Saturday, 21 August 2021

New Artistic Surprises in the Streets and Parks of Zagreb

August 21, 2021 - The Zagreb Tourist Board is seeking to connect its inhabitants and visitors with the city through the project ''Around'', and it is thus that from August 20 to 30 they will be able to find new artistic surprises in the streets and parks of the Croatian capital.

As reported by Turističke Priče, this year, in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, the project "Around" continues with new artistic surprises that beautify the face of the city, create an atmosphere of optimism in these challenging times, and invite citizens to rediscover their city through art. From August 20 to 30, everyone is invited to go on an artistic tour of the city and see a series of space-specific installations and street art interventions signed by local creative forces.


Zagreb Tourist Board

By placing art projects in the city landscape, "Okolo" revives public spaces and turns them into places where art spontaneously touches the city's everyday life. It highlights local artists and their personal experience and vision of the city while bringing contemporary art closer to a wider audience.

New artistic surprises include temporary space-specific installations and street art interventions that you can find "Around" around the city this year are signed by young sculptors Matej Vukovic and Manuela Pauk, multimedia artist Anja Leko, street artist Boris Bare, sculptor Helena Ohnjec, designer Iva Capak and design teams The All, klasja & zita and Stella Beloš and Iva Peručić.


Zlatne Ruke (''Golden hands''), The All

Start your artistic walk in the Craft Passage where you are symbolically greeted by golden hands (The All). On the way to the Upper Town, in the passage to Zakmardi's stairs, discover what the new-old Red Carpet (Boris Bare) looks like or what is hiding behind the curtain that is being raised (Manuela Pauk) in Kamenita Street. In the labyrinth on the Gradec plateau, solve the Riddle of the Future (ears & grains) and in the Bela IV Park. rest your head Among the clouds (Matej Vukovic). On Strossmayer's promenade, you meet Acrobats (Helena Ohnjec) who keep Matoš company, and on Katz Platz, in the passage by Tomić's stairs, you meet an unusual gang of cats (Anja Leko). At the very end of the tour, in Tuškanac Park, jump into the holiday net and become a Tree Observer. All the way, look carefully where you are walking and you may come across great miniatures by Ivo Capak that will adorn 17 mini locations.


Crveni tepih (''Red carpet''), by Boris Bare

"Around" will be launched in 2018 by the Two of Us (Ana Mikin, Tina Kovačićek) in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board. Singing forest in Bela IV Park, a woolen heart that became a symbol of Zagreb's recovery after the earthquake, red carpet to Gornji grad, silk sculpture in Tomićeva, large floor mural on the playground above Dubravka road, light installation in the canopy of Ribnjak park, godmother on the stairs Dolca, a sleeping giant in Petrinjska, cute street miniatures in play with urban elements and plants that play to the touch, these are just some of the interesting interventions with which "Okolo" has already enriched the streets of Zagreb and delighted citizens and tourists at the same time.

To learn more about the project ''Around'', visit the Zagreb Tourist Board dedicated page HERE.

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