Thursday, 19 January 2023

Indian Unicorn Amagi Opens First Foreign Development Centre in Zagreb

January the 19th, 2023 - The Indian unicorn Amagi has chosen the Republic of Croatia, more specifically Zagreb, for the opening up of its very first development centre outside of Indian borders. This is excellent news for the country and job opportunities are set to open up.

As Josipa Ban/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, while a fairly decent number of Croatian technology companies are moving their headquarters outside of this country's borders, we're also seeing the opposite, which is very important news for all of Croatia. The Indian unicorn Amagi has decided to open its very first research and development centre outside of India right here in Zagreb.

The office has only just opened, and hiring should begin soon, according to the media technology company founded back in 2008, which provides "cloud" content broadcasting services and targeted advertising solutions for broadcasting on TV and streaming platforms.

The Indian unicorn Amagi is, therefore, a global SaaS leader that provides video solutions "in the cloud". It isn't yet exactly known how many people will be employed by this company here in Croatia and just how much will be invested. However, the company has stated that they decided on Croatia because they had already cooperated with local experts, so they decided to use that cooperation for further development.

"The high level of productivity of Croatian experts, along with a good balance between private and business life, makes Croatia an excellent location for a successful high-tech company like Amagi. We plan to expand and we will do so both in and outside of Croatia," said Sanjay Kirimanjeshwar, the vice president of the Indian unicorn Amagi, who is also in charge of marketing.

As for the development centre here in Zagreb, he says that it is difficult to go into details about product development. "But what we can confirm is that their work will be instrumental in accelerating the growth of streaming TV and FAST, especially in technologies that include big data, UHD Graphics, Dolby Vision, JPEG-XS, machine learning and personalisation," revealed Kirimanjeshwar.

The brand new centre here in Zagreb will be led by Igor Marinic, Marko Horvat and Danijel Peric, and it should enable this successful Indian company to expand more into the European market.

"Thanks to the research and development centre in Croatia, we'll be closer to our users and will be able to offer them the technological support they need in real time," said Baskar Subramanian, the CEO and co-founder of the Indian unicorn Amagi, a company that sells its solutions across more than 40 countries of the world, whose client list includes the likes of ABS-CBN, AccuWeather, A+E Networks UK, Cinedigm, Cox Media Group, Crackle Plus, Fremantle and numerous other impressive names.

The arrival of Amagi here in Croatia was actually not publicly known, but preparations had been underway for some time now, according to an inspection of the Court Register, which shows that the company in Zagreb (Amagi Eastern Europe d.o.o.) was founded in April last year.

Besides the fact that the Indian unicorn Amagi certainly has its own calculations when it comes to the opening their first foreign development centre in Zagreb, it's clear that this is a great thing economically for Croatia and its experts who will now get the opportunity to work on the development of some of the most advanced video and communication technologies. This was also confirmed by a statement from Igor Marinic, the general director of Amagi Eastern Europe.

"Croatia has successfully established itself on the global technological map as a country which creates the best talent, therefore we're confident that the newly opened Amagi development centre will be one of the key drivers of further growth and success," he pointed out. The company also received an investment of slightly more than 100 million US dollars just two months ago (in November 2022) from the American investment company General Atlantic.

With the capital raised, the value of the company increased from 1 billion dollars, which was what they were worth back in March 2022, when they received an investment of 95 million dollars, to a whopping 1.4 billion dollars. They achieve 100% annual revenue growth and employ more than 800 people worldwide. Part of the investment will obviously also be invested in the newly opened development centre here in Croatia, but the exact amount is currently unknown.

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Sunday, 18 December 2022

Croatian Team Welcome Party in Zagreb - What You Need to Know

December the 18th, 2022 - The Croatian team welcome party in the very heart of Zagreb (Ban Jelacic square) is set to take place this afternoon when the team lands back home from an incredible performance in 2022's World Cup in Qatar. Here's what you need to know.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after returning from Qatar, the members of the Croatian national football team will land at Zagreb's Franjo Tudjman International Airport shortly after 17:00, after which they will head to Ban Jelacic square along the same route they took four years ago when they returned from Russia as runners-up in the 2018 World Cup.

The Ministry of the Interior (MUP), in cooperation with HNS, has published numerous tips on its official website, in addition to maps with the route that the vehicles carrying the members of the national team and professional staff will take as they make their way towards the very heart of the city.

You can see official and detailed photos of the route from the airport to Ban Jelacic square by clicking here.

