (HDS) in Hungary, has been given HRK 275,000.

Apart from the Croat minorities in Kosovo, Romania, and Hungary, also ethnic Croats in Austria, Bulgaria, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Italy, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia have been granted the funds following the public call for applications.

 The decisions on the grants are available on the Office's website.

(€1 = HRK 7.52)

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