Friday, 23 October 2020

Zagreb Westin: Hotel Opens Studio for Virtual and Hybrid Events

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes on the 21st of October, 2020, the Zagreb Westin Hotel, which operates within the Rovinj-based Maistra, is the first hotel in Zagreb to offer the market an audio-visual studio, in response to all the challenges of organising events, conferences and congresses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As has since been learned from Maistra, the Zagreb Westin Hotel, in cooperation with the local company Ivas Group, conceived, designed and equipped an audio visual studio that has all the necessary equipment and technology (stage, speaker, LCD screens, smart flip chars, sound system, recording service and live broadcast) for the successful maintenance of virtual and hybrid events. The new visual studio is part of the Maksimir Hall, which can accommodate about 30 participants, while other participants get involved through online platforms. A coffee break, as an always desirable option, is also available.

With this studio for virtual and hybrid events, the Zagreb Westin Hotel has fully responded to what are currently highly specific, safety-oriented market demands, Darko Radetic, the director of the hotel, pointed out that this is also the only hotel in the City of Zagreb that remained open throughout this entire difficult year, despite the pandemic and the earthquake which struck back in March.

"In addition to fully aligning our business with all of the epidemiological measures, we have taken it a step further and designed this product. Although there's still interest in organising MICE events in the classical sense, there are more and more inquiries for holding virtual or hybrid events, so we expect that this, a unique product on our market, will attract many partners and guests,'' said Radetic.

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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Zagreb Westin Hotel Still Operating, What Are The Special Measures?

The few people who do not live here in Zagreb but who have somehow found themselves travelling through the city during these strange days can count the hotels that remain open on their fingertips. One of them is the popular Zagreb Westin Hotel.

As Dora Koretic/Novac writes on the 12th of April, 2020, there are exactly seven of them, and the largest among them that, despite the coronavirus pandemic, is keeping its doors open to travellers is the aforementioned hotels on the once busy Savska cesta.

Until recently, it was central place for travellers who have somewhat deeper pockets, boasting a bar in which a good part of the Zagreb business scene was arranging various jobs. These days, however, it is eerily quiet, witha reduced workforce twiddling their thumbs and wondering when the epidemic will pass.

Otherwise a member of the Marriott Group, the Zagreb Westin Hotel has remained open as the only facility belonging to a major hotel chain in the Croatian capital city, following the announcement of the closure of hotel facilities, mainly to accommodate guests arriving in Croatia on a mission, such as medical staff, European and international officials, and of course - scientists.

According to the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ), there are so few people in Zagreb at the moment who don't actually live here that they would not be able to fill a single floor of the Zagreb Westin Hotel.

As touched on before, at the moment, there are seven open hotels in Zagreb. Although they didn't want to disclose how many guests are currently staying at the Westin, it has since been learned that during the pandemic, the hotel is mostly occupied by individual guests from Croatia and a small number of foreigners, mainly guests from the USA, and special measures have been introduced due to these unprecedented circumstances in accordance with the recommendations of Croatian health institutions, and especially with regard to the restrictions imposed by the Civil Protection Headquarters throughout the country.

Thus, we've learned that all of the Zagreb Westin Hotel's catering facilities are closed, so there is no hotel bar or dining at the hotel restaurant. However, in order for the hotel guests to be able to receive food normally, all meals are prepared in the hotel kitchen and delivered directly to people's rooms.

"We're always focused on the well-being of our guests and employees, even in these unexpected circumstances," a statement from the Zagreb Westin said.

Interestingly, despite the fact that there are no guests, nor is it likely that there will be any soon, they say from the Zagreb Westin Hotel that they didn't significantly change the hotel's pricing policy at the time of the pandemic.

"The overnight rates have not changed significantly due to this new situation. In particular, an overnight stay in a double room from April 8-9 amounts to €91, €122 for bed and breakfast,'' it was revealed.

Maistra hasn't disclosed what additional services are available to guests during these special circumstances, but given the regulations and the special regime, the spa and wellness centre are not currently available at the hotel, and from Maistra they advise that, in accordance with the recommendations of health institutions, they provide guests room service and food delivery services exclusively, with all staff equipped with the proper masks and gloves.

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