Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Diary: The Final Days

June 22, 2022 - In the blink of an eye, the exciting Zadar Digital Nomad Week program came to a close with more keynotes and a call to nature. A look at the last two days of a great week that has helped highlight Zadar's magic in attracting digital nomads.

If you ask me, I would have thought that there was still one more week left of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week. Although six days loaded with various activities, workshops, panels, and keynotes have passed, I felt that there was more. And surely there is. I hope this doesn't sound like dissatisfaction, but I have come to the conclusion that a week in Zadar is still not enough. Looking at Zadar as a region, it becomes clear that there is still a lot to discover and do.

The participants were able to see a destination that, although it definitely stands out for its infrastructure, coworking spaces, and life on its streets, also stands above the rest when it comes to reconnecting with nature and authentic experiences. Living and working in Zadar means being in pure contact with rich history, being able to choose hundreds of destinations to visit, nature to discover, being part of its potential as a tech city, and much more.


The Zadar Digital Nomad Week program reserved three very interesting keynotes for the last day, which were held online. The first of them was led by Sara Dyson, better known as ''Expat in Croatia'', who moved to Croatia 10 years ago. Sara founded ''Expat in Croatia'', now one of the top English-language resources for everything related to Croatian bureaucracy and assimilation including residence, citizenship, business, healthcare, and culture. In her live session, Sara explained how a blog managed to become a business that today has managed to facilitate the path of many people to achieve their dream life in Croatia.


The second keynote was held by Orest Zub, a digital nomad from Ukraine. Orest was recently at the Work.Place.Culture Conference in Dubrovnik, where he participated in keynotes and panels, recounting his experience as a digital nomad in times when his country is at war. Orest tells about the internal debate of being a person with a desire to explore the world (he has visited 129 countries to date) and the feeling that he should return home. Orest, precisely, returned home to take care of his family and use his influence and platforms to recount the events of the current war in Ukraine. Almost four months after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Orest is traveling again but this time not only to connect with other digital nomads but to use his voice and raise awareness about what is happening in his country. Definitely, a keynote that helps to understand the social roles and responsibilities that a digital nomad can also assume beyond remote work.


The last keynote was held by Diane Erceg, an Aussie with Croatian roots. In her live virtual session, Diane takes us all out of the box and makes us wonder, what about Antarctica as a destination for digital nomads? Diane's doctorate has covered 50 years of tourism on the ''seventh continent'', and whose many experiences at the globe's south pole are soon to be made into a book. Digital nomads tend to pursue destinations that, in addition to satisfying their most personal desires, such as destinations with tropical climates, paradisiacal beaches, or jaw-dropping landscapes, also have to meet the requirements that allow them to work remotely, such as good WiFi or coworking spaces. Precisely, in a Zadar Digital Nomad Week that has brought us closer to nature and the authenticity of a destination, Diane tells us about the ways in which it is possible to reach Antarctica as a digital nomad and live a truly unique experience compared to others destinations in the world.


There was no better way to close not only the day but also the Zadar Digital Nomad Week, than by packing all our things and heading to Paklenica National Park, 50 minutes from Zadar city by car. Reconnecting with nature took on a new meaning, as we hiked for almost two hours in the direction of Planinarski Dom Paklenica, a cabin that welcomes adventurers and hikers. The cabin is located in the middle of the national park, and the only thing that surrounds you are its forests and impressive peaks. It sounds curious that the closing activity in a digital nomad event means being away from WiFi, technology, and coworking spaces, but at no time was it a reason for complaints. All the participants began the walk with the mindset of reconnecting with nature, with themselves, and even as an opportunity to share and create authentic bonds. Fireflies lighting up the night, and the morning donkeys bringing supplies to the cabin, are details that helped create that real atmosphere of presence.