From the airport, the buses will run along Ulica Rudolfa Fizira, turn onto Zagrebacka Ulica towards Buzin and then head along SR Njemacka Ulica onto Avenija Dubrovnik. Then, they'll travel along Ulica Hrvatske bratske zajednice until they reach Vukovarska Ulica, from which they will turn onto Savska, extend to Frankopanska and then onto Ilica, and end their journey at the main stage, which this time will be located on the west side of Ban Jelacic square, more precisely in front of the Zagrebacka banka branch office located there.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Stricter Controls Surrounding Proper Zagreb Waste Disposal Planned

December the 14th, 2022 - Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic has stated that he thinks that more than enough time has passed since the introduction of the new Zagreb waste disposal system and the much talked about ''ZG bags (vrecice)'', and that it's time to come down harder on those still bypassing the new rules.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Tomasevic recently said that he really things we've had enough time to adjust to the new way of doing things here in the capital, that there are enough blue ZG bags for communal (mixed) waste being sold in stores, and that it doesn't make sense that some are still refusing to stick to the new Zagreb waste disposal rules and use the blue bags for that.

''It really doesn't make any sense that only 60 or 70 percent of people are correctly using the blue bags and the rest don't bother and thus don't pay for the variable part of the waste collection service,'' he said.

With these words, Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic announced that from this week onwards, municipal wardens and Cistoca employees will intensify their control of the use of blue ZG bags for mixed municipal waste across the capital.

They will, he added, check whether people are actually using the blue ZG bags for the disposal of mixed municipal waste. To just go back quickly for those who might not be aware, as of October the 1st, 2023, a new collection system and a new Zagreb waste removal system was introduced, whereby a variable part of the service price is paid through the purchase or use of blue ZG bags, while the fixed part is paid through Cistoca or Zagreb Holding.

Tomasevic also announced that in January 2023, wardens and Cistoca employees will start checking waste containers that are located still on public areas, especially those where the co-owners of the buildings haven't checked with Cistoca about whether they can be removed from public areas or if they should be put elsewhere out of sight.

He didn't mention the fact that many people never received a decision from Cistoca about their waste containers remaining on public areas or the specification of an alternative location for their relocation.

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Thursday, 10 November 2022

Canary Black Filming to Disrupt Zagreb Trams for Several Days

November the 10th, 2022 - Canary Black, a film which stars Kate Beckinsale, is still being filmed in different locations across the City of Zagreb. Owing to that continued filming, Zagreb trams won't be running through the very centre of the city during the evening hours for several days.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, ZET reported on Thursday that due to the filming of Canary Black in the city, Zagreb trams will not run along Frankopanska ulica (street), Ilica, through Ban Jelacic Square, Franjo Racki street or through Zrinjevac during the night from Saturday, November the 12th into Sunday, November the 13th, and this will last until Thursday, the November 17th.

To be more specific, on Saturday, November the 12th, from 21:15 until Sunday, November the 13th, at 18:00, tram traffic will be suspended entirely along Frankopanska and llica (from Republic of Austria street to Ban Jelacic Square). This will encompass Ban Jelacic Square, Jurisiceva, Franjo Racki street and Zrinjevac due to ongoing filming.

In addition to the above, Zagreb trams in the same locations will not run from Sunday, November the 13th, to Thursday, November the 17th, from 19:15 to 05:30.

At the same time, tram lines 1, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 17 will operate along modified routes in both directions, and bus substitutions of night lines 31, 32 and 34 will drive through the Central Station instead of going through Ban Jelacic Square.

For the same reason, from Monday, November the 14th, to Thursday, November the 17th, from 19:00 to 22:15, bus line 150 will not operate either, ZET announced.

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Saturday, 22 October 2022

Owing to Filming in Zagreb, Certain Roads to be Blocked Yet Again

October the 22nd, 2022 - Croatia is often the backdrop of a variety of films, hit series and commercials, and filming in Zagreb is once again causing problems for those of us who live here, especially road users who are growing a bit tired of important roads being blocked off.

Owing to the filming of the likes of high speed car chase scenes, some roads are going to be off limits once again, with problems beginning for the capital's drivers as soon as today.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, filming in Zagreb currently involves famous actress Kate Beckinsale who plays the main role in the upcoming film, according to a report from Dnevnik.

The action thriller "Canary Black" was supposed to be filmed in the Czech capital city of Prague, but since that failed, the most similar locations were searched for. "There weren't many options, we considered Greece, Turkey, Serbia... but we chose Croatia," said producer Carsten H.W. Lorenz, who revealed that parts of this film will also be shot in Rovinj, which will "play" Tokyo.

Lorenz apologized in advance that he would have to block traffic for certain scenes being filmed in Zagreb, such as car chases.

"A lot of preparation and safety measures are necessary when shooting action scenes, we have to take care of every detail, not even a dog is allowed to run onto the set because it is too dangerous," he said.

