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11 Excellent Reasons To Visit Zagreb in November 2021

October 27, 2021 – The Croatian capital really comes into its own after summer. From art exhibitions, exciting nature and film festivals, to live music, sports events and architecture, here are 11 excellent reasons to visit Zagreb in November 2021.

Explore Medvednica and the new Medvedgrad Visitors Centre

medvedgrad-iz-zraka-17-alan-caplar-dronee.jpgMedvedgrad Castle has a Visitors Centre, newly opened for Zagreb in November 2021 © Alan Čaplar / Croatian National Tourist Board

Medvednica mountain is the favourite, nearest natural escape for Zagreb. Popular year-round for walks, hikes and general recreation, in autumn 2021 it gained another great reason to go – the new Medvedgrad Visitors Centre.

Long offering some of the best views from the peaks, the 13th century Medvedgrad Fortress is the most impressive piece of architecture on the mountain. Renovated from its status as a beloved ruin, in late October of this year a new visitor's centre opened within the fortress walls.

On a Medvednica day trip, you can wander through the mountain's forests, challenge yourself by tackling the highest peak Sljeme and drop by this major new attraction. Not only will you be rewarded with spectacular autumn colours in the trees and fantastic views, but now also multi media-filled exhibitions that tell the history and myths of the mountain and its surroundings.

Welcome international stars of Zagreb Jazz Festival 2021

KURT-ELLING-b.jpgAcclaimed American jazz vocalist Kurt Elling performs in Zagreb in November 2021

The 12th edition of Zagreb Jazz Festival once again sees the genre elevated to the grand environs of Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. In 2021, the event again welcomes globally recognised musicians, offering three very different flavours of jazz music.

On Friday 5th, NYC-based pianist Vijay Iyer visits with the latest incarnation of his trio. Offering a melodic take on free jazz, the lifetime-appointed Professor of the Arts at Harvard University will draw from 2021 album 'Uneasy' as well as a rich 25-year recording career.

On Sunday 7th, Lisinski's main hall welcomes 10 times Grammy-nominated jazz singer Kurt Elling. Informed by beat poetry and improvised vocalese, the stylish Elling spent the first decade of his career on Blue Note records. Fast forward two decades and his 2020 'Secrets are the Best Stories' won the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album. On this date, he is backed by brass-heavy Macedonian outfit ZJM Big Band.

On Tuesday 9th, composer and pianist Dan Tepfer offers a solo performance that revisits probably his best-known work. Released in 2011, 'Goldberg Variations/Variations' saw Tepfer play J.S. Bach's masterpiece series of compositions, offering improvised themes on each.

Race past the best city monuments after dark at Zagreb Night Run

cener2012.jpgZagreb Night Run

Zagreb city centre is an incredibly picturesque and romantic place, even by night. And, what better way to take in some of its key sights than on an autumnal night run?

Celebrating its 10th annual edition on 7th November 2021, Zagreb Night Run will welcome around 3000 international and local participants. Beginning on Ban Josip Jelačić Square, they'll run down Ilica almost until Franjo Tuđman Park.

Just before, they'll cut down Krajiška ulica and then take prilaz Gjure Deželića to chase past the spectacular Croatian National Theatre Zagreb. Thereafter, it's down Teslina to Zrinjevac park, then Trg žrtava fašizma and the Meštrović Pavilion, before heading back to finish where they started.

Julien_Duvall5tghbn.jpgAfter dark, the Meštrović Pavilion © Julien Duvall

The course is 10 kilometres long and there's an option this year to run virtually from anywhere in the world. You can find out more info and apply to enter here.

Authentic Croatian culture pristinely presented at the annual dance concert of LADO Ensemble


Consistently one of the most authentically Croatian of all Zagreb's cultural expression, National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO holds their annual festive dance at Lisinki Concert Hall on 9th November.

