Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Brussels Airlines Flights to Dubrovnik and Split from June, Zadar and Zagreb Removed from Network

May 4, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Brussels Airlines flights to Dubrovnik and Split resume from June, while Zagreb and Zadar are no longer in the Belgian national airline's network of destinations. 

Croatian Aviation reports that although the Belgian national airline and Lufthansa group member Brussels Airlines previously announced the reintroduction of scheduled flights this summer from the Belgian capital to four Croatian airports; Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and Zagreb, the lines to Zagreb and Zadar are no longer on sale and the company will not operate to the two mentioned airports in the summer.

The company confirmed that they intended to resume the routes to four Croatian airports, but the assessment of the market analysis determined that the demand for Zadar and Zagreb airports will be insufficient this summer season. For this reason, the routes from Brussels to Zadar and Zagreb have been withdrawn from sale and Brussels Airlines will not operate on them this year.

Brussels Airlines has a codeshare contract with Croatia Airlines, which operates regularly between Zagreb and Brussels, so tickets on this route can be purchased on the Brussels Airlines website. With one stop in Zagreb, it is possible to travel to Zadar airport.

However, just like last summer season, Brussels Airlines will soon resume traffic on routes from Brussels to Split Airport and Dubrovnik Airport.

The Brussels - Split - Brussels line will be in operation from Saturday, June 5. The company currently plans only one flight a week on this route throughout the summer season.

The Brussels - Dubrovnik - Brussels line has been announced from June 1, once a week, on Tuesdays, and by mid-June, the company will introduce a second weekly flight, every Saturday.

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Friday, 30 April 2021

Lufthansa Flights to Zadar and Pula Resume this Weekend!

April 30, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Lufthansa flights to Zadar and Pula resume this weekend! 

Croatian Aviation reports that German national airline Lufthansa will operate again today to Pula and tomorrow to Zadar.

Germany's Lufthansa is resuming traffic on two more lines to Croatia. After the company reconnected Frankfurt and Zagreb and regularly operates on routes from Munich and Frankfurt to Split and Dubrovnik, as of this weekend, Lufthansa includes two more destinations in Croatia - Pula Airport and Zadar Airport!

From today, Pula Airport will once again have a regular route to Frankfurt. Lufthansa will operate the first flight on this route in the late afternoon, then again tomorrow, and flights throughout the week are announced once a week, every Saturday. The number of weekly flights should increase in June, and then the Munich-Pula-Munich route will be introduced.

On Saturday, May 1, Lufthansa will make its first flight in this summer season on the Frankfurt - Zadar - Frankfurt route. An E190 aircraft has been announced for the first flight, and flights will take place once a week, every Saturday, until the end of May. A larger number of weekly operations is expected on this line in June as well.

Next Saturday, May 8, Lufthansa will resume traffic on the line between Zadar and Munich once a week (Saturday).

This weekend, Lufthansa will have as many as 7 international routes to 5 Croatian airports, and as of next weekend, 8 of them. Rijeka Airport, another Lufthansa destination in Croatia, will not have flights for some time. Namely, scheduled flights on the route from Munich and on the new route from Frankfurt have been postponed to the beginning of July.

Tickets are on sale on the airline's official website, and, as with most other companies, travel date changes are allowed if you are unable to travel on the originally planned date.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

17 New Ryanair Flights to Zadar this Summer, 37 International Lines Total!

March 31, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as 17 new Ryanair flights to Zadar this summer have been announced, for a total of 37 international lines flying to the new Ryanair Zadar base! 

Croatian Aviation reports that Ryanair held two press conferences yesterday, both virtual, for Zagreb and Zadar airports. 

At the press conference, Europe's largest airline announced the reopening of its base at Zadar Airport. With two base aircraft, on as many as 78 weekly flights, it will connect Zadar with 37 destinations, of which as many as 17 are new, giving passengers the opportunity to choose from a number of European destinations from July 2021.

Ryanair's new destinations from Zadar Airport announced for this summer season are:


















In addition to the 17 new lines, Ryanair will operate from Zadar on 20 more previously introduced lines, bringing a total of 37 international destinations to Zadar!

