Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Zagreb Sheraton Hotel Reopening Doors, But Only Temporarily...

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes on the 13th of July, 2020, given the scale of the economic crisis caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the huge damage caused, especially to tourism, with estimates of falling revenues of up to 80 percent, Maistra says that it is difficult to say anything definite about the outcome of this tourist season. Despite that, the Zagreb Sheraton Hotel is opening its doors...

After almost four long months of forced break from operations due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the workers of the Zagreb Sheraton Hotel started preparations to reopen at the end of July. As has since been learned in Maistra, which includes the hotel company HUP Zagreb and Sheraton, the opening will most likely be only temporary, in order to host a group from the United States.

''Back at the end of May, we opened all of our camps in Istria, and during June, the Rovinj hotels Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Lone, Eden, Amarin, Istria were opened, and on Friday, the Monte Mulini hotel started operating again.

The Westin and International hotels are currently open in Zagreb, while the opening of the remaining part of our Zagreb portfolio will depend on the demand for that. The Zagreb Sheraton Hotel will be temporarily opened to accommodate guests from the United States. In the destinations of Vrsar and Dubrovnik, we've also started with the gradual opening of hotels and facilities,'' they explained from the aforementioned hotel company.

Croatian tourism is an incredibly important part of the domestic economy, making up 20 percent of the country's GDP and generating enormous profits throughout summer. The previous record summers Croatia experienced merely by lying on its laurels seem a distant memory when compared to the current virus-dominated situation.

"Reservations for July, August and September are encouraging so far, but it all depends on the epidemiological situation in the countries that are our main emitting markets, the border crossing regime, the recovery of airlines, which is especially important for bringing guests to the south of Croatia,'' they stated from Maistra.

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