Are You Ready for the 17th International 'Sveti Duje' Regatta?

Of all the Sveti Duje events going on this weekend, one of the most exciting is the Oxford-Cambridge-Split Regatta. Here's a look at what you can expect this year. 

The celebration of the City of Split and its patron Sveti Duje will once again be marked by the traditional International Rowing Regatta ‘Sv. Duje’. The best university rowers will come together for the 17th edition of this rowing spectacle in the Dalmatian capital, and thousands of guests will enjoy a two-day regatta - on Saturday the regatta course takes on Spinut and Sunday at Split’s Riva. 

There will be 12 male and 10 female crews in the Spinut race, among which one of the most outstanding is the Oxford team, who won the men's and women's competition last year, as well as the 'Legends Race'. Traditionally, the Cambridge University team will also be featured in the men's competition, as well as the domestic representatives from the University of Split, the University of Zagreb, the University of Dubrovnik and other universities in Europe. The legendary race of Oxford, Cambridge and Split will take place at the Split Riva on Sunday, May 6 at 12:00.


For fourteen consecutive years, Split has been the home to sports spectacles nowhere else in the world can imagine. This regatta, which brings in the best Oxford and Cambridge rowers just one month after their race on the River Thames, includes Split and the Sveti Duje celebration on the list of the most famous sports traditions in the world.

Mayor Andro Krstulović Opara opened the regatta press conference, highlighting: "With so many participants from all over Europe, the significance of the regatta in the tourist segment is unmistakable. All this would not have been achieved without the brilliant brand that the regatta attaches to its name. With great fervor, numerous students from all over Europe not only take on the London Boat Race but also our regatta for which we are exceptionally proud. Our city is seriously positioned on the tourist map of Europe, and we are delighted that the regatta can be included in a series of events that attract tourists to Split - and its 17th edition confirms that for university sports, this is an essential event.” To conclude, the mayor said that he would not row this year, but hopes to be back in the legends race next year. 

Alen Soldo, the Vice-Rector of the University of Split for Science and International Cooperation, added: "This is the most significant university event but the only sports university event that receives this kind of media attention. We strive to provide our students with the opportunity to have recreational sporting activities at our university, and we are particularly pleased to see that some of our students are seriously rowing next to the rowing greats of Oxford or Cambridge. I congratulate the organizers for top work, and we hope that over the years, we will grow bigger and better, as much as possible, given the outstanding results we are achieving today.” 


"OTP Splitska banka recognized the importance of this project and is very proud of the regatta. We congratulate the organizers and wish for all the happiness of the young people who will cheer their best rowers this weekend,” said Silvia Bareša, from the management office and communication of OTP Splitska banka.

On behalf of the organizers, Luka Grubor said, "When you watch the Olympics in Tokyo next, you will be able to count all the rowers you have seen at Sv. Duje. We are proud to have seen the rowing boats at the last five Olympic Games, which are in Split each May in the regatta. Every year we have at least two Olympic medalists, world champions and many other title holders and medal winners. Such results indicate the quality of our competition. Of course, we desire to move the entire regatta to the Riva in the future so that it will shine in its full splendor.”

"The regatta is a premier show for both contestants and tourists, confirming the arrival of Oxford and Cambridge for the 14th consecutive year. More than 30 rowers participating in the university regatta are enough proof that rowing is among the most important student sports," said Mirko Ivančić of HVK Gusar.

Over the years, the regatta is proud to be the epithet of one of the strongest European student regattas, primarily thanks to the appearance of the Oxford and Cambridge teams that come in the same form after the recently held Boat Race on the Thames. 

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The Sv. Duje Regatta has become one of the largest university rowing competitions in Europe in the last 15 years and regularly attracts more than 35 university rowers from 15 countries - from Istanbul to Vienna, Hannover, Aachen and Leiden.

In the last five years, the regatta has an average of 500 participants and up to 90 volunteers who help in organizing and conducting the event. The "Legends Race" (the legends of Oxford, Cambridge and Split) during Sveti Duje sees thousands of spectators follow from Spinut to the Riva. The regatta is regularly accompanied by national and local media.