Judging by the permit that the City of Zagreb gave the production company for the use of several of the city's often busy public areas, filming will last until the end of January 2023. Until then, residents of the capital can once again expect occasional road closures and problems with transportation on a number of important city roads.

As of today (Saturday, October the 22nd), there will be a change for the 150 bus like, ZET reported. "From 07:00 until 19:00, that bus line will run along the Tuskanac Garage - Ilirski trg route, due to the filming in Zagreb and the current ban on traffic in Radiceva street". Bus users were asked for their understanding of the change.

You can see the entire list of Zagreb city streets and public areas where the film will be shot until January the 31st, 2023, by clicking here.

The City of Zagreb will receive compensation in the amount of 103,000.00 kuna, or 13,670.45 euros, for the service of assigning filming locations across the city, it was announced.

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Monday, 10 October 2022

Busy Zagreb Road Flooded This Morning Owing to Burst Pipe

October the 10th, 2022 - A busy Zagreb road, more precisely King Zvonimir street (Ulica kralja Zvonimira, or just Zvonimirova) was flooded this morning because of a burst pipe.

The bursting of pipes has been somewhat of a regular occurrence in the City of Zagreb for some time now, with the Tresnjevka neighbourhood in particular being prone to ending up at least to some extent underwater. This time, a central and usually very Zagreb road has fallen victim to the curse of the burst pipe.

As Index vijesti writes, at the time of writing this, Zagreb holding (Zagrebacki) holding hadn't announced the situation with this burst pipe, but they did announce that another pipe had also burst in nearby Sesvete on Zagreb street (Zagrebacka ulica).

Despite the fact that burst pipes in Zagreb seems to be a frequent issue, Zagreb holding claims that this amount of issues with burst pipes doesn't actually exceed the average.

"The frequency of pipe bursts and other types of failures doesn't differ from the multi-year average. Our services are making efforts to enable the normalisation of water supply to our citizens as soon as possible. We'd like to ask the citizens of the aforementioned area for their understanding and patience," they announced.

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Saturday, 23 April 2022

Old Part of Zagreb's Vlaska Street to Become Pedestrian Zone

April the 23rd, 2022 - The old part of Zagreb's Vlaska Street is set to become an exclusively pedestrian zone. This move comes as more and more plans are in the works to expand the heart of the capital's pedestrian zones and to gradually eliminate traffic in certain areas.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the old part of Vlaska Street, between Draskoviceva and Palmoticeva, is set to become an exclusively pedestrian zone, which will be welcome news to some, and a source of irritation to others. The profession is worried that the move will create traffic jams on other roads in the centre, while the City of Zagreb says that this is just the beginning of the expansion of pedestrian zones in the very centre of the city.

The project of adapting that part of Stara Vlaska (the old part of Vlaska Street) into a zone intended only for pedestrians starts on May the 28th and has been conceived in different phases:

"In the first phase, road traffic will be closed and the installation of planters with trees will begin, which will also be benches. The terraces of the cafes will remain as they are now, and we will bring some stands in for craftsmen. We'll mark the opening of the pedestrian zone with a concert and children from three nearby schools will draw on the pavements, with the help of some local street artists,'' said Deputy Mayor Luka Korlaet.

He added, according to a report from HRT, that about 10 parking spaces on that stretch of Vlaska Street will be abolished. Assistant professor Marko Sevrovic from the Institute for Traffic Planning pointed out two problems of such an intervention when it comes to traffic:

“What will happen to the vehicles that use that street to head to the east? If you're going from the north and want to go east, you'll have to go all the way down to Djordjiceva. Now the question is how this will affect the traffic there. Traffic is very similar to liquid - if you close it off somewhere, it will just go somewhere else. In addition to that, there's the issue of the pedestrian crossing on Palmoticeva. There will be two separate pedestrian zones with a very busy Palmoticeva between them in this case,'' he said.

A traffic light is offered as a solution for crossing what will then be a very busy Palmoticeva.

This is just the beginning of work on expanding the pedestrian zones in Zagreb's bustling and always busy city centre, and Korlaet concluded the following:

"The plan is also to turn Masarykova Street, so the entire promenade stretching to the Croatian National Theatre, into a pedestrian zone."

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Monday, 14 March 2022

Zagreb's ZET to Introduce New Timetable as Changes Take Place

March the 14th, 2022 - Some changes are coming to Zagreb's ZET public transport system owing to global logistics chains and there will be some alterations in the timetable as a result.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, as of today (Monday the 14th of March) ZET will be introducing a new timetable for the capital city's means of public transport that will reduce the number of departures on most tram lines and thirteen bus lines.

To be more precise, all of the current tram lines except 1, 5, 8 and 15 will be running less often. Line 4 will, for example, instead of every 7-8 minutes from the turnoff, leave every 8-9 minutes, meaning that in one hour there will be five to six departures instead six to seven.

