One Month Away: Have You Booked Accommodation for Ultra Yet?

A look at the available accommodations for Ultra Europe, just over one month away. 

Plagued with mishaps and speculations that the festival would never see the Dalmatian capital again, it was finally confirmed that Ultra Europe would return to Split, thanks to their new partner MPG Live. 

After almost 30,000 eager festival attendees purchased their tickets unaware of the Ultra outcome, the lineup announcement just a few weeks back was a sigh of relief - one of the most popular music festivals in Europe would see the light of day!

Since things got off to a rocky start, it’s only fair to wonder just how prepared Ultranauts are for their 3-day festival adventure in Split. Are their flights booked? Are their passports renewed? Have they booked accommodations yet? 

The latter being most important - considering a spike in prices and a quickly depleting pool of options in Split - what accommodations are available in Split one month away from the festival?

The festival, which will take place in Split from July 14-16, will see most festival attendees arrive on July 13th for the Ultra opening party at Giraffe Palm Beach House in Split. With that said, most attendees will be looking to book accommodation from July 13-July 17, the day after the festival ends.

With just 565 properties found on, here’s a closer look at the total price festival-goers can expect if they book today for a single room with two persons for these four nights.

Hotels: With only 12 properties found, it’s safe to assume that quite a few hotels are already sold out for these dates (Hotel Park, Cornaro Hotel, Jupiter Luxury Hotel), and many others are showing only a few rooms left. For example, Radisson Blu Resort is showing only five rooms left for these dates for a total price of 1,568 EUR, while other hotels such as the Atrium or Art Hotel are showing only one room left for a couple of hundred euros cheaper. 

Your most expensive bet? Hotel Marmont for 4,695 EUR total (one room left)

Your cheapest best? Hotel Salona Palace in Solin for 860 EUR total (two rooms left)

Apartments: Out of the 450 properties found with something available, most of them located in Split are in high demand - and a studio apartment in the center of town with only one room left can set you back as much as 1,396 EUR. But the good news? If you are willing to pay the extra bit for an Uber to the festival each day, your options become greater. For instance, apartments in Kaštela and Podstrana for 2-3 persons are charging under 400 EUR total for these dates, and you may still get lucky with that 286 EUR apartment for two in Solin. 

Hostels: For hostels, we're mixing things up a bit and are heading over to Hostel World to find the price per person/bed. Hostel Split which is located in the center of town is offering a single bed for around 70 EUR per night, and the cheaper options like Beach Hostel are offering single beds for less than 50 EUR a night, but with only two spots left!

With that said, the only advice we can give you? BOOK NOW!