Given the number of announced routes, Ryanair will open a base at Zadar Airport this summer and base 2 of its aircraft there. In total, on a weekly basis, the Irish carrier will have as many as 78 return flights to 15 European countries.

According to Croatian Aviation, there will also be 12 Ryanair flights to Zagreb from eight countries. Thus, the Croatian metropolis will be connected with Paris, Brussels, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Milan, Rome, Podgorica, Oslo, Gothenburg, and London.

Already this autumn, Ryanair will perform as many as 36 weekly flights from Zagreb Airport to the following destinations:

Brussels Charleroi, from June 2, 3 times a week,

Dortmund, from September 3, 2 times a week,

Frankfurt-Hahn, from September 3, 3 times a week,

Gothenburg, from September 3, 3 times a week,

Karlsruhe, from September 2, 2 times a week,

London, from September 1, daily,

Memmingen, from September 3, 2 times a week,

Milan, from July 1, 4 times a week,

Paris, from September 2, 2 times a week,

Podgorica, from September 4, 2 times a week,

Rome, from September 3, 3 times a week,

Torp Sandefjord, from September 1, 2 times a week.

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Friday, 19 March 2021

Summer Flight News Continues: More Wizz Air Flights to Split, Transavia Flights to Zadar

March 19, 2021 -  The latest flight news to Croatia, with the announcement of more Wizz Air flights to Split, a new Transavia flight to Zadar, and increased operations between Istanbul and Zagreb in April. 

Croatian Aviation reports that Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air introduces the fourth new route to Split in the summer flight schedule in 2021!

Namely, Wizz Air has launched a new service between Split and Krakow from mid-June.

Wizz Air has already announced three new lines to Split for this year, from Oslo, Gdansk, and Wroclaw, so this summer, Split will have as many as 8 Wizz Air lines, of which as many as 5 lines are to destinations in Poland. 

The Krakow - Split - Krakow line will be in operation from June 11 to September 10, twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.

On the 27 announced return flights, Wizz Air will operate A320 aircraft, and in the total offer, almost 10,000 seats between the two mentioned cities in the upcoming summer season!

With four new routes, the Hungarian low-cost airline will offer additional almost 40 thousand seats to and from Split Airport.

But that's not all the new summer flight news. 

Ex-Yu Aviation reporters that low-cost carrier Transavia will launch a new seasonal summer line this year, connecting Paris Orly Airport and Zadar Airport!

Namely, this Transavia flight to Zadar will begin on July 3 and operate twice per week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The new seasonal line will end on September 4.

Recall, Transavia already connects Rotterdam and Zadar. 

Finally, Croatian Aviation reports that Turkish Airlines will significantly increase the number of operations between Istanbul and Zagreb in early April.

Turkish Airlines has so far operated regularly between Istanbul and Zagreb four times a week, except for Christmas when there were slightly more operations on this route, given the growth in demand during that period.

The summer flight schedule will take effect at the end of March, which is when Turkish Airlines will increase the number of operations at Zagreb Airport.

From Thursday, April 1, to Sunday, April 4, the airline will have four flights to Zagreb, with two daily flights announced for Thursday (April 1).

From Monday, April 5, to Sunday, April 11, as many as 9 flights have been announced, of which two flights a day on Monday, Saturday, and Sunday.

From April 12 to 25, five flights per week have been announced (one more than the rest of the winter flight schedule).

In April, Turkish Airlines will operate a total of 27 return flights on the route between Istanbul and Zagreb, using aircraft types A321, B737-800, and B737-900ER. This well-known airline will offer about 10,000 seats to and from Zagreb in April. An increase in the number of operations is also expected in May.

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Monday, 8 February 2021

Flights to Croatia: Ryanair Offers 18 Lines from Zadar this Summer!

February 8, 2021 - The latest news for flights to Croatia as Ryanair offers 18 lines from Zadar this summer.