This new ZET timetable, they say, is being introduced due to "global circumstances affecting supply and logistics chains". You can see the new timetable by clicking here.

A new schedule for ZET departures will also be applied in bus traffic, but only on lines 109 (Crmomerec - Dugave), 115 (Ljubljanica - Spansko - Jankomir), 118 Trg Mazuranica - Voltino), 121 (Crnomerec - Karaznik - Gajnice), 125 (Crnomerec - Gornje Vrapce), 172 Zagreb (Crnomerec) - Zapresic, 212 (Dubec - Sesvete), 224 (Dubec - Novoselec), 226 (Kaptol - Remete - Svetice), 231 (Borongaj - Dubec), 232 (Dubrava - Cret) ), 269 (Borongaj - Sesvetski Kraljevec) and 281 (Central Station - Novi Jelkovec) as was reported from ZET.

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Friday, 11 March 2022

Zagreb Aircraft Crash: Arrived Via Hungary, Ukraine Says It Isn't Theirs

March the 11th, 2022 - The Zagreb aircraft crash which caused an explosion in the capital at around 23:00 last night has been attacting the headlines and even more rumours. You can click here and here to read what we know so far, as well as here for an official government response to the event.

Here's an update from Index - a loud bang was heard in part of the City of Zagreb just after 23:00 last night. Police and firefighters quickly reacted and took to Jarunska cesta where the incident had taken place. A large crater was left in the ground following the aircraft having fallen. As it was announced this morning, what arrived in Croatian airspace and crashed in the capital is a Russian-made unmanned aircraft that arrived here after travelling through neighbouring Hungarian airspace.

"All of the competent services became involved immediately after the crash of a military-type of unmanned aircraft, which, according to the data collected so far, entered Croatian airspace from east to west, ie from Hungarian airspace, at a speed of 700 km / h at an altitude of 1300 m,'' they announced from the government.

Zagreb Police also confirmed that they found two parachutes.

"After 23:00, the Zagreb Police Administration received several reports from people that they felt a detonation in the wider area of ​​Jarun, which was preceded by something falling from the air. Police patrols were urgently sent to the place of the report where they found two parachutes in the wider area, for which we'd also previously received reports about from people. Several parked vehicles were damaged. Police teams which specialise in dealing with and reacting to this type of event were on the ground, and at the moment there is no reason for people to be alarmed,'' the police said.

Here's what we also know:

The former Ukrainian Ambassador to Croatia says the unmanned aircraft is not Ukrainian, and that Ukrainian aircraft of this type have another type of signage and symbols on them. Ukraine has also confirmed that the craft isn't theirs. This follows President Milanovic's claims that the craft had come from Ukraine.

Jadranka Kosor has tweeted that she is unhappy with the statements made by the government in response to this odd Zagreb aircraft crash and that there's now a sense of insecurity.

Croatian air traffic control did not track the strange flying object upon entry into Croatian airspace because it didn't have a transponder.

Defense Minister Mario Banozic claims that the aircraft was in fact tracked.

PM Andrej Plenkovic has informed the appropriate European Union institutions of the bizarre Zagreb aircraft crash, he also spoke with Hungarian leader Viktor Orban.

Military pilot Ivan Selak has said it's ''a shame'' that NATO failed to pick up on the drone, and that it had been in Croatian airspace for eight minutes.

Concerns were growing that the drone was intended for the Ukrainian town of Yarun, but wasn't programmed properly.

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Friday, 11 March 2022

Government Issues Official Statement in Response to Zagreb Explosion

March the 11th, 2022 - Following last night's bizarre Zagreb explosion which involved the falling of pieces of aircraft and two parachutes close to Jarun, as well as many rumours, the government has issued an official statement.

Here it is translated into English in full:

''A meeting of the competent bodies of the security and defense system was held in the Office of the National Security Council, attended by the Deputy Prime Minister for National Security and Minister of Croatian Veterans Mr. Medved, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Mr. Bozinovic, Minister of Defense Mr. Banozic, Director of the Security Intelligence Agency Mr. Markic, Director of the Military Security Intelligence Agency Major General Kinder and Head of the Office of the National Security Council Mr. Franjic.

All relevant services were involved immediately after the crash of a military-type of unmanned aircraft, which, according to data collected so far, entered Croatian airspace from east to west, or from Hungarian airspace, at a speed of 700km/h and at an altitude of 1300m.

A criminal investigation is under way in co-operation between the criminal police and the military police, and other measures are being taken to co-ordinate the security and defense system, including international co-operation, especially with NATO, to determine all of the circumstances [surrounding this incident].''


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