We all spent the night in the cabin and woke up very early to start our way back. There could not be a better setting for Diane Erceg to carry out her long-awaited keynote while we descended towards the entrance of Paklenica. The end of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week meant everyone's return to their daily lives and work. But I am very sure that we all now have a unique memory of a valuable experience, and we can boast of authentically knowing a destination that perhaps we would never have imagined being like this before. Congratulations to Tanja Polegubić from Saltwater Nomads for putting together an outstanding program, as well as the support of the Digital Nomad Association, the City of Zadar, the Zadar Tourist Board, the University of Zadar, and all the sponsors who made this event possible.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Diary: Sixth Day Recap

June 21, 2022 - In the final days of the first-ever Zadar Digital Nomad Week, the workshops and keynotes have not stopped, and the sixth day of the program is highlighted by familiar faces, insightful workshops, and an entertaining game that will put our teamwork to the test.

I think that nobody can deny that, after several very intense days of activities, the program needed a kind of relaxation. And no, that did not mean that the very interesting workshops and keynotes would stop. On the contrary, the sixth day brought with it memorable sessions with many lessons. The program of that day was carried out almost entirely in the old town of Zadar. The sixth day of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week carried the slogan of Nomads + Worklife, and to do it justice, it was necessary that the day's workshops and keynotes be led by authoritative voices already known in the country.

It's 9:00 am in Zadar, and one of Croatia's favorite digital nomads, Steve Tsentserensky, is speaking online about ''The Dark Art of Upwork''. Most of you might already know him, but for those who don't, Steve is a writer, video producer, and photographer who's created content for big and small brands with his company SBT Productions, and as a freelance writer. He's produced content for contestants on The Voice, adventure tourism companies, exchange-listed firms, and written for prominent outlets like CNBC and more while traveling. Despite it being almost 3 in the morning at his current location, Steve makes no secret of his enthusiasm to dig deeper into how to generate income anywhere in the world as a freelancer through the Upwork platform, and how to land your ideal jobs and clients.


Steve Tsentserensky

We headed to the next venue of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week, The Botanist, located on the west coast of Zadar's old town. It was Charlie Brown's turn to offer a great workshop on how to generate income as a writer through the Medium and Substack platforms. And I say great not only for a very valuable opportunity to listen to someone who continues to grow as a writer and on these platforms day after day but also because we were able to have an extensive Q&A session in which almost all attendees participated. A few days ago, the participants were sure they wanted to start their podcast as soon as possible, but now they were starting to lean more towards writing. That's how cool it was! Charlie gave a ton of advice on not only using Medium and Substack but also how to land the topics you can write about and progress faster.


Another great online session would follow, with another familiar face: Anna Maria Kochanska, the Chief Nomad at the Zadar Digital Nomad Week, shared her insights on the link between digital nomads and locals. Anna Maria is surely one of the digital nomads who has traveled the most places in the world, and she has been in contact with different cultures. How can a nomad authentically engage with its surroundings? In Anna Maria's own experience, it was better to distance herself from the rich people in hotels and yachts and get closer to people, both locals and other nomads, who could show her the destination she was at in its purest form.


Anna Maria Kochanska

After the online session, we headed to the Duke's palace, inside Zadar's old town, a renovated 16th-century palace, now hosting temporary exhibitions, music performances & events. It was the turn of perhaps one of the most particular, different, and entertaining activities in the Zadar Digital Nomad Week program. In the library, Tijs Berens from Skillup was waiting for us to participate in a virtual Escape Room. For those who are not familiar with the game, an Escape Room puts you in a place and situation where the main goal is clear: to escape. However, to do so requires skill, logic, and in this particular one, a lot of teamwork. The participants found themselves adrift in a spaceship, and in order to land safely, they needed to decipher the clues and resume communication with ground control. To achieve this, they had just 50 minutes. Despite the difficulties and even after thinking they couldn't figure it out, the team reestablished contact with ground control with 10 minutes to go. Success!


We continued with the virtual sessions and it was Kashlee Kucheran's turn to step forward! Kashlee, originally from Canada - is a dynamic speaker, and Travel Lifestyle Trendsetter. She lights up a destination if she drops its name. From Mexico, to Bali to Croatia (and most recently, Albania) Kashlee is with us today to discuss: The Rise of the Female Digital Nomad. According to Kashlee, what used to be a major man-dominated space is now changing. Partially because of more women entering tech and partially because the pandemic allowed many female-dominant jobs to go remote.


