The Croatian Diaspora

“A Diary from the Croatian Diaspora” Book Presented

By 13 September 2018

ZAGREB, September 13, 2018 - A book entitled "A Diary from the Croatian Diaspora", which is about the life of Vanda Boras Podravac, who has lived in emigration for the past 64 years, was presented on Thursday at the Croatian Heritage Foundation (CHF).

The book describes the author's personal adaptation to new communities from Buenos Aires to Canberra, as well as recollections of Croatia's struggle for independence.

The book tells the story of an ordinary woman who did amazing things on her life journey, the CHF director Mijo Marić said describing the English translation of the original Croatian version launched eight years ago.

Vanda Boras Podravac is a sociologist and civil society activist in the Croatian community in Australia who presents a world of challenges in her book such as language barriers and cultural differences which she and her family were faced with after the left her home town and Croatia.

Boras Podravac was awarded with The Medal of the Order of Australia by Queen Elizabeth II for her work.

The president of the Government Office for Croats Abroad Zvonko Milas recalled the strong contribution by the Croatia expat community in Australia from its successful struggle to have the Croatian language recognised to the aid for Croatia's struggle for independence. He said that this book is a reminder of a truth that should never be abandoned.