Video: Students from Varaždin Promote Split to the World

By 23 June 2017

Even more promo for Split!

Young Varaždin students Ines Mikac and Boris Barić began their own Youtube channel titled Live Croatia where they presented a video of one of Croatia’s most famous beaches, Bačvice. The video is just the beginning of their new series “Postcards from Split", which they have decided to do to promote Split to the world, reports Dalmacija Danas on June 23, 2017.

“We came to Split last year for university. The choice was either Split or Zagreb, and while they are the two largest cities, Zagreb does not have the sea. It was only when I got there that I realized how beautiful Split really is and how happy I am that I came here. Split has great potential, and I'm sorry that it is not more recognized,” said Ines.

Ines’ partner in crime, Boris Barić, loves Split equally as much and is responsible for being the tech-savvy part of the duo. 

“Boris generally deals with web technologies including video recordings and posting videos on our Youtube page. We have already filmed a few videos of Split and towns along the coast, as far as our financial resources allow - we do everything as a hobby and we do not have any earnings. We are planning to expand this project throughout the entire coast and create a website, and I hope that one day the project will bring us some revenue,” concludes Ines.

See the video below!