Thursday, 14 April 2022

Several Ryanair Zagreb Flights Canceled in May and June

April 14, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as several Ryanair Zagreb flights have been canceled in May and June, with passengers informed in the last 24 hours. 

In the last 24 hours, Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has informed passengers about the cancellation of a number of flights on regular flights to and from Zagreb International Airport, reports Croatian Aviation

Namely, Ryanair has canceled several flights on international routes to and from Zagreb Airport for May and June this year.

From Zagreb to:

Brussels Charleroi - two flights a week instead of five in May,

Sofia - all flights canceled in June,

Paphos - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Dusseldorf Weeze - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Frankfurt Hahn - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Karlsruhe - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Memmingen - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Corfu - all flights canceled in May and June,

Dublin - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Brindisi - all flights canceled in May and June,

Milan Bergamo - canceled flights on Sundays in May,

Rome - two flights a week instead of four in May,

Malta - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Gothenburg - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Malmö - two flights a week instead of three in May,

Basel - all flights canceled in May and June,

London - four flights a week instead of seven in May.

On most routes, certain weekly rotations were canceled, and the airline cited commercial terms in the passenger notice. Namely, Ryanair has been selling very cheap tickets on these routes for months, from 5 to 10 euros one way, and now it is canceling those flights and offering passengers the possibility of vouchers or changing travel dates.

Croatian Aviation adds that the same thing happened earlier with the route to Milan. The airline then returned the flights to sale a few days later, but at much higher prices, so it should not be surprising if this is what happens on most of the above routes. Due to the early announcement, passengers are not entitled to compensation in accordance with EU regulations 261, and the airline leaves room for additional earnings by reselling the now canceled flights.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Happy Holidays: 70 KLM Split and Zagreb Flights from Amsterdam this December

December 1, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as 70 KLM Split and Zagreb flights will run this December!

Dutch KLM will continue to operate daily between Amsterdam and Zagreb in December, and due to increased demand around Christmas and New Year, KLM will resume traffic between Split and Amsterdam just like last winter, reports Croatian Aviation.

KLM planes will land at Zagreb Airport every day in December. Two flights a day have been announced, with only one daily flight announced for December 26. 

The morning departure from Zagreb to Amsterdam is mainly made with an E175 aircraft with 88 seats. Around Christmas, a larger aircraft, E190, was announced. In addition, E190 aircraft with 100 seats were announced for the afternoon rotation from Zagreb to Amsterdam. From December 6 to 17, smaller E175 aircraft will also be used on this rotation. In the second half of the month, 100 seats per direction will be available again on the afternoon flight.

KLM will operate 40 return flights with E175 aircraft to Zagreb (7,040 seats) and 21 return flights with E190 aircraft (4,200 seats) in December, offering 11,240 seats.

KLM aircraft will return to Split Airport in the second half of December. Flights have been announced for Christmas and New Year. In December, 6 return flights were announced, three with B737-700 aircraft and three with B737-800 aircraft. KLM will offer 1,968 seats between Split and Amsterdam in December and additional seats available at the beginning of January next year.

After introducing the second daily flight to Zagreb, KLM is the dominant carrier, and a relatively large number of passengers choose the services of this airline to travel between the two cities and continue traveling to other destinations in Europe and the world. 

The Croatian national airline, Croatia Airlines, continues to operate daily between Amsterdam and Zagreb. Flights from Zagreb take off in the morning upon the arrival of planes from Sarajevo, Split, and Dubrovnik, so it is possible to continue the journey from these cities to the capital of the Netherlands.

According to available information, Croatia Airlines will operate most of its flights in December with A319 aircraft. A smaller DashQ400 aircraft was announced on only two dates - December 1 and December 8. In addition to KLM, Croatia Airlines will offer an additional 8,368 seats between Amsterdam and Zagreb on its flights this month.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

11 Weekly Lufthansa Flights to Zagreb from Frankurt in November

November 3, 2021 - Things are looking good in the capital this offseason, as there will be 11 weekly Lufthansa flights to Zagreb from Germany in November, and Air France will increase capacity to the capital from December 1! 

German national airline Lufthansa will operate 11 times a week between Frankfurt and Zagreb this month, reports Croatian Aviation

Namely, Lufthansa will operate between Zagreb and Frankfurt daily, on certain days, and twice a week. The Munich-Zagreb line is still suspended, and at this moment Lufthansa may only re-establish this line in the summer flight schedule next year.

Although Lufthansa operated twice a day between Frankfurt and Zagreb before the pandemic, the flight schedule was reduced in line with lower demand. However, in the continuation of this month, Lufthansa will work daily to Zagreb, and two flights a day are available on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Aircraft from the A320 family was announced on all flights this month, mainly A319 with a capacity of 138 seats, which is a significant increase compared to CRJ900 aircraft that previously operated on this route that has a capacity of 90 seats.

Croatia Airlines operates three flights a day between Zagreb and Frankfurt, which also has a codeshare contract with Lufthansa on these flights.

For example, Croatian Aviation writes that on November 13, Croatia Airlines has departures from Zagreb to Frankfurt at 06:45, 09:10, and 17:50, while Lufthansa has departures at 06:20 and 15:05. Thus, the difference between the two morning departures is only 25 minutes, meaning some work needs to be put into the flight schedule. 

Zagreb has the largest number of seats on a weekly basis to Frankfurt, so a relatively large number of passengers decide to use this line to make connections to their final destinations in Europe and the world via Frankfurt, mainly on Lufthansa flights but also other partners from the Star Alliance Group that regularly operate to Germany's largest airport.

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that French national airline Air France has maintained daily flights between Paris and Zagreb with the start of the winter flight schedule, and from the first day of December, they are sending higher-capacity aircraft to Zagreb. 

Air France was scheduled to increase the number of weekly flights between Zagreb and Paris in March 2020, introducing an additional, second daily flight. This did not happen due to the pandemic, but in the end, it was done by the partner of the French airline - Dutch KLM, which will continue to operate twice a day to Zagreb this winter.

However, KLM has reduced its capacity on the Zagreb route so that E170 and E190 aircraft (88 and 100 seats, respectively) now fly to Zagreb, instead of B737-700 and B737-800 aircraft (142 and 186 seats, respectively).

Air France is therefore increasing its capacity to Zagreb, so instead of E190 and E170 aircraft that flew to the Croatian capital all summer, A318 aircraft with a capacity of 131 seats will operate in the winter flight schedule between Zagreb and Paris. On certain dates with higher bookings, the carrier will use A319 and A320 aircraft. Only twice a week does Air France plan to use smaller E170 aircraft.

Despite the fact that Lufthansa has increased its capacity on the route to Frankfurt, the Air France - KLM group will offer a significantly higher number of connections to passengers to and from Zagreb through its hubs in Amsterdam and Paris, so probably more passengers will use the services of these two airlines.

Croatia Airlines also operates daily on this route with A319 and A320 aircraft, while Ryanair connects Zagreb and Beauvais twice a week.

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