Croatian Aviation reports that in cooperation with Lauda (Laudamotion), Ryanair plans to base one A320 at Zadar Airport in the upcoming summer flight schedule!

Namely, according to the original plan from 2019, this was supposed to happen in the summer season of 2020. However, after the outbreak of the global pandemic, the airlines temporarily abandoned that plan.

In the last few days, an increasing number of international destinations to and from Zadar Airport has been added to Ryanair's official website. Lauda will operate a larger number of flights.

Ryanair and Lauda will offer as many as 18 destinations from Zadar Airport in the upcoming summer flight schedule:

Berlin (from July 2, 2 times a week),

Brussels (from May 1, up to 4 times a week),

Cologne (currently unavailable for booking),

Dublin (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

Gothenburg (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Karlsruhe (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Krakow (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

London (from June 1, up to 4 times a week),

Manchester (from June 1, up to 2 times a week),

Marseille (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

Memmingen (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Naples (from June 4, up to 2 times a week),

Paris (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Poznan (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

Prague (from May 1, up to 2 times a week),

Vienna (from July 2, up to 3 times a week),

Weeze (from March 30, up to 3 times a week),

Wroclaw (from July 2, up to 2 times a week).

These are significantly more international destinations to Zadar Airport than in the summer flight schedule in 2020. Although as many as six lines will operate only in the peak season, from the beginning of July, Ryanair and its subsidiaries will once again confirm their primacy at Zadar Airport, where they will, if epidemiological measures allow, confirm their role as carrier number 1 this summer.

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Monday, 11 January 2021

Less Than 2.2 million Passengers at Croatian Airports in 2020

January 11, 2021 – Unlike the record 2019, when more than 11.4 million passengers passed through Croatian airports, in the crisis 2020, that number dropped by as much as 81 percent, counting less than 2.2 million passengers.

At the beginning of each new year, the revenues from the last tourist year are added up, and tourists' numbers are concluded. However, it was inevitable that in 2020, during which world tourism experienced a massive decline due to the coronavirus pandemic, would also affect tourist numbers.

As reported earlier, the Croatian tourism sector saw 50 percent fewer tourist overnight stays in 2020 than the record 2019. Likewise, commercial aviation experienced its largest decline in history. In 2020, Croatian airports accepted and dispatched less than 2.2 million passengers, writes Croatian Aviation.

Traffic to Croatia's three largest airports, Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, has been growing steadily for years, but this series has been interrupted by a global pandemic. The three mentioned airports had over 9.6 million passengers in 2019, while in 2020, they recorded less than 2 million passengers together (1,929,336). The fact that the other five Croatian airports had 242,827 passengers last year is also devastating, of which Zadar alone served over 120,000 passengers.


Source: Franjo Tuđman Zagreb Airport

With 924,823 passengers throughout the year, the main Croatian airport Franjo Tuđman Zagreb failed to reach the millionth passenger in 2020. However, almost half of the total Croatian traffic in 2020 was realized at the Zagreb airport.

Although it recorded an increase in the number of passengers in January and February compared to the same period in 2019, Franjo Tuđman Airport recorded a decrease in the number of passengers of 73 percent compared to 2019.

Unlike Zagreb Airport, Split Airport in January and February has modest traffic compared to the summer, seasonal months, and so it was in 2020. However, after the global pandemic hit Croatia, air traffic in Split almost stopped.

However, compared to other Croatian airports on the coast, Split still had a certain number of passengers in the peak season, especially in August. Still, the numbers in the post-season dropped drastically again. With 674,366 passengers, Split Airport recorded a decrease in the number of passengers of 79.58 percent compared to 2019.

Dubrovnik Airport was one of the biggest losers last year. It was closed in April, while the traffic was very poor in May and June. An increase in the number of passengers was recorded only in July and August, but not enough to avoid a large drop in the number of passengers.

Although many companies flew to Dubrovnik this summer, the planes were empty rather than full, as confirmed by statistics. The decrease in the number of passengers at Dubrovnik Airport is 88.6 percent compared to 2019.