LADO_-_Prigorski_plesovi.jpgPrigorski plesovi

This year, the event will last 70 minutes and dancers will showcase material from Prigorje, Split, Linđa from southern Croatia and Bunjevačko momačko kolo. Additionally, the ensemble's musicians will play two new pieces from Hrvatsko Zagorje.

Parks of Zagreb in November 2021

S._Carek.jpgAutumn colours of Parks of Zagreb in November 2021 © S. Carek / Zagreb Tourist Board Facebook

The city parks of Zagreb are spectacular at any time of year. But, for a short period in autumn, their colours are at their most electrifying. One of the best short walks in Zagreb is the run through three parks between Glavni kolodvor (main train station) and Ban Josip Jelačić Square. Via Tomislav park you approach the incredible Art Pavilion.

BoškaKrešo.jpgAutumn colours of Parks of Zagreb in November 2021 © Boška & Krešo / Zagreb Tourist Board Facebook

Then, Strossmayer square and the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, before hitting Zrinjevac Park, which is particularly resplendent in autumn. Its coloured trees stand in front of a backdrop of incredible Austro-Hungarian architecture.

To the east of the centre, in Maksimir Park it's a whole other story. By comparison, its 316 hectares of forest, lakes, lawns and pretty pathways is vast and much wilder. In autumn, the forests are an ocean of reds, oranges, yellows, purples and browns. These colours fall to carpet the walkways that weave through the park.

Reader's digest: Interliber International Book Fair

76652259_1440234469479206_400562814827102208_n.jpgInterliber International Book Fair

As the largest literary event in Croatia, Interliber is a major platform for promoting books and their authors, reading, knowledge and education. International book publishers and retailers take up stands in the huge Zagreb Fair. Their audience is students, educators and general book fans from across Croatia, who are enticed by the latest books and audiobooks available, and entertained by visiting authors and speakers. This is the annual event's 43rd instalment and takes place between 11th and 14th November.

Premieres of international cinema at Zagreb Film Festival

zgg.jpgStudents Centre Cinema © Zagreb Film Festival

Seven days of debut screenings and keenly considered themes culled from the world of international cinema. One of the largest film festivals in this part of the world, this 19th edition of the annual event sees Zagreb Film Festival hold screenings across the city. Venues include Kino Tuškanac, &TD Theatre, HUB385, former cinema-turned-creative-space Urania and, after a 10-year absence, a return to the huge, 60-year-old Student Centre Cinema.

AnyConv.com__E2-UCzgWQAUYaiD.jpgOkul Tirasi aka 'Brother’s Keeper' by Ferit Karahan

Of course, there's the main competition programme. But, the whole festival is so well-curated, you'll often find as much wonder and joy in the permanent and side programmes. From the details already released, our top tips would be - 'Brother’s Keeper' by Ferit Karahan, which follows 12-year-old Yusuf and his best friend, wards of a Turkish boarding school for Kurdish boys and 'The Worst Person in the World', which is the final part of the Oslo trilogy by Norwegian director Joachim Trier.

The 19th Zagreb Film Festival runs between 14th and 21st November. Five classic selections by pioneering directors from Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland will be available to watch online from anywhere in the world. At least two of the contemporary selections will travel around Croatia for regional screenings. You can find out more here.

Some of the best local music at November Fest

Milan_Sabic.jpgTBF © Milan Sabic

On the weekend of 19th and 20th November, Zagreb's large Dom Sportova hall hosts four of the best talents of the regional music scene.

The first night of the event is a hip hop showcase featuring Zagreb's Elemental and Split legends TBF. Rock is the second night's theme and sees Dubrovnik band Silente open for time-honoured guitarist and singer Neno Belan.

Contemporary architecture explored at Days of Oris

Oris_Kuća_arhitekture_House_of_Architecture.jpgOris Kuća arhitekture

Days of Oris is an international architectural festival organised since 2001 by Zagreb-based Oris House of Architecture and their bi-annual Oris magazine. It is the largest architectural symposium in the region, welcoming around 2000 architects and professionals from related fields. The event presents current activities from the field of architecture, design and art, with a notable highlight being the guest speakers who attend. So far, more than 300 architects and experts from all over the world have participated.

