Anamarija Asanović Opens Her Boutique Store in Split

On Thursday 10th August 2017, Anamarija Asanović opened the doors to her gorgeous boutique store. Tash Pericic and Daniela Rogulj were there for the opening and caught up with Asanović for a more in-depth chat about her store and inspirations.

We were lucky enough to be at the Martinis Marchi Summer Party at the beginning of August, which is where we first came across Anamarija Asanović, her collection graced the Martinis poolside runway and was the cherry on the cake to a fabulous evening.

Daniela and I watched as stunning models with 'bubble-gum' hair, walked around the pool with attitude, showing off Anamarija's gorgeous collection made up of soft pinks and baby blues, adorable printed skirts and tanks to elegant evening dresses... it was all class.

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Credit: Mario Jelavic

I have said it before, I am no fashionista, but I have never been so in love with an entire collection before. And as it turns out, I wasn't the only one – Baroness Christiane Freiin von Kentzingen, who was in attendance at the party, immediately bought the entire collection!

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Credit: Mario Jelavic, Anamarija with the Baroness

We met Anamarija briefly after her show, and she was so approachable, humble and sweet (making us love her collection even more); we discovered that she was opening her store in Split, so we put it in our calendars.

When we arrived, the street and shop were abuzz with energy and in attendance were, of course, Anamarija’s father and well-known footballer Aljoša, mother Katarina, brother Antonio and her partner Marin Siriščević – her greatest support networks. Then, there were likes of Fani Čapalija, Doris Dragović, Ana Čagalj, Gorana Mliković, Sonja Dvornik and many other names in the Split and fashion scene.

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Credit: Tomislav Botic and Jure Ravlic, Anamarija with brother Antonio

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Credit: Tash Pericic, Sonja Dvornik wearing a custom dress by Anamarija 

One thing we noted, was how genuinely happy and supportive everyone seemed of Anamarija which was extremely refreshing to see in this kind of industry.

Thanks, or no-thanks, to the Baroness purchasing all of Anamarija’s collection at the Martinis party, she didn’t have a full store as she would have liked, but this didn’t take away from the night at all. The shop itself is a darling little boutique store, with subtle vintage touches; combine this with the glamorous crowd, the Hendricks gin station and trumpeter, and we could have easily been in London.

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Credit: Tash Pericic

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Credit: Tash Pericic

However, we didn’t just want to do a typical ‘opening’ story, we wanted to hear more about Anamarija (and an opening is not the place to have a relaxed, in-depth conversation), so Daniela Rogulj from Total Split caught up with Anamarija for a coffee to learn more.

Anamarija has an extremely impressive CV, first off let’s begin with the fact that Anamarija speaks five languages; this is just setting the scene to what an incredible human she is.

Fashion is her life

Fashion has always been her life, and she has always done fashion. After high school, Anamarija went to Art School in Split and studied fashion design. Since then she has spent eight years out of Croatia learning from the best in the industry. She began in Milan as a backstage coordinator for fashion shows and slowly worked her way up. She has also lived and worked in Moscow, Slovenia and Turkey – where she was one of the top 4 designers for cocktail dresses. She returned to Croatia two years ago.

“I don’t know how to do anything else but fashion.”


Credit: Scena.Hr

She thought she was too young to open a store (29 years old) because she wanted to travel, see everything and learn as much as possible, but she finally felt ready.

“Everything I have dreamed of, I have done, and I knew it was time to open a store. But I am also scared because I love to travel and now I have to stay here!”

Fashion Lines and Sharing Knowledge…

Anamarija has done collections every season for the last 10 years, exhibiting in Zagreb at first and has sold her lines in various concept stores. She is currently working at Callegari fashion school as a professor in fashion design.

“I am so happy to share my experiences with other people. They are forcing me to keep my hands in fashion.”

Newest Collection and Inspiration

What is your inspiration for the new collection?

“Ice cream!” Anamarija exclaimed excitedly (seriously, how can you not love her?) And it is true, looking the collection takes you back to childhood memories, I mentioned bubble-gum, but yes, ice cream it is! This is also why the models at the Martinis party had pink and blue hair, to be reminiscent of something cool and fresh.

AA 3.jpg

Mario Jelavic Photography, collection at Martinis Marchi

"I source the materials from Turkey and make everything in Split. Turkey has some of the best quality cotton (Pamuk, natural materials) and you can find anything you want there."

Anamarija also does customised pieces and personalised styling.

Favourite Era of Fashion

"The 60’s!"

AA 2.jpg

Mario Jelavic Photography

Favourite thing to wear?

"Dresses and something on my head like a hat or turban

I hate pants!" 

To living Dreams

In the 5th grade, Anamarija decided she wanted to go to Art School; everyone teased her saying she would have no future in fashion. She also met her husband in the 5th grade (her first love), he wanted to be a surfer when he grew up and everyone laughed at the ‘future’ they would have together – he is now a windsurfing coach, they married two years ago and have a beautiful girl named Zorka. Talk about proving the critics wrong and living your dreams!


Photo Credit: Story.Hr

Inspirational Humans of Split

We are always so thrilled to meet genuine, passionate, talented humans. And I have to say, to maintain such a sense of humility and down-to-earth nature in the fashion industry is a testament to the kind of person Anamarija is. Though, it is also no surprise; I have to point out, that at the opening of her shop, we watched her father buzz around the entire crowd, saying hi to those he knew, introducing himself to those he didn’t and checking to make sure everyone was having a good time. Beautiful.

Sitting with Anamarija for only one coffee, it is too hard to capture her spirit here, so you can look forward to more when we follow up with our ‘Meet the People of Split’ series and get this vivacious human on camera!

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Credit: Tash Pericic

A_A Store

If you want to visit her store in Split, opening hours are from 9 – 12:30 am and 5 – 9 pm.

You will find the store at Svačićeva 1, Split and you can check out her page here.