Go Green Taxi Officially on the Streets of Split

By 25 January 2017

The new taxi service 'Go Green' is now servicing Splićani.

Go Green Taxi is the newest taxi service on the block. With Go Green, you can currently order a taxi via phone (by dialing 772-772), and a mobile application similar to that of Uber that you can download here. In addition to being the latest competition in Split, Go Green also boldly claims that they offer the lowest taxi price in Croatia - offering a 6 kuna start and 6 kuna for every subsequent kilometer, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on January 24, 2017. 

The Go Green drivers are mostly young, and among them are two women - together they will be taking to the streets of Split in 15 mostly hybrid vehicles. 

“Among us there are ‘old' taxi drivers who recognized our idea and desire to introduce changes in the market of taxi services in Split. We are a fully legal taxi service that fulfills the conditions prescribed by law, with a work permit issued by our city. Our desire is to have a more modern service with lower prices to make taxis more accessible to citizens,” said Jurica Prgomet, president of the association, who further announced that for the citizens of Split, the same prices will apply during the summer season through a loyalty card the passenger can request from the driver. 

Lovre Ćatipović, president of Auto Taxi section of the Association of Craftsmen, has even given support of the new taxi competition.

“We are legal in competition with existing taxi drivers, and we were able to lower prices in a way that our vehicles will not run empty kilometers by returning to a main taxi top. Our drivers will wait for a new customer in the location of their last,” said Miljenko Marinic, the secretary of the 'Go Green' association.

After working in a bakery to a complete turnaround in her career, female Go Green taxi driver Edina Ibrahimovic has already had positive experiences driving for Go Green in Split. 

“We did a test drive and all the people proved to be extremely polite. And it is working with people that ruled in my decision to start driving a taxi. There has been an interesting reaction when customers see a woman behind the wheel, but I do not fear embarrassment, indeed, the advantage of a woman driver is that they could definitely bring in more business .”

Go Green taxi kicked off in Split this week by offering free rides until midnight on Wednesday.