In 2021, the event takes place over the weekend Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st at Concert and Congress Hall Vatroslav Lisinski

Sounds of West Africa, via Paris, from Fatoumata Diawara

Fatoumata_Diawara_Rudolstadt_14.jpgIn concert, guitarist and singer Fatoumata Diawara who visits Zagreb in November 2021 © Schorle

Even if you're not a fan of music from Mali, West Africa, you might recognise Fatoumata Diawara. Based in France, for the past 20 years she has simultaneously had a career as both an actress and musician. But, music is the reason she will be appearing at Boogaloo club on 24th November, when she makes her Zagreb debut.

Comparable to friend and mentor, Oumou Sangaré, Fatoumata Diawara's songs blend Wassoulou traditions of southern Mali with international influences. She received two nominations at the 2019 Grammy Awards, has performed with Paul McCartney, and recorded with Gorillaz and Disclosure.

Witness a lifetime spent in contemporary art and photography at the Živa Kraus exhibition

Živa_Kraus_Encounter_pastel_on_paper_1978.jpg'Encounter' by Živa Kraus, part of the exhibition at Museum of Modern Art Zagreb in November 2021

Živa Kraus is a Zagreb-born painter and gallerist famed for her 50-year career within the art scene of Venice. In the city, her cult gallery Ikona was the first to elevate photography to a high level of artistic appreciation. For some of the same period, she ran the Sebastian Gallery in Croatia. The exhibition, titled 'Živa Kraus – In the World of Art' features Kraus's paintings in pastels and oils, as well as detailing her achievements as a gallery owner and curator.

Paolo_Monti_-_Servizio_fotografico_Venezia_1981_-_BEIC_6354071.jpgŽiva Kraus by Paolo Monti

The exhibition runs at Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Zagreb until 12th December.

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Saturday, 4 September 2021

Zagreb Burger Festival set for 10-19 September

ZAGREB, 4 Sept, 2021 - The Zagreb Burger Festival will be held in Trg Franje Tuđmana Square in Zagreb from 10 to 19 September.

The sixth edition of this event features burger makers from Zagreb, Šibenik, Dubrovnik and Varaždinske Toplice.

As many as 10 participants will take pat in the contest as part of the festival which will be organised in compliance with the COVID epidemiological rules.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

8 Fantastic Reasons to Visit City of Zagreb in August 2021

August 10, 2021 – Fantastic food, music and art events are just some of the reasons you should come to Zagreb in August 2021.

In living memory, Croatia's capital was far from the top of the list of summertime destinations. But, an incredible event calendar, full of amazing art, food, culture and music, has helped turn all that around. This summer that vibrant series of events returns at full strength.

Whether you're one of the million guests currently exploring Croatia's coast or a city resident who just returned from there, come visit the streets of Zagreb in August 2021. It's the place to be.

1) International Festival of Artistic Flags – August 12 – August 27

flags.jpgZagreb in August 2021: International Festival of Artistic Flags

Between the middle and the end of the month, around 180 colourful and beautifully designed flags will hang across some of Zagreb's most prominent streets, walkways and squares. The occasion is the 13th annual edition of the International Festival of Artistic Flags.

The work of 170 artists from twenty countries on five continents will be featured and this year's exhibition is a retrospective of the best flags from all previous years. You can walk beneath the dazzling display at Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Zrinjevac Park, Europski trg and Augusta Cesarca Street.

2) Erwin Wurm 'The Show' exhibition at Lauba – until August 25

narrow-housef9dc5532-01fd-45f8-8043-9e17ef3d9fa2.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Erwin Wurm exhibition at Lauba

One of the most famous contemporary artists from neighbouring Austria, Erwin Wurm has exhibited his work all across the globe. He is known for creating art from everyday objects but distorting them way beyond their regular state. His famous Narrow House – which is part of 'The Show' exhibition at Lauba – is a classic example. Familiar and inviting, yet thin and claustrophobic close up.