Kashlee Kucheran

To wrap up a great day in Zadar's old town, we now head to The Garden Lounge, where we are pleasantly surprised that some new digital nomads have dropped by to share a few drinks. For those who do not know, the Digital Nomad Association Croatia organizes monthly We{dn}esday events in different cities in Croatia, with the aim of creating an environment of sharing and networking between digital nomads who are currently in that location. Definitely an initiative that fitted perfectly at this point in the program.

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Monday, 20 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Diary: Fifth Day Recap

June 20, 2022 - Continuing the rich programme of the first Zadar Digital Nomad Week, a day full of interesting keynotes and workshops also included a visit to a magical place in Croatia and the most beautiful sunset in the world.

As usual for Zadar Digital Nomad Week, the programme on the fifth day started early. The theme around which the activities would revolve would be ''Nomads + Tech''. We got off to a great start with a workshop by Sam Brown, another familiar face going back to last year's memorable Dubrovnik Digital Nomads in Residence. For those who haven't had the pleasure, Sam is a digital nomad from London who in October 2020 sold everything, including his wine business, to become a traveler and digital nomad. Sam is a content creator, writer, and programmer, and in his workshop on career pivots, attendees were able to learn that it is never too late to seek new professional horizons, and how one can find the ideal job that fits our new goals.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

The chosen venue for Sam's workshop was the impressive Coin Cowork Space, in the city of Zadar, and those who attended had the opportunity not only to take notes but also to be part of a personalized session with Sam to redirect professional goals and how to achieve them.

At 11:00 am, one of the most interesting workshops on the show was held online by Ethan Mayers, called ''The 1st Step is the 1st Step''. In it, Ethan explored various topics that revolve around making decisions, precisely in the world of digital nomads, where these decisions can sometimes be intimidating due to the fact of leaving your home and venturing into an unknown world as a remote worker. Perhaps one of the most memorable phrases is that ''the most critical decision you make is making a decision''. Sam and Ethan's workshops were definitely able to add a great dose of optimism to the Zadar Digital Nomad Week programme.

Up next, we say goodbye briefly to the Zadar region, as we headed not far towards Lika. After all, what's a Nomads + Tech day without a visit to the birthplace of one of the most influential people in human history? Close to Gospić, we reach Smiljan, where the brilliant Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856. The small house where Tesla grew up has been converted into a museum and memorial place to celebrate the genius, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

After a good session of inspiration touring the interiors of the museum, including a quick tour thanks to Iva Peroković from Swanky Travel, we settle into the gardens for the second panel of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week, where Mirela Marović from BIZkoshnica, Sam Brown, Iva Perokovic, and DJ and digital nomad from South Africa Viktoria Botha chatted about a very hot and interesting topic at the same time: ''Everyone loves nomads?'' The panel was moderated by Tanja Polegubić of Saltwater Nomads.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

It was a great exchange of experiences and insights, both from people who have been in close contact with digital nomads in the last year, such as Mirela through her cowork space and Iva through her travel agency, as well as from the digital nomads themselves, Sam and Victoria. Although there is a stigma toward digital nomads and their connection with the destinations they go to, everyone could agree that digital nomads go beyond professional fulfillment and networking, but also try to live authentic experiences that allow them to connect better with the country in which they are located.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

After a successful panel, there was no better way to say goodbye to Nikola Tesla's birthplace than in a Tesla car itself. Courtesy of Davor Čordaš of Rent a Tesla, panelists, and attendees were able to sit in a Tesla car and see firsthand what the future holds for the automotive industry.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

We head back to Zadar to witness one of the reasons why it is so famous: its spectacular sunsets. And what better way to enjoy it than with a tour of the old city of Zadar led by the very enthusiastic and ''zadranka'', Vlatka Pehar. We met at 20:00 between the popular Greetings to the Sun monument and Zadar's most famous musician, the sea organ. From there, we said goodbye to the sun and walked the ancient and history-rich streets of Zadar's old town, because every day you learn something new in Dalmatian cities.

