Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Krk Island Determined to Become Europe’s First Zero Waste Island

February 8th, 2022 - Krk island is on its way to officially join the list of some five hundred European cities and municipalities that have implemented the international Zero Waste strategy

The management of Ponikve, the main utility company on Krk island, recently met with representatives of Zelena akcija (Green Action), an organisation which is working on implementation of the zero waste strategy in Croatia.

Experts of Zelena akcija analysed the waste management system of Krk island and considered which tasks Krk has yet to fulfill in order to position and brand itself as the first zero waste island in the European Union. They discussed this with Ponikve director Neven Hržić and assistant director Ivan Jurešić, reports Novi list/Mladen Trinajstić.

Waste sorting on Krk already has a 60 percent share in overall waste management, according to Jurešić. The population of the biggest Kvarner island has no intention of stopping there, instead planning to achieve even more ambitious goals.

‘Our cooperation with the organisation [Zelena akcija] is part of the project "Transitioning to zero waste Europe, one community at a time", which, as you might remember, our utility company, or rather the island of Krk, joined last year in July when we signed the decision for Krk to adopt the international zero waste strategy’, said Jurešić.

At the meeting, the parties discussed and agreed upon further steps in the implementation of the zero waste model of maximum reduction of waste, as well as reuse and recycling.

‘The recently held meeting gave us an opportunity to go over and agree on some new, additional measures and activities that we will jointly work on in the coming years, all with the aim of meeting the demanding parameters required for the official inclusion of our island in this prestigious European ecological list’, said Jurešić for Novi list.

Among the agreed goals is a reduction of mixed waste generated by the island’s population - including tourists - from 235kg per person (2019) to 150kg per person annually. They also plan for separate waste collection to reach a 70 percent share in overall waste management.

They have also agreed on certain steps to achieve better use of biodegradable waste, and are planning to establish a so-called Centre for Reuse, a facility where prematurely discarded items will be given a new life.

In order to meet these goals, the Ponikve company will work to improve the method of separate waste collection, charge for collection based on the amount of generated mixed waste, increase home composting, open the mentioned centre for reuse, and introduce numerous models to reduce waste generated on the island, all in the coming years. 

Representatives of Zelena akcija consider all the proposed measures feasible, and the agreed goals achievable. They fully expect the local self-government on Krk to meet the set criteria for a zero waste certification.

‘We are pleased with the successful cooperation with the local authorities on Krk island, as they are among the few in our country to have met the goal of separate waste collection in the share of 50 percent by the end of 2020. In cooperation with us they set even more ambitious goals and measures that will help them secure a better quality of life for the island inhabitants, but also put Krk island on the European map of the most successful local communities when it comes to sustainable waste management’, said representatives of Zelena akcija in a statement after the meeting.


Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Pero: From A Student Idea To An Eco Friendly, Chemical Free Cleaning Product

June 22nd, 2021 - A small family that has embarked on a great mission - to make the world a more beautiful place to live, free of toxic chemicals is behind the Pero brand.

Journal reports, natural cleaning products have been found in households all over Croatia in just a few years, and their different approach to production and entrepreneurship can definitely be an example to others. More and more people around us are turning to natural products, and the awareness of preserving our own health and caring for the environment is finally coming to the list of priorities for many. Their efforts were recognized, and they participated in the Pokreni nešto svoje competition, where they received funding that gave them the wind in their sails. 

As a student of agronomy, Davor decided that everything he would do in life would be far from artificial pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals that are widely used. He started working on his own cleansers made from natural ingredients. Thus was born the idea of ​​entrepreneurship that definitely encourages change in society and announces some new trends that will, we hope, be standardized in the future. 

pero_.jpg Pero Facebook

"The story started in 2016 when I started creating products with simple, purified, formulations, natural ingredients that do not harm people, animals, and the environment, that clean effectively and at the same time do not bring tears to the eyes. Nature has shown its strength, so I guess they no longer doubt that it can clean the house. Change starts with the individual, and it is good that more and more individuals are realizing this," said Davor. 

They set out with a desire to cleanse the world, or at least our little worlds of chemicals and toxins.

"The biggest problem is that people don’t know what kind of harmful chemicals they bring into their home. When you realize how much common cleansing products can affect the skin, eyes, hormonal and respiratory system, they quickly turn to Pero products. I am most pleased when those who doubt the effectiveness of our products after trying completely replace conventional products with Pero," he added. 

"Everything is produced by hand, in smaller batches, so we have complete control over the entire cycle. In addition, the French certification house ECOCERT controls our production processes and the raw materials we use. The raw materials we use are nutritional and pharmaceutical qualities, such as baking soda, citric acid, coconut soap, and glycerin. Natural fragrances are much more complex than synthetic ones, they have a relaxing effect, and they also have antibacterial and antiviral properties," he stated when asked about the kind of ingredients used. 


Pero Facebook

Last year they worked intensively on products that completely eliminate plastic packaging and waste accumulation, simplify the practice of sustainability. "These are zero waste pero®zero doses of powders that are converted in the tap water into dishwashing gels, bodies, cleaners… This reduces the amount of plastic waste in the household 30 times, leaves more storage space in cabinets and we take a concrete step for a better and healthier common future." 

For more, follow Made in Croatia.