3) Art Park – all month

231382759_3026122537624583_6764210138260955822_n.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Art Park

When summer evenings are too warm to stay indoors, many Zagreb residents head to the city's parks to cool down. And, hands down, the coolest of them all over recent years has been 'Art Park'. These days, you'll find the pop-up bars-and-events space in Ribnjak park, right in the heart of the city. Craft beers, gentle lighting, deck chairs, benches and a relaxed ambience all invite. On some nights there are DJs, on others live music. Look out for international documentary screenings on Monday evenings too, courtesy of Dokukino.

4) Cest is d’Best – August 19 – August 22

155577045_3916586538399952_66794765032075134_n.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Cest is d’Best

Music, circus artists, dancers and performers fill the streets at this good vibes event, which celebrates its 25th annual edition in 2021. Always one of the highlights of summer in Zagreb city centre, Cest is d’Best is a time when residents and visitors alike come out to the centre to mingle and enjoy the very best atmosphere of Zagreb's street life. There's an array of food on offer too that will tempt you at every turn.

5) Around – August 20 – August 30

7ed914a5-c131-4d5f-a5e6-82dca3679725.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Around © Julien Duval Photography

Street art incorporating not only traditional wall murals, but also art installations and interventions, the Around event always manages to deliver a fresh perspective to the Zagreb we love and know so well. Local and international artists will descend on the city and, working independently, will transform the familiar beyond recognition. Look closely at the work – in recent years there have been some truly wonderful research undertaken in advance by the artists, enabling them to tie their works into the very fabric of the streets which are their canvas.

6) Scena Amadeo Summer at Galerija Klovićevi dvori – mid August – mid September

5104a1b2e1964d6decac501573adac6e_XL.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Ansambl Illyrica, who play new works for Scena Amadeo at Klovićevi dvori this month.

For the 22nd season, Scena Amadeo organise their summer music concerts in the atrium of Klovićevi dvori, one of Zagreb's greatest gallery spaces. Always featuring some stunning classical musicians, this year is no exception. Within the 12 concert, month-long programme you find a wealth of different performers, and August's highlights include a classical guitar trio and soloist, a flamenco trio, a mariachi band and new works by Ansambl Illyrica.

7) Let The Music Be Free Festival – August 21

92274232_2867288373307864_3610582618367590400_n.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Let The Music Be Free Festival © Claptone.

The biggest one-day electronic music festival in inland Croatia. LTMBF takes places in the Jarun lakes and park recreation area, just to the west of Zagreb city centre. On the day, you'll find some 40 international and local DJs playing cutting edge house and techno to a lively audience of thousands. 2021's DJs include Claptone (pictured above), Luciano and Marco Carola.

8) Mali Piknik – Fridays throughout Zagreb in August 2021

Mali_Piknik.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Mali Piknik.

One of the most charming events of recent summers, Mali Piknik (Little Picnic) places its picnic blankets on the grasses of Park Bela IV in the city's Upper Town. On foot, you can make your way up to and down from the park in several different ways. And we strongly suggest you do just that, as this is one of the best areas of Zagreb city centre to wander.

Once at the picnic, blankets are spread across the lawns. The whole scene is lit wonderfully by candles and lamps as the sun's rays begin to dwindle. On the menu each Friday, there's a showcase of different locally made, artisan fare – craft beers, cheese, wine or fresh juices, all from small producers. Also, seasonal snacks from Vještica, a bistro dedicated to the tastes of traditional cuisine.

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Sunday, 16 May 2021

Zagreb Book Festival to be Held on 24-28 May

ZAGREB, 16 May 2021 - The Zagreb Book Festival (ZBF) will be held from 24 to 28 May at the Urania venue in Zagreb, and the seventh edition of the ZBF will be held under the slogan "I want your story!".