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Sunday, 19 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Diary: Fourth Day Recap

June 19, 2022 - Although the Zadar Digital Nomad Week program kicked off on June 10, a press conference three days later marked the start of various panels, workshops, keynotes and master classes around the city of Zadar. A look at what the fourth day of Zadar Digital Nomad Week left us.

After an appropriate weekend to strengthen ties between the participants and with the host city of Zadar, it was time to formalize the start of a week with a program rich in workshops, keynotes, master classes, and panels. We met on the morning of Monday, June 13 at the Hotel Bastion Cafe, in the old town of Zadar. Tanja Polegubić from Saltwater Nomads, Jan de Jong from Digital Nomads Association Croatia, and Franjo Pehar from Zadar University led the press conference.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

Jan de Jong used the occasion to make a balance of the great progress and success of the digital nomad visa more than a year after its introduction in the country, which started with an open letter from Jan to the Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenković. Jan revealed that statistically speaking, at any given moment we have some 6,000+ digital nomads in the country, making this already a 100 million EUR industry annually for Croatia. He expressed his joy that a city with very good infrastructure is following in the footsteps of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split in attracting these digital nomads.

For her part, Tanja Polegubić said that the reasons behind the Zadar Digital Nomad Week are personal, which can be evidenced in perhaps one of the most ambitious and diverse programs that have been carried out as part of the promotion of Croatia as a destination for digital nomads. Tanja also highlighted Zadar as a city that, in addition to its modernity and infrastructure, can boast of being surrounded by a lot of nature due to its proximity to national parks.

Finally, Franjo Pehar thanked the organizers for bringing this event to Zadar, considering it the most central city in Croatia due to its proximity to the capital, the northwest and the south of the country, and expressed his wish that more events take place in the city to promote it as a destination for digital nomads.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

After the press conference, we found ourselves at the next venue, just across the street. The Garden Lounge was the location chosen for the first panel of the Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, with a lineup that included Romana Konjevod from the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, Franjo Pehar from the University of Zadar, Jan de Jong from the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, Tanja Polegubić from Saltwater Nomads, Albert Anthony, and Josip Zurak from Authland Croatia. The panel was moderated by Marlee McCormick, one of the 10 winners of last year's Dubrovnik Digital Nomad in Residence, and panelists shared their experiences and insights on local businesses and nomads.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

There is no big event in Croatia without a space to taste good wine, and that is why we went to the Fiolić winery, where in addition to trying some of its internationally renowned wines and some delicious appetizers, the attendees would be part of a masterclass offered by Marlee McCormick and her husband Jeff Burke on how to podcast like a pro. The Texans used their extensive knowledge from their radio and podcast backgrounds to deliver a great class that covered everything from conceiving an idea to creating a podcast, to the tools needed to produce it.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

The master class could not have been better accompanied, as Ana Fiolić from the Fiolić winery allowed the attendees to try an excellent red wine, white wine, rose and even a delicious homemade rakija.

The last venue of the date would be Code Hub Zadar, a coworking space located on the campus of the University of Zadar, where different workshops would take place. KPMG delivered an in-person speed networking tax session from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and digital nomads were able to learn more about the tax system in Croatia, and specifically for remote workers like them. An online masterclass by Maya Middlemiss followed, in which virtual attendees were able to learn a little-known side of the podcast world, on how to create one that fits the business world.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

Finally, the day closed at Code Hub Zadar with a LinkedIn masterclass with Mandy Fransz, one of the LinkedIn 2022 top voices, who with her co-host Emanuel Stojanov, delved into the dos and don'ts in that platform. Mandy emphasized that LinkedIn is no longer a platform solely for job searching or posting job offers, but beyond. Now, LinkedIn allows its users to connect with thousands of other users with whom they can find diverse opportunities for collaboration or even as an educational platform. Mandy, at the end of her presentation, gave attendees the opportunity to analyze their profiles to see how they can improve their ranking on the platform.

