Split Scene in Winter: ‘Na Bini’ Pop-Up Event

By 23 February 2018

Saturday 24th February 2018, Judino Drvo will host the ‘Na Bini’ pop-up concept store. A collaboration between local and international artists, music and gastronomy – all for one night only!

Split only has a population of approximately 180,000, which let’s face it, is relatively small. We often complain that we are lacking so much here, especially compared to the capital Zagreb but that’s hardly a fair comparison as Zagreb has a population of 790,000.

Split has really evolved over the last five years. Yes, tourism happened to us and we still have a way to go but little by little innovation and entrepreneurship is making its way here. I would particularly love to see Split develop more in terms of the creative community and gastronomic scene.

After living in London, moving to Split was quite an adjustment. Coming from a giant that never sleeps, where you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want and keeping up with events and happenings is almost a full-time job in itself; Split is definitely a lot more chilled out... po malo!

But, I didn’t move to Split for the ‘scene’, first of all, I moved for love, then I discovered that this new, relaxed lifestyle suits me a lot more. I miss the energy of London and am dying for good Japanese and a live music scene but I don’t think I would move back to London for any amount of money.

Still, I think there are a lot of ways that Split can move forward. Being on the doorstep to Europe, I am surprised that a lot more trends haven’t caught on here, especially as every second person I meet seems to be creative in some way – whether it be art, music, fashion, food… But I have no doubt it will come. Just imagine this gorgeous coastal town which lies within the heart of an old Roman Emperor’s Palace, that has a creative scene to rival Berlin, London or Barcelona? Ok, maybe a little too big but still…

Na Bini.jpg

SV Designs

I have experienced bite-sized morsels of a creative/underground scene – like the ‘Something Different’ event at Galerija bar in conjunction with Little Wonder Jewelry and Chicks on Chic, that truly was something different and felt like I could have been in the backstreets of Berlin.


Credit: Daniel Jones Photography, 'Something Different' at Galerija

Now, tomorrow – Saturday 24th February 2018, there is a pop-up event at the Split institution Judino Drvo and I am excited to see how they pull it off. Pop-up events aren’t new, they have been circulating in the UK and Europe for the past few years but still, there is room for new ideas and innovation. Tomorrow’s event will bring together local and international designers, music and even gastronomy – a fusion of worlds and perhaps a new way to experience each.

na bini 4.jpg

Among the designers are Split locals – Knot Jewelry, Zeus and Us and SV Designs, from Zagreb comes 47th, some Parisian flair will be added to the event by Emile Renard and Scandinavian brands will be presented thanks to the new boutique store in Split – By Lyna. There may be a few extra surprises on the night, makeup artist Tončica Baković will also be in attendance, while DJ Miss Iris sets the mood. As if fashion and music aren’t enough to inspire the senses, there will also be a sushi presentation by local restaurant – Oyster Bar Bota Šare, who will create on the spot delicacies, fusing together the Japanese and Dalmatian culture.

na bini 2.jpg

Knot Jewelry

The organisers of ‘Na Bini’ are Tina Šarić and Suzana Vuljan. Tina is an academic painter and Suzana launched her fashion brand SV Design in 2015, as well, she is a professor at the renowned Italian school for fashion and design Callegari.

na bini 5.jpg

SV Designs, "Coming Home"

It has all the makings to be a unique event and one of the ever-growing reasons I love Split in winter.

The event kicks off at Judino Drvo at 16:00 and goes until 20:00 which will be followed by an after-party with DJs Tome R & Juri Paik.