This year's festival features Jul Maroh, Nebojša Lujanović, Vedrana Rudan, Korana Serdarević, Monika Herceg, Boris Jokić, Dino Pešut, Ece Temelkuran, Robert Torre, Zoran Ferić, Sena Puhovski, Barbara Matejčić, Rujana Jeger  and some other writers.

Since its founding in 2014, the Zagreb Book Festival has been designed as an annual literary event with the clear goal of encouraging reading and critical thinking.

"After six successful editions, it has become an unavoidable point on the cultural and literary map of Zagreb and beyond," the festival says on its web site.

This year's program includes an international project called "Every Story Matters" which "raises awareness of the role of literature, especially for children and youth, in building an open democratic society. Although European society implies diversity, it is not in fact reflected in all its segments: literature and the book world are still quite homogeneous in many respects."

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Monday, 24 June 2019

Zagreb Summer of Culture (ZgKUL) Happening Again this Year

This year is another one in a series of years when the summer in the City of Zagreb will be filled with art and culture. To announce that, a press conference was held in the centre of the city last week, where the program for the Zagrebačko kulturno ljeto (ZgKUL, Zagreb Summer of Culture) was presented, writes.

Events that are part of ZgKUL will be held all over the city: on Kralj Tomislav Square, in Upper Town, as well as in Novi Zagreb, and the most beautiful open-air and standard stages of the city will offer the best and the most attractive pieces of culture in Zagreb. More than two thousand artists from Zagreb, the rest of Croatia and abroad will be participating in those events, which will include music, movies, theatre, exhibitions, traditional arts and many other events. 

Milana Vuković Runjić, head of the Zagreb department of culture said at the press conference that Zagreb has done its best trying to keep everyone from going to the seaside. She said that not many cities in the world offer that much culture during the summer. She highlighted the fact that this year, Zagreb is ''going back'' to the Sava river, where, back in 1926, Miss Sava was selected.

One of the first programs was the Zagreb Classic Festival, held on Kralj Tomislav Square this weekend. The musicians were on the stage, and the people attending were sitting on the grass on one of the nicest squares in Zagreb, listening to the Fiesta Latina program performed by Croatian Radiotelevison orchestras with guests such as Los Caballeros and the band Cubismo. The program on Kralj Tomislav Square will continue with performances by Tonči Huljić, the Moscow Cadet Choir, the Croatian Army's Brass Band, the Croatian National Theatre's Opera and Ballet, LADO, and many others.

Marina Bienenfeld, the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board said that the total number of cultural events during Zagreb summer will be over 300! Some programs that are already well-known and popular, like Dvorišta, Crossover Festival on Ribnjak, and Summers by Matoš in Upper town will continue, and new, similar programs will be started this year. We've already written about the Tuškanac summer stage, and Summer on the Museum of Contemporary Arts' Roof will see the unique combination of music, film and literature, and the Atrium of the Klovićevi Dvori will host a rich classical musical experience.

And of course, it's already become a tradition for Zagreb summers to start with the InMusic festival, which starts today. One of the staples of the festival, which is always held in late June in Zagreb, is that it almost always rains, so seeing the weather forecast which says that this year the festival might, in fact, be dry (but only as far as the weather is concerned!) might come as a shock to regular visitors, who say that they enjoy the mud on Jarun as a part of the experience.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Works Finally Begin on Long-Awaited ''Zagreb on the Sava''

A sigh of relief as the long-awaited and much anticipated Zagreb on the Sava project finally gets underway, and there's even been talk of an opening date.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 21st of June, 2019, the "Zagreb on Sava" (Zagreb na Savi) manifestation will take place at three locations on the south and north river coasts of two popular Zagreb bridges, Most Slobode (Freedom bridge) and at the so-called Hendrix's bridge.

Rather unsurprisingly, this Zagreb project failed to begin on June the 19th, as was recently announced by the City of Zagreb, and there's now a brand new date for the opening of the long-awaited "Zagreb on Sava", Vecernji list writes, with accompanying photos.

