Monday, 12 October 2020

Who is Danijel Bezuk? Zagreb Shooter was 22 Years Old, from Kutina

October 12, 2020 -  22-year-old Danijel Bezuk shot a police officer in Zagreb's St. Mark's Square this morning, after which he committed suicide in the Jabukovac area. reported that a police officer was shot on St. Mark's Square in Zagreb this morning. He received four gunshot wounds and is at Vinogradska Hospital. The attacker fled after the shooting, and around 9 am, the police reported that his body had been found and that he had committed suicide.

As it turns out, the attacker is 22-year-old Danijel Bezuk from Kutina.

Police released the first information about the attacker around 11 am.

"The possible perpetrator of the attempted aggravated murder of a 31-year-old police officer this morning on St. Mark's Square and also the person who committed suicide in the Jabukovac area is, according to information so far, a 22-year-old Croatian citizen. The person is not previously known to police officers."

He is a young man from Kutina who comes from a veteran family.

Bezuk left a message on Facebook just after he shot the police officer, which you can see in the header photo above.

"There has been a lot of fraud and reckless trampling of human values without responsibility," the message reads on Facebook profile, translated into English.

He allegedly shot the police offer with a Kalashnikov he allegedly took from his father.

Index contacted Danijel’s uncle, who said he was sick and couldn’t talk. then contacted other members of his family. A crying woman answered, but hung up.

"The time I used to see him, I didn't notice anything unusual. He was always smiling and often made jokes," an acquaintance said.  

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Friday, 2 August 2019

Identity of Zagreb Shooter Revealed, Mayor Bandić Issues Statement

More information comes to light as the horrific details of the shooting in Zagreb that took place in Kajzerica last night continues to rock the Croatian capital.

As Jutarnji list writes on the 2nd of August, 2019, Jutarnji list's reporters were present during the police's investigation in Brezovica at the scene where the six-time killer committed suicide during his arrest.

The Škoda Octavia taxi the murderer was driving was found next to a seemingly abandoned graffiti-covered building in the Brezovica area. It is now known that this terrible crime in Kajzerica was committed by Igor Nađ.

He killed three women, two men and one ten-year-old child on Thursday night in Radoslav Cimerman Street in one of the worst crimes to have taken place since Croatia gained its independence.

We have now also learned the names of four victims: Dragomir Tojagić, Josipa Tojagić, Filjka Tojagić and Maja Tojagić.

The sisters Maja and Josipa were killed, and the ten-year-old child was most likely Maja's son. The baby, who was found unharmed at the scene of the crime, is the child of the killer who committed suicide, as Jutarnji reports.

According to, Marija Šaranja, deputy of the local committee of Kajzerica, briefly addressed the media this morning and said that the family who were tragically murdered were valued by the local community, and were a peaceful family.

''They were a peaceful and good family, there's never been a problem with them. On several occasions, they asked the local committee if their living conditions could be improved. This is a tragedy, the atmosphere in the neighbourhood is terrible,'' she said.

After the massacre, Igor Nađ escaped, and after hours of searching, Zagreb police confirmed on Friday morning just after 04:00 that he was located in the Brezovica area, where he committed suicide during his arrest.

So far, no details have been revealed about the circumstances surrounding the end of the chase for Nađ, which involved numerous police forces, and due to which some of the key checkpoints in Zagreb were under the strict control of officers armed with weapons.

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić: ''This is an isolated incident, the city is safe''

The City of Zagreb's mayor Milan Bandić said on Friday morning that incidents such as the one in the Kajzerica neighbourhood cast a shadow and stain over Zagreb's security, but that the city is nonetheless safe.

"This is an isolated incident, a family case. What happens under the cover of the night the mayor cannot know," Bandić said.

"There's no organised disorder or indications of terrorism in Zagreb. Security is written in capital letters in Zagreb. Zagreb is the only capital city where you can walk around on foot at four in the morning. But yes, what happened casts a shadow and stain over Zagreb's security and openness,'' he concluded.

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