It was definitely a day that had it all: panels, networking, wines, podcast masterclasses and LinkedIn... and there was still a long way to go to get closer to the end of Zadar Digital Nomad Week.

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Saturday, 18 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Diary: Third Day

June 18, 2022 - On the third day of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week, the participants were able to enjoy a program that brought them closer to the rich history and spectacular landscapes in the Zadar region, beyond the city.

After a successful couple of days introducing Zadar Digital Nomad Week, where the participants were able to familiarize themselves with the Dalmatian city and get to know each other better, the program continued with activities that would take them briefly out of the city to enjoy some gems that few know in the region. The slogan of the third day of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week was ''Recharge in Nature'', and it is unique that few regions in Croatia can boast of having so many varied National Parks located less than an hour from the city: Kornati and Telašćica in the sea, and Paklenica, North Velebit, and Velebit in the mountain range. Ideal to disconnect from work and reconnect with the natural surroundings.


But before exploring the natural landscapes of the Zadar region, it was necessary to start the third day of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week with something to eat and, as a great bonus, some important history of the area. Fifty minutes from the city by car, and located in the Pakoštane area, is the historic Ottoman residence of Maškovića Han. The construction of Mašković Han began in 1644 by the order and funds of Jusuf Mašković, originally from Vrana, a high dignitary on the Sultan's court and a supreme admiral of the Turkish fleet. Han was intended to be a summer house/residence for Mašković when he returned from Constantinople to his homeland. It was conceived as a luxuriant monumental and modern building that would have all the necessary comforts, including a Turkish bath-Hamam.


Significant funds were invested in the construction, and there were even 500 workers working on it every day. In 1645, Mašković, with 60,000 warriors, conquered Crete, and the nobility that he showed towards the captured Venetian soldiers and citizens made him one of the most prominent warriors of all time, but he provoked the anger of the sultan who summoned him to the court where Mašković was then executed. His tragic destiny left a trace also on Han, which was not completed in the planned form, but rather in a much more modest form.


Within the Ottoman walls of Maškovića Han, ZDNW participants enjoyed a spectacular Turkish coffee and baklava to calm their appetite, followed by a hearty lunch to fuel up for the day's next activities.

Following an excellent brunch and lunch at Maškovića Han, we headed to the shores of Lake Vrana, the largest lake in all of Croatia. One would think that, due to its impressive size, it would be found on a beach on the Adriatic coast, but in reality, it is a magical freshwater destination that is worth exploring in the summer as an alternative to beaches and coves. Under the shade of the trees provided by Camp Vransko Lake Crkvine, we were able not only to rest and properly digest lunch, but also to catch up on work. Isn't that the essence of being a remote worker in the middle of nature?


After recharging our batteries, a very unique activity followed. We got on kayaks and paddled to enter the waters of Lake Vrana, where Michael Freer offered a keynote on the social impact of being a digital nomad in each destination they go to. Floating in the refreshing waters of the largest lake in Croatia, we were able to learn more about the different ways one can get involved socially in Croatia, such as volunteering and social development projects. Who better to offer the keynote than Michael, who in his many years in Croatia has managed to lead various social projects.

After the keynote, we met again in Maškovića Han, where a van was waiting for us to go to the next and last destination of the day. At Maškovića Han, we had a special reunion with some dear familiar faces from last year in Dubrovnik: Marlee and Jeff McCormick, who participated in the memorable Digital Nomads in Residence program at the Pearl of the Adriatic. They flew from their home, in Texas, to spend a few days enjoying the excellent June weather in the Adriatic and to be part of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week.


We drove in the early evening hours to Vidikovac Kamenjak, just 20 minutes from Maškovića Han: a viewpoint located on the top of the peaks behind the Vrana lake with perhaps the best view I have ever had in my life. I must admit how hard it is for me to explain in detail what one can feel with the landscapes from that viewpoint and, above all, with the sunset falling.


