What are TripAdvisor's Top 10 Restaurants in Split Right Now?

By 19 June 2017

TripAdvisor, everyone's favorite love-hate relationship, and their current top 10 restaurants in Split.

It has been a while since we last visited TripAdvisor's top 10 (August 2016, to be exact) and one would imagine that this list should be shaken up a bit. 

While many might argue that the rankings are unfair, others swear by the TripAdvisor site and use it as their travel bible - trusting in the reviews of others for every waking moment on the road.

But before we get into the infamous top 10, let's lay out some ground rules - what really is TripAdvisor’s ranking algorithm? 

Three factors, for the most part, help decide the ranking: quality, recency, and quantity. Simply put, establishments with higher review scores rank higher, more recent reviews are given a higher value than older ones, and the more reviews an establishment receives, the higher they rank.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top 10 restaurants on TripAdvisor today.

1. Konoba Nikola: Located in Stobreč, about a 20-minute drive outside of Split, Konoba Nikola remains in first from last year - holding the steady number one position, without flinching.

2. Sexy Cow: An interesting choice (but we’re not mad), Sexy Cow is not really a restaurant at all, but is a popular new fast food joint that opened last year. Known for their unique wraps, homemade tortillas, sauces and fresh-cut fries, this establishment has quickly made their way to the top.

3. Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox: Usually always in the top 3 (ranked number 2 in August last year), Paradox has just recently moved locations to the former space of Paradigma which closed their doors earlier this year.

4. Villa Spiza: Steadily holding their spot in the top 5 over the last year, Villa Spiza has been bumped from their number 3 position (thanks, Sexy Cow) to a solid number 4. For a place that has ten tables and domestic specialities, we don’t think that is too bad at all.

5. Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar: Moving up from 7th place last August, Zinfandel is not your ordinary wine bar. Boasting unique breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and an extensive wine list, Zinfandel is also one of the few places in the center of Split that has live acoustic music.

6. Dvor: Located near Bačvice beach, Dvor has also moved up two places this time around, jumping up from its former number 8 spot. One of the more expensive restaurants on the list, the setting at Dvor is one you’ll have a hard time leaving.

7. Konoba Marjan: Dropping two places from number 5, Konoba Marjan still might be the most talked about restaurant for seafood in Split. If you’re looking for the freshest catch of the day, you’ll more often than not be directed to book a table at Konoba Marjan, located just outside the city center in Varoš.

8. Perivoj: From fourth place to 8th, Perivoj is the sister restaurant of Dvor. Also located about a 10-minute walk from the city center, Perivoj offers 5-course tasting menus and Mediterranean fare with a twist.

9. Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar: From number 10 to number 9, Bokeria usually secures themselves a spot in the top 10. Whether it be lunch or dinner, you’ll typically find the tables of the restaurant full, and for a space so large, we’d say they’re doing something right.

10. Konoba Fetivi: A new addition to this top 10 list, Konoba Fetivi is located just around the corner from Konoba Marjan. This konoba, which specializes in Dalmatian fare and, of course, seafood, opened earlier this year.