Wednesday, 27 January 2021

New Zagreb Bus Station App Will Enable Mobile Ticket Purchase

January the 27th, 2021 - When it comes to Croatia and digitalisation, things move extremely slowly. A snail's pace is quite fast in comparison, but the pandemic has actually forced the country to move more quickly, and as a result, many more things can now be carried out online. The new Zagreb bus station app is one such development.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, if you want to travel by bus from Zagreb down to the Dalmatian city of Split, you can make a ''pilgrimage'' to the box office at the station itself or "scroll" through the station's web application, manually enter your credit or debit card details and wait for the purchased ticket to arrive in your e-mail inbox. That outdated model should now finally change with the advent of the much needed Zagreb bus station app.

Zagreb bus station has finally decided to enter the 21st century, thus developing an advanced mobile application for the selling of bus tickets from any Apple or Android device. They have announced a tender worth one and a half million kuna, which is looking for a company that will turn their idea into reality, and after signing a contract with the cheapest bidder, the brand new Zagreb bus station app should be live and up and running in about four to six months, Vecernji list reported.

''There's been a drop in the number of tickets sold, so the development of new modern channels is needed,'' they explained from Zagreb bus station when asked why they are now focusing on the Internet and smartphones. They also pointed out the basic functionalities of the future application which currently has several working names, Busticket, Findmybus or BusScanner.

In addition to Croatian language, it will be available in English, German and Italian, and will offer tickets for as many as 7,000 stations across 34 countries and on two continents, Europe and North America.

To buy a ticket, the traveller may doesn't need to be pre-registered, although for those who do create an account there will be additional benefits, such as saving purchased tickets, loading physical tickets by barcode or entering a number, an advanced search and more.

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Zagreb Bus Station to Be Renovated After Receiving Many Complaints

The management announced plans for the reconstruction and renovation of the bus station after receiving many complaints by the disgruntled locals and tourists travelling by bus from Zagreb Bus Station.