With just a turn of the head, one is able to appreciate the island of Murter north of Šibenik, the archipelagos of Kornati and Telašćica, or the islands of Žut and Pašman, belonging to Zadar. And, of course, the lake of Vrana in all its immensity, in whose waters rested the last rays of daylight and, shortly after, a full moon that completely illuminated the lake. And the photos and sightseeing were not the only things, since Tanja Polegubić from Saltwater saw in this last activity of the day a great opportunity to share a picnic with fantastic proseccos, and delicious appetizers.


And that's how when night fell, we returned home to close a magical day in the nature of the Zadar region and ready to start the week with great energy and eager to see what the program had in store for us.

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Diary: Opening and Second Day

June 12, 2022 - After the success of the Zagreb Digital Nomad Week in 2021 and the Work.Place.Culture Conference in Dubrovnik this year, now it's turn of one of the most important cities in the Adriatic and one that continues to attract a large community of digital nomads. A review of the first day of Zadar Digital Nomad Week.

In one of the most ambitious projects of Saltwater Nomads to date, and in collaboration with the Zadar Tourist Board and the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, Zadar Digital Nomad Week presents a week-long program full of cultural and outdoor activities that will allow you to discover in-depth the advantages of being a digital nomad in Zadar. The event kicked off on Friday the 10th with an opening dinner at the Groppo restaurant, where participants and organizers were able to get to know each other better and share more about their stories, experiences, and backgrounds.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

The day started in front of the Foša Gate, in the old town of Zadar, where Rudi Witkowsky offered an active masterclass. Rudi, a fitness coach and consultant from Cape Town, South Africa, was Zagreb's digital nomad ambassador last year in August. Rudi has already been able to get to know numerous coastal destinations in Croatia since it is definitely the climate that he pursues as a digital nomad, but he highlighted Zadar as a fitness-friendly city, with enough provision and infrastructure for athletes and physical activity enthusiasts. In his active masterclass, Rudi guided those present to reconnect with their bodies through demanding exercise routines in tune with relaxation exercises, all this under the shade of the trees, taking into account the high temperatures that herald the arrival of summer.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

Around noon, we got together for a very interesting activity that tested our knowledge about Zadar: the puzzle picnic. Through very creative clues, the participants were able to walk the ancient streets of the old town of Zadar while we deciphered the way to finally arrive at a location with surely one of the best panoramic views of the city. Under the shade of the trees, a well-deserved tasting session of Croatian prosecco, cheeses, fruits, and sponsored kombuchas appeased everyone's appetite and thirst after a long day of walking under the merciless sun — a proper reward.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

There was no better way to end the first day than visiting the surroundings of the historic town of Nin, just 30 minutes from Zadar by car. It's almost seven in the evening, and it's the best time of day to take a bath, but one very different from what we're used to. At Queens Beach, visitors come to cover their bodies with mud well known for its therapeutic and healing functions. Mud baths are very popular in Croatia, especially in this part of the country. It is even known that this activity dates back to Roman times.

On the way back to Zadar, and without planning it, we stopped to take a look at the church of Saint Nicholas, a small church built on a small hill, and that keeps a short but very interesting history. According to tradition, seven Kings were crowned in Nin, and every crowned ruler rode on horseback to the Church of Saint Nicholas, and it was in fact here that he would be presented to the people through a symbolic ritual, where he would point with a sword the four corners of the world.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

It was an excellent opening of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week, which presented the city in a great way, and it is best to know that there is still much to enjoy from its rich program. The second day awaits Turkish coffee and baklava, keynote in a kayak, and much more.

Visit the official Zadar Digital Nomad Week website.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week: A-List Lineup, Starts Today, Full Programme

June 10, 2022 - Following award-winning events in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, the team from Saltwater Nomads unveil their latest - Zadar Digital Nomad Week, which starts today. Great programme!

