Split Prepares for the Tourist Season, Confirms Itself as a Safe Destination

According to all indicators of competent services and institutions, Split is a safe city, both for its citizens and for tourists.

This unique and most important conclusion was discussed by Croatian Government Commissioner Branko Ramljak during a preparatory meeting for the upcoming tourist season in Split, reports Split.hr on May 18, 2017. Also in attendance were representatives of the competent services, institutions, and organizations, from the city level and Split-Dalmatia County, who are dedicated to making sure that this year's season is more successful than last.

Commissioner Ramljak pointed out that all measures are being taken not only for a successful season, but also to ensure sustainable tourist growth in the city of Split. In this connection, Ramljak pointed to a statement by the Minister of Tourism who expects a record season, especially with the return of Ultra Europe to Split this summer.

Representatives of the SDŽ Police Administration stated that the number of criminal offenses, as well as deaths on the streets of Split, were down. They have warned about the structure of guests changing, with more and more young people and increased public gatherings, which leads to an increased risk of drug and alcohol use and is followed by an increased challenge for health and those who care for the cleanliness of the city. It was emphasized that the police are ready to respond to all challenges - and even those that derive from global threats - which should not be neglected, although there is no direct indication of this currently.

The number of guests was raised by the representatives of the Tourist Boards of Split and the County, who mentioned the importance of printing appropriate travel info leaflets for tourists and especially cyclists. Similar leaflets were printed for Croatian Mountain Rescue Service following the trends and ever-growing tourist wishes to stay in nature. Because of this, a guide for Mosor has been created. 

From the county level state administration, an enormous increase in accommodation capacities has been confirmed with an increase of 25 percent compared to last year. 

Representatives of Emergency Medical Services have mentioned that the number of day-to-day interventions in the summer has increased to 550. Most interventions are during Ultra and are mainly from the influence of alcohol and drugs. The Red Cross has noted that, as as they typically do in the summer, the number of voluntary blood donation actions will increase. Rescuers have already been employed for Split beaches and intervention teams have been formed. 

Representatives of "Splitska obala" said that they started with the renovation of 38 kilometers of beaches that are not under concession and that new pumps for fecal waste have been installed at Bačvice.

Čistoća stressed that every year Ultra is a challenge for them, but in this respect they receive praise from the organizers. Their preparations for the season ended on April 1st. It was said that sometime in the summer, there was 20 percent less waste in the city and now there is 30 percent more. As confirmation that they are organizationally and technically ready, Split has become the first city in Croatia with an electric vehicle to collect waste in the city center.

Representatives of “Promet” pointed to big crowds, especially on Ul. kralj Zvonimirova, and noted that during the Ultra festival there were no accidents and incidents, although there were passengers who were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In the season, there will be a night line for Trogir and Omis. 

Elektrodalmacija pointed to the problem of waiting in their vehicles in front of the ferries in case they need to intervene on the islands, but this was solved by an agreement at the meeting itself. The Port Captain also pointed to the problem of the increased number of vessels (30 percent) and the energy cable on which these ships illegally plug, which can cause a severe accident. They also stressed the need for better coordination with Emergency Assistance when their ships depart for interventions in the wake of maritime accidents. The Port Authority confirmed that the Port of Split sees 4.5 million passengers and 700,000 vehicles transported in a year. 

The tourist guides of Split noted that their season now begins before Easter. They suggested that it would be good if there was a palace model at the Eastern (Silver) gate, similar to the one on the Riva, because many tours go from this location. They also requested that they move the parked cars in front of the Podrum.

In conclusion, Commissioner Ramljak expressed his satisfaction with the fact that all activities for the preparation of the tourist season have been mostly carried out and that the minor problems can be easily solved. 

"Problems are there to be solved, and that is why there are competent city services. After all of this, it is the responsibility of everyone involved in these activities that the season passes successfully,” said the Commissioner, who added that the future mayor would recommend such meetings be held before Easter in the future.