Friday, 14 May 2021

Concerts in Split Return with Summer Events at Open-Air Zenta Club

May 14, 2021 - The open-air Zenta Club in Split will be the venue for a series of great concerts this summer, and the first five have already been announced! 

The season opens with Silente and BluVinil on Friday, June 18. Silente comes off the wings of a new single "Never Like This," which is at the top of the charts of the most listened to songs in Croatia, while BluVinil will show why it is one of the fastest-growing domestic pop-rock bands. The day after, on Saturday, June 19, comes the great Darko Rundek and Ekipa. 

Goran Bare and Majke will play at the same location on June 24. They will be supported by Sinj rock band M.O.R.T. who is currently working on a new studio album expected to be released later this year.

The Zagreb punk quintet Brkovi is also coming to Open-Air Zenta on Friday, July 16. The day after, on Saturday, July 17, a double concert will be held with Croatia's most successful electro-pop duo Nipplepeople and Jonathan, one of Croatia's strongest live bands.


Tickets for all concerts are on sale at all physical Eventim points of sale and online at Physical tickets will be available from next week at Zenta and at the Dancing Bear Music Shop in Split.

Individual ticket prices are Silente and BluVinil 90 kn, Rundek, and Ekipa 100 kn, Bare and Majke with M.O.R.T. 100 kn, Mustache 70 kn, Nipplepeople, and Jonathan 80 kn.

The program is co-financed through the competition "Because it must be played" conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the media of the Republic of Croatia, and the Croatian Music Union. The concerts will be held in an extremely limited capacity, with all the measures and recommendations of the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters, and the number of tickets is limited to 500.

Source: Dalmacija Danas

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Monday, 22 June 2020

VIDEO: Meet Young Split Volunteers Cleaning Zenta Bay Every Weekend

June 22, 2020 - Three young Split citizens have taken matters into their own hands to keep the bays of the city waste-free.

Dalmacija Danas writes that in the city of Split, we often witness ugly scenes of accumulated and unsorted waste every day, which can be found equally in all city districts. Numerous containers are overcrowded, and many citizens do not know how to dispose of their waste, which results in piles of rubbish in the same places for days. To make matters worse, certain weather conditions make the accumulated waste even greater, because it eventually ends up on streets, promenades and roads.

The irresponsibility of the city services and the citizens themselves is evidenced by visiting the port of Zenta, in front of the club of the same name, where every weekend, hardworking volunteers Dino Buljan, Lucija Guić and Nina Šeparović clean the waste that careless citizens leave behind.

"Honestly, I am very embarrassed when my friends from Zagreb visit me, when I see foreigners walking along Zenta and pass by the piled up plastic packaging," the 18-year-old volunteer Dino testified.

He adds that there is a lot of rubbish in the area, which hosts many people who bathe and sunbathe with their families in the summer. "We found plastic packaging, glass, clothing - everything," he said in disgust.

"We have been cleaning the area of Zenta for two years now and I think we will have to clean it much more often this year. My friends and I want the area around the harbor and the beach to be clean and tidy, as it should be," he said, and added that every time, they clean the waste for more than five hours and collect it in large plastic bags which is then disposed in containers. Dino says that there are enough containers, but regardless, huge waste ends up on the streets.


Private Album

"We are angry with irresponsible citizens, but also with the services that should dispose of this waste in time, which has been piling for days, polluting the environment and thus, to the shame of all of us, insulting Zenta Bay," Dino adds. 

This deserves a big Bravo!

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Monday, 19 February 2018

Zenta Club Usurpation Sparks Protest

"We hope this protest will entice state institutions to uphold court decisions and do their duty.”

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

First 'Health & Fitness' Hotel in Dalmatia: Meet Marvie

The first hotel for health and fitness in Dalmatia is in full swing. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Banana Sound: Get Your Reggae, Dancehall Fix at Zenta Tonight!

Banana Sound to bring the freshest reggae, dancehall vibes to Club Zenta Thursday 17th August 2017.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bura Beach Day in Split: Where Sea is Warmer than Air

A beautiful day for some bura at the beach. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Split's Newest Music Club Opens Tomorrow: Meet Zenta

Split’s newest nightclub will open tomorrow in the former space of O'Hara in the Zenta neighborhood of Split. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Center for Healthy Life Boosts the Tourist Offer in Zenta

Further construction continues on the new Center of Healthy Life in Zenta, located just south of the hospital Firule in Split.