Zadar Digital Nomad Week - press release 10/6/2022

Zadar is ranked as one of the fastest-growing hubs for digital nomads in Croatia by Nomad List. The CEO of Wifi Tribe recently dubbed it “the one to watch” in Croatia at the Work.

Place. Culture. Conference in Dubrovnik. It’s easily accessible by road, sea and air. Zadar has a very affordable cost of living, an abundance of nature and recreation and a growing coworking and business community. If you have the option to work from anywhere, Zadar, and the lifestyle it affords, has fast become a “get in now” destination - and this event showcases highlights - including the wider off-path region.

From 10-17 June, Saltwater Nomads presents the first-ever Zadar Digital Nomad Week - a week-long program in Zadar and the region. It follows the format of the acclaimed Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, devised by Saltwater Nomads in 2021. This event is supported by the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, KPMG Croatia, Cognism, Authland, Safety Wing, Total Croatia News, the University of Zadar, City of Zadar and Tourist Board of Zadar. The Embassy of the Netherlands and the Australian Embassy in Croatia also joined to support five of their nationals in person in Zadar.


The event will feature over 30 speakers in person and virtually, including experts in remote work, lifestyle and business.

Keynotes will take place from kayaks on Croatia’s largest lake, Paklenica’s peaks and Tesla’s birthplace - Zadar Digital Nomad Week’s lineup reflects the “digital-by-nature” city.

The keynote speakers include: Dr Diane Erceg, an Antarctic guide and academic turned writer, who has visited the ice continent 44 times and is now penning a memoir on lessons learned after nine nomadic years around the planet. Yes, there will be penguins.

Dean Kuchel, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Digital Nomads’, who has been to over 100 countries, and Croatia many times will, as always, deliver an inspiring Call To Arms to take up digital nomadism.

Kashlee Kucheran, world-class Travel Lifestyle trendsetter, covers the must-sees and emerging destinations for nomads. As her site’s name, Travel off Path, implies - Kashlee unlocks the unknown in destinations. With a base in Mexico, the journey of discovery around the Balkans is one you’ll want to catch, especially if this part of Europe’s on your travel radar.

Michael Freer of the recently launched Impact House, formerly Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia, will deliver a speech on social impact - from a kayak, on Croatia’s largest Lake embarking at Camp Vransko Jezero.

Jan de Jong, dubbed the godfather of Croatia’s digital nomad visa, will represent the Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia alongside community manager Romana Konjevod and DNA Croatia co-founder Tanja Polegubic, CEO of Saltwater Nomads, delivering the event.

Workshops and Masterclasses by: Mandy Fransz (LinkedIn Branding) and Steve Tsentserensky (The Content Nomad - The Dark Art of Upwork), Charlie Brown (Making Money on Medium), Podcasting - in a winery, by Marlee McCormick and Jeff Burkett. Virtual ‘podcasting for business’ by Maya Middlemiss, Ethan Meyers and Sam Brown on Entrepreneurship and Desmond Dixon - on building an 8-figure business - and selling as you travel. The event even has a Chief Nomad, 4-year nomad, Anna Maria Kochanska from Poland.

The program includes fitness sessions, locally brewed kombucha tastings, podcasting, panels at coworking spaces - and a nod to Tesla. The man and the machine.


Zadar Digital Nomad Week includes a day trip - in a Tesla, to Tesla’s birthplace. The trip is courtesy of Rent A Tesla.

For those looking to start this lifestyle, there will be a Watch Party for the premier of remote expert Rowena Hennigan’s LinkedIn Learning course on how to be a digital nomad.

The Content Nomad Steve Tsensentrensky and Charlie Brown, two nomadic writers making a living on the road will hold masterclasses and workshops.

Dallas, Texas radio host Marlee McCormick and her veteran sound engineer husband Jeff Burkett, intermittent nomads in Europe - are in Zadar to deliver a masterclass in Winery Fiocic (yes, a simultaneous wine tasting). “Call that a podcast?” will challenge the “anyone can podcast” notion, from two industry experts. If you’ve been thinking about podcasting - or already do, this is a session to learn how to podcast like a pro.

