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Homage to Oliver: Croatian Diaspora Covers 'Cesarica' in Argentina (Video)

By 17 January 2018

A captivating performance by the talented Oliver Tribute band all the way from Argentina on January 17, 2018

Oliver Dragojević, the iconic Croatian singer and songwriter from Split, has a loyal fanbase around the world - including Argentina, a country with a thriving Croatian diaspora.

Argentinians of Croatian descent love Oliver so much, they even have a cover band dedicated to him. Oliver Tribute was founded by Ivan Marković in Buenos Aires, and the band has recently held a stunning live show in the theatre Caras y Caretas in the Argentinian capital.

Oliver's greatest hits are performed by lead singer Mariano Škarek and a choir featuring Cintia and Lorena Škarek, María Cecilia Fernandez Šarić and Valeria Fernandez Šarić. The orchestra is composed by Ivan Marković (guitar), Juan Pablo Opačak (tamburica), Juan Borsato (bass), Fernando Losada (piano) and Pablo Salerno (drums).

Listen to their touching cover of Oliver's legendary hit Cesarica in the video below, and follow the talented ensemble on Facebook


Source: Moja Hrvatska