Where to Get Your International Food Fix in Split? The 2018 Guide

By 20 April 2018

Where to find your international food fix in Split? 

I will begin by saying that this article in no way downplays the beauty that is Dalmatian cooking. Anyone who has been lucky enough to take a bite of fresh fish off the grill, only to pick up the remnants with a chunk of crusty bread soaked in garlicky olive oil, knows how lucky we are to be in Dalmatia. And no, I personally do not believe that anyone could ever grow tired of black cuttlefish risotto, seafood pasta, or classics such as ćevapčići and paštisada.

But as much as we love the flavors of the region, sometimes our taste buds have something else in mind - and rather than fight and grow irritable from hunger, we give in. 

Though we are lucky to be in Split for many reasons today, we might find ourselves even more fortunate than generations of the past because we have access to even more international flavors than ever before. The essence of Japan seeps through Split’s old town alleyways, the smells of cumin in Mexican cooking permeate through Peristyle, and the seasonings of Chinese are never too far away. We are also ever so fortunate in Split to know that the trend of international cooking is forever growing, and even some of our trusted Dalmatian sanctuaries have the gusto for global grub. 

With that said, what are the ethnic cuisine havens you can find comfort in the Dalmatian capital? Without further ado, we present you with our 2018 guide. 


Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota: Considered a unique fusion of Dalmatian and Japanese cuisines, Bota has quickly become the favorite of sushi lovers in Split. Established back in 2014, Bota offers a wide array of rolls, sashimi, and hot favorites such as teriyaki chicken and beef, tempura shrimp, and egg rolls. The oysters and tuna tartare are divine, and if you still can’t fight the Dalmatian urge, you can delight in seafood risotto inspired by the southern town of Ston. 

Address: Obala Hrvatskog Narodnog Preporoda No. 6 

Adriatic Sushi & Oyster Bar: With a similar sushi menu to Bota, Adriatic Sushi has been an excellent addition to Split’s growing love for Japanese creations. Not only can you find menu items such as fried oysters and a Mexican burrito roll, but spring rolls, soft shell crab, and tuna in a ‘yunagi’ sauce have quickly won the hearts of Split foodies. And of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more simple, you can always rely on the beefsteak or grilled salmon to tame your palate. 

Address: Carrarina Poljana, 4

Samurai: The first authentic Japanese restaurant to open in Split back in 2013, Samurai soars past a simple sushi menu and offers even more Japanese creations for the people of Split to enjoy. If you fancy ramen, Japanese curries, noodle dishes and katsu, then Samurai is the place for you. But of course, if you’re looking for a roll, you can even try one with prosciutto as an ode to our beloved Dalmatian cuisine. 

Address: Bana Jelacica 1

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Bota Split 

Chang: This restaurant was a brand new addition to the busy Bačvice beach in 2016, and rather than offer Japanese delights, they take on the flavors of Thailand. Dumplings, fresh spring rolls, Pad Thai, sticky chicken, and beef noodle dishes can be found at Chang, and their refreshing juices and tangy cocktails have beachgoers at Bačvice quenching their thirst. 

Address: Uvala Bacvice | Bačvice beach

Biser Orijenta: The original Chinese institution in Split, Biser Orijenta changed locations last year to Split 3. If you’re looking to indulge in chow mein, Mongolian beef, egg rolls, hot and sour soup, and many other classic Chinese dishes, paying Biser Orijenta a visit is worth it. Though outside the busy city center, the new space can accommodate big groups, unlike many of the restaurants within the palace walls. 

Address: Dobrilina 1a

Restoran Asia: The Chinese restaurant I frequent whenever I can, though, is Restoran Asia, which opened their doors back in 2016. A traditional Chinese restaurant that offers room for 150 hungry guests, Restoran Asia has a wonderful selection of noodle dishes, soups, crispy duck, tie-pan dishes, and fried bananas for dessert. Restoran Asia also has set menus for up to four guests in case you’d like to leave it up to the experts - they do know best. 

Address: Poljička cesta 39 

Wok Bars: Split currently has two wok bars in the center, Wok Me Away, and That’s All Woks. If you’re looking to get a quick international fix, at either wok bar, guests can create their wok dishes including a variety of noodles or rice and choose from sauces like teriyaki, ginger and garlic, coconut curry, and sweet and sour. 

Wok Me Away Address: Matošića ul. 8,

That’s All Woks Address: Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 25

Split Malls: Believe it or not, shoppers can even get a taste of international flavors to fuel their tired hands from constant credit card swiping. The Mall of Split offers shoppers Chinawok, while ‘Chinese Food’ is located on the first floor of City Center One. And if you’re not up for Chinese, the flavors of Mexico are right around the corner at City Center with ‘Mex’.


To Je Tako: If you’re looking for your Mexican fix, there is no better (or other, really) place in town than To Je Tako. Not only does this restaurant include Honduran favorites such as the refried-bean goodness that is anafre, but cheesy jalapeno kickers like bolitas, a classic mole, tex-mex tacos and burritos, chimichangas, flautas, and ropa vieja will have you coming back for more. With delivery as an option for those days Mexican food and Netflix call, if you can get out of bed and into To Je Tako, be sure to try the creative cocktails on offer. You won’t be sorry. 

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Address: Ulica Kraj Svetog Ivana 5

Other international offerings around Split

At Bistro Toć you can find quesadillas and flautas on the menu, while Terminal F offers a selection of dressed up tacos and burritos. Restaurants like Zoi, Mazzgoon, Articok, Galerija and Bokeria always find a way to bring in international flavors to their seasonal menus - and have even offered crab tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, and Vietnamese soup ‘pho’. At Marta’s Veggie Fusion, visitors can enjoy burrito bowls and healthy wok dishes, and the tastes of Macedonia are never far away at Makedonska Kuca. 

Coming soon

Another Asian fusion restaurant is opening in Split this weekend named Kinoteka - and this new foodie haven is ready to win you over. While we don’t know much yet, we’ve seen the restaurant tease menu items on their Facebook page which include sushi, ramen, tempura, gyoza, green curry, and some of the most beautiful (and refreshing) looking cocktails out there. Stay tuned!