Source: Zadar Airport

Traffic also dropped drastically at Zadar Airport, but not as much as in Pula. These two Croatian airports have been competing in the number of passengers for several years, and the difference between them is relatively small. Nevertheless, in 2020, Zadar accepted almost 40,000 more passengers than Pula. Zadar Airport recorded a drop in the number of passengers of 84.93 percent compared to 2019, and Pula Airport 89.6 percent.

In 2019, Rijeka Airport finally exceeded 200,000 passengers for the first time in its history. Still, the numbers dropped drastically in 2020 as many airlines have given up on introducing seasonal routes to this airport due to the global pandemic. Rijeka Airport thus recorded a decrease in the number of passengers of 86.22 percent compared to 2019.

In 2020, Osijek Airport had only domestic PSO (Public Service Obligation) lines and the Eurowings line to Stuttgart, but only in August. It recorded a decrease in the number of passengers of 85.72 percent compared to the previous 2019.

Brač Airport also recorded a decline in the number of passengers in 2020. A slightly more significant number of passengers was recorded only in July and August, but these are also modest numbers compared to the 2019 summer season.

You can see the graphs of the 2020 traffic from all Croatian airports at Croatian Aviation.

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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Zadar Airport Gets Airport Health Accreditation

ZAGREB, Dec 19, 2020 - Zadar Airport has been accredited in the Airport Council International (ACI) Airport Health Accreditation programme which has been designed to help reassure the public that airport facilities remain safe and that precautions are being taken to reduce any risk to their health.

The accreditation is valid for the next 12 months.

After a long evaluation, it has been established that Zadar Airport operates in line with ACI and International Civil Aviation Organization guidelines and international industry standards.

"We are confident that our efforts will help us succeed in achieving this common goal and that is safe travelling," the airport said in a press release on Saturday.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Flights to Croatia: SAS Plans Copenhagen - Zadar Next Summer

November 16, 2020 - The latest news for flights to Croatia as SAS plans Copenhagen - Zadar next summer. 

Croatian Aviation reports that SAS Scandinavian Airlines plans to introduce a new route to Croatia next summer.

Namely, it is a line between Copenhagen and Zadar, which was originally supposed to operate this summer, but due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the airline gave up on its launch.

SAS has now announced this new route for the summer of 2021. It should be in operation from the end of June to mid-August, very short compared to other lines of this airline that operate to Croatia mainly from April to the end of September.

The Copenhagen - Zadar route will operate twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, on CRJ900 aircraft with a capacity of 90 seats in this carrier's fleet.

Next summer, SAS plans to operate to Pula, Split, and Dubrovnik from numerous Scandinavian cities (Copenhagen, Oslo, Stavanger, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Aarhus, Bergen, and Kristiansand), but the realization of flights will primarily depend on the epidemiological situation and demand.

It is important that SAS's summer flight schedule for next year maintained all routes to Croatia from the summer season of 2019, estimating at this time that next summer season, the demand for Croatia will be significantly better than this year.

Like all other airlines, SAS also records a significant decline in passengers and revenue. The occupancy of Scandinavian Airlines aircraft was 50.6% in July, 46.7% in August, only 35.8% in September, and 37.3% in October.

This summer, SAS had reduced traffic to Pula and Split, while there were no regular lines to Dubrovnik. Pula had a direct connection with Copenhagen, while Split had four lines; to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Gothenburg.

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Friday, 17 July 2020

Split Airport Expecting 2 Million Fewer Passengers this Year, Dubrovnik Remains Optimistic

July 17, 2020 - Business troubles caused by the coronavirus will bring considerable annual losses to airlines, and 2020 will be remembered as “the worst year in the history of the aviation industry”. The crisis has not bypassed Split Airport in Kastela, where it is estimated that this year's losses at the end of the year will reach 2 million fewer passengers compared to 2019, when more than three million passengers landed at that airport.

Slobodna Dalmacija reports that the first 6 months of this year, Split Airport had a turnover of 108,000  passengers, while in the first half of last year, 1.2 million passengers were recorded. If we compare the month of June, the decline is about half a million passengers. This year, 26,000 passengers were realized, while last year, 513,000 passed through Split Airport.