The planned summer program set to be held on the banks of the Sava river which runs through Zagreb should, at least according to Sanje Cvjetko Jerković, head of the capital city's strategic planning office, begin on July the 5th this year.

The installation of the assembly pavilions has already been completed, and part of the planned activities, she said, will also be organised earlier. - The holiday program, called Odmorko, which is for children who intend to spend their school holidays in Zagreb, is set to begin in the next few days, claims Sanja Cvjetko Jerković.

The schedule for this year's summer has been published on the website of the Zagreb School Sports Association, which is organising the "Odmorko" program on the south side of the Sava river, next to Freedom bridge. According to them, from the 26th of June to the 12th of July, volleyball on the sand can be played. In addition, the Croatian flying disk alliance will organise the playing of various sports with discs on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Various other events have been organised and arranged within the scope of this much anticipated Zagreb summer manifestation, and as previously mentioned, when finally complete, "Zagreb on Sava" will take place in three locations.

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Friday, 7 June 2019

Ilica Q'Art Project Takes Over Zagreb's Main Street this Weekend

The Ilica Q'Art Project is an innovative project aimed at reviving the culture of communal living on the streets of the city of Zagreb. It will last for three days, on Ilica Street near the so-called Britanski Trg (British Square, often called "Britanac" in Croatian), and will include an open-air stage with various events: concerts, food-stuff and fashion happenings.

This is the third year in a row that a group of enthusiasts has organized this event on Ilica and in the park of the Academy of the Fine Arts. The goal of the project is to bring the liveliness back to the centre of the city and to bring back to the collective consciousness the importance of quality living, in accord with the city we live in and our community. The organisers are Ivana Nikolić Popović, president of the Croatian Cluster of the Competitiveness of the Creative and Cultural Industries (HKKKKI in Croatian, in English the abbreviation is even better: CCCCCI!), the professor from the Academy of Fine Arts Aleksandar Battista Ilić and the producer Ivana Stavljenić put the emphasis on the importance of recycling and upcycling. Their message is clear: if we want a happy future, the priorities are sustainability, protection of the spaces and the respect for the community we live in.

Some of the most well-know Croatian food bloggers will give flavour to this year's Ilica Q'art project: people behind Marie aka.Pinkfoodie, Zdravi pinklec, Darkova web kuharica, Začinjeno ljubavlju and Brekalom will be creating their food magic at Britanac over the weekend.

On Sunday the main event of the project will be taking place, the big flea market (buvljak) will be organized on the Ilica itself, on the tram tracks themselves, and the traffic will be banned from Medulićeva to Primorska Street while the flea market is up and running (9 am until 3 pm). Find your fashion inspiration in the second-hand fashion show that will take place around 11 am, where some of the Croatian celebrities will take the roles of the models, showing what recycling and upcycling look like in their wardrobe.

There will be music, including the performance by one of the best known Croatian baristas Nik Orosi and his band, hair stylists will help you find your perfect summer style, and a local pastry shop will NOT be helping your summer body with their delicacies. Several book publishers will offer their books for the flea market, and of course, you're more than welcome to bring your stuff and sell it, so it doesn't end in a landfill. The evenings are also reserved for music, Maja Rivić trio will jazz it up on Friday night, DJs Bocca Sofistifunk and Ynez will perform during the daytime on Saturday and evening will see the concert by the Pavle Miljenović Quartet at the Academy's park stage. The whole event will be closed Sunday night with a performance by Valerija Nikolovska Quartet.

Find more details on Ilica Q'Art Project at and

Thursday, 22 November 2018

VINOcom Festival Comes to Zagreb for Thirteenth Time!

