Summer Is Coming: Top Five Beaches In Split

By 25 February 2015

When we look through the window, it seems like it's a long time till the swimming season. However, it will come faster than we think. Knowing that most of the people are already booking accommodation, it's never too early for the top 5 beaches in Split list. All five of them are available on this map. This is not the list of all the beaches locals love for some particular reason, but of those which can provide something more than just sun and sea. Besides, there are always some places which are well kept secrets.

1 Trstenik beach

Last summer we brought a verdict about this beach as the best kept in Split. And it is, really. This beach is not natural, but smooth pebbles make it very pleasant. Beach is well equipped with sunbeds and parasols, but in the same time not over-crowded with them, so there is plenty of space for simple spreading of your towel. Also, there is a VIP platform operated by Radisson Blu hotel. Sea is, like at most places in Split, crystal clear, and when you had enough of sun and sea, there are plenty of bars around.


2 Bačvice

For anyone looking for some privacy, Bačvice will be the last choice. On the other hand, it's a central city beach, where many locals are coming, and thus very popular among younger tourists looking for some more authentic experience. Bačvice is a home of picigin, probably the only beach game protected as the cultural heritage. Rental of sunbeds and parasols is available, bars are all over the place, and proximity to a city centre makes it extremely popular. Also, two summer DJ parties are taking place there, and clubs at the beach provide wild and loud nightlife. Surprisingly for such crowded beach, water is very clear, especially in the morning.

Bačvice - jesen 3

3 Kašjuni

First, basics: it's pronounced "kahshyounee". Difficult, but possible. Second, the biggest value of this beach is its position. It would be hard to find similar beach, so close to a city of 200,000 people, with such enchanting view while swimming. Get in the water, look up, and you will see Marjan hill in its full beauty. Water is fine, but there could be some more of usual beach amenities. However, for those looking for different experience, very close is the only - semi-official - nude beach in Split.


4 Kaštelet

This is another beach on Marjan hill shores, mostly populated with younger crowd. In the past, there were even more bars and clubs around, even open-air concerts, now there are two bars close enough to the water so you won't need to suffer of being thirsty. It's easily accessible from the city, even on foot, with pleasant walk by the sea. Also, there are public buses going there.


5 Bene

Again, Marjan. This beach is part of recreational centre in the pine forest at the western part of the park hill, with several tennis courts, football field, and even open-air gym. You can reach it by bus, but also walk through the woods, or rent a bike and go there like most locals do. Water is not as clear like on other beaches in this selection, but mostly because of the sandy sea-bed, not because it's polluted in any way. There is a bar and a restaurant right next to the beach, and in case you like some privacy, area around Bene - named after church of Saint Benedict that once stood there - is full of solitary spots.

Bene - panorama 1

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