"Until July 13, we had a turnover of 55,000 passengers, and by the end, we expect another 65,000, which at the end of the month will amount to a total of about 120,000 passengers. In the first 6 months of this year, we recorded a loss of about a million passengers, and we will lose that much more in July and August. So we are in the red about 2 million passengers," said Mate Melvan of Split Airport.

When it comes to companies that fly to Split Airport, the situation is somewhat better, but the problem, they point out, is that there are no passengers.

"Unlike last year when we were connected with about 58 global companies, this year we are connected with 30. I must emphasize that only ten of these thirty companies last year accounted for 90 percent of our total turnover last year. I think we are well covered in this regard, but the problem is that there are no passengers. People just don’t travel by plane and that’s where the whole problem lies. Last weekend, our port had the highest traffic, there are all the main carriers and there are no obstacles and problems," concludes Melvan.

It is interesting to note that in April this year, there were only six passengers, and in the same month last year, the traffic was more than 156,000 passengers.

Vienna, Warsaw, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Riga are just some of the twenty or so airports that are currently connected to Dubrovnik. However, the "real season" should start soon, when flights from Great Britain begin. British Airways (from London - three times a week), Jet2.com, EasyJet and others are establishing lines with certainly the most important tourist market for Dubrovnik. Low-cost carrier Ryanair is already flying on a route to Dublin, Ireland, and other airlines have decided to resume in an attempt to at least partially recoup losses in recent months.

Despite everything, by the end of July, Dubrovnik should be connected with more than 30 European cities. Compared to the current situation, traffic is expected to triple by the end of August. Thus, according to the announcements, there should be as many as 140 landings and take-offs at Dubrovnik Airport on the first weekend of August.

"It all depends on the epidemiological situation both in our country and in the countries from which our guests come. Most of the airlines we have worked with before are coming back, new ones are coming, and some have failed due to the corona crisis. We have to be optimistic because the situation is moving as we predicted," says the director of Dubrovnik Airport Frano Luetic.

Despite the unprecedented crisis for air traffic around the world, the airport is proud to highlight this week's agreement on the intercontinental connection of Dubrovnik and Dubai with Flydubai, and the start of flights from new destinations in Kyiv, Ukraine, Budapest, and Vilnius in Lithuania.

However, even with such an increase, the airport will find it difficult to achieve 30 percent of last year's traffic in July and August, which is mostly at the level of total air traffic worldwide. Namely, this year, up to thirty international planes a day will land at the airport in Cilipi during July and August, while in the same period last year there were even more than sixty.

The semi-annual number of passengers at the end of June last year was 1,059,684, while this year's number was 87,026 passengers in the same period, which is just over eight percent. Also, in June 2019, there were 415,876 passengers, while this year there were 10,592, which means that with the greatest optimism this year, it is difficult to expect more than half a million passengers at the airport.

"The Dubrovnik area and everything that gravitates to our airport are much smaller than the often mentioned area of ​​Split and their airport, which currently has more planes and passengers than us. One should know that Split gravitates to more than half a million local people, and their tourist capacities range from Zadar to the Neretva, and from numerous islands to the deep hinterland and Medjugorje. Our area is cramped and has less than a hundred thousand people, without the roads that Split has and with less tourist capacity. We are also oriented towards guests of higher purchasing power given that we have a lot more five-star hotels. And that is the reason why low-cost carriers opt more for Split because such is the offer and the purchasing power of passengers," says Luetic.

Last weekend, 3870 passengers passed through Zadar Airport. Compared to last year, the turnover is lower by 70 percent, and judging by the forecasts, these figures will be transferred to all of July. Namely, the expected weekly traffic in July is about 60 commercial aircraft, or 120 rotations, while during August, 70 commercial aircraft or 140 arrivals and departures are expected.

"Although it is difficult and ungrateful to give any forecasts at the moment, we expect about 33,000 passengers in July, and about 60 thousand in August. By the end of the year, the total traffic should reach the number of about 150,000 passengers, which is 19 percent of last year's result," said the management of Zadar Airport about the season which, if corona had not happened, should have been a record.