November 22, 2018 - As announced on their official website, the 13th annual Zagreb VINOcom festival of wine and culinary arts is about to take place this Friday and Saturday, November 23rd and 24th, at the Esplanade hotel.
Zagreb's most popular international wine festival opens tomorrow at 11:00 AM and the number of visitors is expected to exceed last year's attendance. Entrance tickets ranging from 150 to 200 kuna can be pre-booked via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or purchased on-site.
You can find the list of all confirmed exhibitors here, and the showcasing will be organized as follows:
Emerald ballroom - domestic wines
Venice hall - domestic wines
Zinfandel's restaurant - champions
Paris suite - foreign exhibitors
Istanbul suite - merchants, importers, distributors
Oleander Terrace - presentations, food, other alcoholic beverages, etc.
With the event growing in size each year, the 13th VINOcom edition will feature more than 300 winemakers, olive growers, prosciutto producers, and cheesemakers, but also a number of various other foods and beverages vendors, said professor Ivan Dropuljić, the festival's founder and director.
Apart from an amazing selection of finest Croatian and international wines, Zagreb VINOcom festival boasts many interesting wine-themed workshops that are perfect for any level of wine lover, but because of limited seating capacity, make sure you book your tickets on time.
Also, we are proud to mention that Zagreb VINOcom festival has a humanitarian character. If you are interested in making a contribution, look for the P.I.N.K. Life Association at the Oleander terrace where this charitable organization will be collecting donations, and all proceeds will go to oncology patients and the socially vulnerable.
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Monday, 12 November 2018

Advent in Zagreb: Less is More This Festive Season?

Could less be more for Advent in Zagreb this year? This year's five-week-long Advent celebrations in the capital are set to have a smaller offer and less ''cottages'' in order to reduce consumerism and improve the overall quality of what is on offer.

As Marta Duic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 11th of November, 2018, at the presentation of this year's Advent in Zagreb, which has held the title of the best in Europe for three years now, it has been announced that the emphasis of the event, which will last from the 1st of December to the 6th of January, will be placed more onto cultural events in order to reduce the atmosphere of consumerism and restore the true Christmas spirit.

The novelties this year will be the city's various locations,  Advent in Maksimir, Advent on Old Tkalča, where traditional crafts will go hand in hand with the spirit of some of Zagreb's oldest townhouses in Gradec and Kaptol, and the ''Film Advent'' in Kino Europa will be presented. As they say from the Zagreb Tourist Board this year, there will be three locations less than last year, and although they couldn't precisely quantify the number, there will be a decrease in cottages in the city.

During last year's Advent, 110,707 people spent up to half a billion kuna in Zagreb alone, with most of them spening as much as 139 euros per day, the number of overnight stays and arrivals was also 23 percent higher in the first thirty days of Advent in Zagreb than in 2016. Poslovni Dnevnik asked those who earn their money during Advent in Zagreb what they think about reducing the number of cottages, but it seems that everyone involved understands the good intentions of the organisers, as they themselves think the crowds are by far the biggest problem.

Saša Frid, who for three years at Advent in Zagreb recalls that the sheer wave of people is what is causing "chaos" for those working, and most of those with stands and/or cottages simply cannot produce the right quantities to meet the wishes of all of those visiting.

"The first three weekends are a real hit, and only when that crowd goes down is there any room to improve the offer, since it was physically impossible and technically hard to do before then. It would be great to have as few industrial and as many domestic products as possible, but I think it will be difficult to change all of that because to most, Advent still looks like a chance just to make money,'' noted Frid.

Matej Đorđević, co-owner of the Time restaurant, who will also take part in Advent in Zagreb this year, argues that the problem is not really to do with stands or Advent cottages, but the fact that this event in Zagreb brings "a sea" of people into Zagreb from all over Croatia and Europe.

"Our city is simply incapable of dealing with such a massive inflow of people and it's therefore necessary that the city infrastructure itself is gradually adapted. However, the fact remains that Advent in Zagreb has ''made'' the city (in touristic terms) and that's an immense tourist achievement for this city, for which the leadership of the Zagreb Tourist Board is the most deserving,'' stated Đorđević.

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Click here for the original article by Marta Duic for Poslovni Dnevnik

Monday, 12 March 2018

Iron Maiden to Return to Zagreb!

The legendary band are set to make a return to the Croatian capital.

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