Maya Middlemiss, the freelance queen, gives a special masterclass for digital nomads in particular - to consider creating podcasts as a service. Companies are calling for it- she knows, it’s what she does. You’ll even get access to an AMA (ask me anything) session later.

On the topic of AMA’s. We’ve got three.

  1. Ukrainian digital nomad, Orest Zub, in the 100+ country club, will be live on DNA Croatia’s LinkedIn page for an AMA.
  2. Violeta Debro from KPMG Croatia will be online for your tax questions. You can even write in anonymously to us, and we’ll posit the question.
  3. And Dr Diane Erceg will be online for “everything you’ve wanted to know about going to Antarctica… but were afraid to ask”. It’s a special 1-hour session with AMA.

Later in the afternoon, Diane is part of the crew heading up to ‘digitally disconnect’ and reconnect with Nature on the peaks of Paklenica National Park (close to Zadar). Guests at Zadar Digital Nomad Week 2022 will take a 2-hour hike, with streams, flora and fauna and a moon-like landscape - and a haven for climbers. The mountain hut will be the backdrop of a Campfire Keynote for the in-person.

More special guests will be announced through the week - including 8-figure nomad podcaster Desmond Dixon and experts who shape entire tech ecosystems around the world, as well as Croatia experts assisting digital nomads come and even stay in Croatia. Who might they be? Tune in to find out - the series will be streamed on Saltwater Nomads Youtube and DNA Croatia LinkedIn.

And - does everyone love digital nomads? No! Hear from nomads and locals about the impact this market is having on tourism.

Press contact: Tanja Polegubic.

+385 91 330 8000

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VIsit the official Zadar Digital Nomad Week website.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week Starts Friday: Active Program!

June 7, 2022 - After award-winning events in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, Saltwater Nomads is organising the first-ever Zadar Digital Noamd Week, starting Friday. 

The story continues... 

It is hard to imagine that it is less than 2 years since Dutch entrepreneur Jan de Jong wrote an open letter to the Croatian Prime Minister asking him to introduce a digital nomad visa in Croatia. So much has happened since then, and it is fair to say that Croatia is very much 'in' as a nomad destination. 

After last year's award winning Zagreb Digtial Nomad Week and Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence programs, the team at Saltwater Nomads have been busy designing and delivering more events for the digital nomad community, and the latest one starts this Friday, the first-ever Zadar Digital Nomad Week. 


And if you are a digital nomad who enjoys being active in nature, with a taste for good food and fine wine, then this is an event for you. Keynote speeches from Antarctic explorers after hiking up a mountain, or talks on a kayak on a lake are but some of the highlights. 

Final details are still being applied, but the official event website (you are advised to check for any updates) currently has a very exciting programme of speakers, including two of the top 10 LinkedIn voices on remote work. From the Zadar Digital Nomad Wekk website (where you can register your interest and attendance):

Stay tuned for details of our speakers, including some of the leading voices in Remote Work, Digital Nomads (who love Zadar!) and local businesses who have gone global.

  • FRIDAY 10th June: Nomad Table - with special guest Mandy Fransz, Make The Leap Digital.
  • SATURDAY 11th June: Fitness Masterclass with Rudi Witkowski, later ... gourmet picnic - with a twist.
  • SUNDAY 12th June: Outdoor excursion. Talk on a kayak with Michael Freer.
  • MONDAY 13th June: Press conference. Mic'd up Monday - masterclass with Marlee McCormick. And virtual session with Maya Middlemiss.
  • TUESDAY 14th June: Remote Work. Masterclass with Rowena Hennigan.
  • WEDNESDAY 15th June: How to Nomad: Special session, featuring Anna Maria Kochanska and digital nomad guests @ a local winery.
  • THURSDAY 16th June: Overnight hike up Paklenica with Keynote by Dr. Diane Erceg.
  • FRIDAY 17th June: Return to civilisation...

Please check the official website for the latest schedule.

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