Last year, the traffic at Zadar Airport increased by 30 percent compared to 2018, and they welcomed the end of the year with more than 800,000 passengers. On the wings of these results, which were the best in the history of Zadar airport, this summer was greeted even more ambitiously.

This is best illustrated by the projections of the largest low-cost carrier in the world, Ryanair, which announced in early 2020 that it will carry a total of 670,000 passengers on 30 lines and its base in Zadar this season, 50 percent more than a year earlier. Instead, Ryanair currently flies on only ten routes, and the base, which was supposed to house three aircraft with staff for eight months, has been postponed until the summer of 2021.

In addition to Ryanair, whose share in traffic is by far the largest with almost 70 percent, ten other airlines are currently flying to Zadar Airport, connecting Zemunik with 29 European destinations.

Whether that number will be maintained or increased next season, no one currently wants to predict. Because it’s hard to say what will be next month, let alone next summer.

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Monday, 6 July 2020

Tourism After Adria Tour: Flights Take Off for Zadar Airport

July 6, 2020 - From the first of July, low-cost airlines finally took off for Zadar Airport.

HRTurizam reports that 5,270 tourists visited Zadar on July 2 (14.6 thousand on the same day last year) or 36 percent of last year's figures.

This tells us that. tourist traffic is recovering somewhat and that the Adria Tour has not left long-term negative consequences for Zadar. At least according to current data.

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Ryanair, Europe's largest airline, has been flying 10 flights to/from Zadar since the beginning of July. Also, the Polish national airline LOT landed in Zadar on July 3, and the flight from Warsaw to Zadar will operate once a week, like many others.

According to the eVisitor system, Zadar ranks sixth in terms of tourist arrivals in the Republic of Croatia from the beginning of the year to the end of June (43,000 arrivals). Most of the work was done in household facilities (42 percent) and hotels (32 percent), while camps, non-commercial accommodation and other catering accommodation with an additional 26 percent of turnover statistically filled the overall figures.

Clearly, all these data are far from last year's record numbers of tourist traffic in Zadar, but given the pandemic circumstances in March, April and May and the fact that tourism is just beginning to happen, they are not catastrophic, especially after the Adria Tour.

When it comes to overnight stays of domestic and foreign guests for the same six-month period, with 150 thousand overnight stays, Zadar holds the ninth position in Croatia ahead of Split, Opatija, Crikvenica and other destinations.

"The decline in tourist traffic is significant, but in the case of Zadar, it is not so catastrophic. Of course, we all expect a speedy recovery of tourist traffic due to the importance of tourism in the economy of Zadar and the whole country, so the fact that most European countries see Croatia as a safe destination is now really encouraging. It seems that better numbers can be expected during July and August, when many will head to tourist destinations outside their countries, but we can also expect a significant arrival of domestic guests. The re-establishment of air traffic is especially important for Zadar," emphasized the Zadar Tourist Board.

Thus, when compared to last year's figures for tourist traffic in Zadar, June's 30 percent share in overnight stays and 25 percent in arrivals, in circumstances when most European countries have not yet opened their borders, it really does not seem so bad. And that is within the framework at the national level, as well as forecasts before the start of the season. Surely everyone would sign 30% of the turnover immediately before the start of the tourist season, and anything beyond that will be a great result in this uncertain year.

During June, most tourist overnight stays in Zadar were realized by Croats with a share in total overnight stays of 30 percent, and after domestic guests, the best were Germans with 22 percent, followed by Austrians with 13 percent, Slovenes with 11 percent, Czechs with 5 percent, Hungarians with 3 percent, while guests from Poland, Slovakia, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina each had a 2 percent share in total overnight stays.

Domestic tourists realized a little more than 22 thousand overnight stays, while foreign guests had about 51 thousand overnight stays. When it comes to organizing tourist arrivals, 79 percent of guests came individually, while 21 percent of tourists arrived in Zadar through travel agencies.

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