Thursday, 17 February 2022

Ryanair Leeds-Zadar Flight Becomes 8th from UK Announced for 2022 Summer

February 17, 2022 - The new Ryanair Leeds-Zadar flight is the 8th route from the UK to this Croatian airport this summer! 

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair released tickets on another new route from Zadar Airport on Wednesday, reports Croatian Aviation

Namely, Ryanair announced tickets on its twelfth new route from Zadar airport for the upcoming summer flight schedule and the eighth Ryanair flight between Zadar and the UK! 

This is a regular seasonal line between Zadar and Leeds (Bradford Airport), which will operate from May 3 this year. Two flights a week have been announced, every Tuesday and Saturday. On 52 return flights, Ryanair will offer a total of 19,136 seats, operating between the two cities on B737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 189 seats.

The line should operate until the very end of the summer flight schedule this year, i.e., until October 29, 2022. The plane will depart from Leeds in the early morning hours to Zadar, while the return from Zadar is planned before noon.

With this new announcement, Ryanair currently plans to offer a total of 45 scheduled, direct flights from Zadar Airport in the upcoming summer flight schedule. According to the announcements, it is expected that Zadar will achieve a large increase in terms of the number of passengers compared to last year, and potentially exceed the figures from the record, 2019.

“If the summer season begins without any major problems, this year we can expect more passengers and better financial results. Our estimate is that we will handle more travelers in 2022 than in 2019 when we had 801.347 passengers. We will see by how much," Zadar Airport's General Manager, Josip Klišmanić, said on Ex Yu Aviation. You can explore the entire Ryanair network on the airline's official website

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Thursday, 3 February 2022

Belgrade-Zadar, Zagreb-Athens Summer Flights, 13 Freebird Dubrovnik Winter Charter Flights

February 3, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Air Serbia announces Belgrade-Zadar flights from June, Aegean Airlines launches Zagreb-Athens this summer, and 13 Freebird Dubrovnik winter charter flights will run from the end of this month! 

Serbian national airline Air Serbia will re-introduce a regular flight between Zadar and Belgrade this summer, reports Croatian Aviation

Namely, as of June 14, the Serbian airline will operate between Belgrade and Zadar. A few days ago, the same airline announced it was restoring the route to Rijeka. 

The Zadar-Belgrade line was introduced in the 2019 summer flight schedule, and flights ran twice a week, every Friday and Sunday. The airline will also operate twice a week between the two cities this summer season.

Following the pandemic, the airline stopped traffic on this route and did not operate in the summer of 2020 and 2021.

ATR72 aircraft have been announced on the route, which has a capacity of up to 70 seats in the passenger cabin. There will be just under four thousand seats on sale between Belgrade and Zadar. 

In the summer flight schedule, Air Serbia is planning regular flights from Belgrade to six Croatian airports: Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik, and up to 18 weekly flights have been announced in the peak summer season.

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that Aegean Airlines should re-establish a regular connection between Zagreb and Athens from mid-June this year.

The scheduled flights have been announced in the summer flight schedule, from June 15 to October 8 this year. Only two flights a week have been announced, every Wednesday and Saturday, but with A320 aircraft, which have a capacity of 180 seats in this airline's fleet.

Before the pandemic, Aegean flew to Zagreb several times a week, but at that time, DashQ400 aircraft with drastically lower capacity operated on the route compared to A320 aircraft.

Aegean Airlines will offer a total of 12,240 seats between Zagreb and Athens. In the summer of 2020 and 2021, this airline did not operate to Zagreb but exclusively to Adriatic airports. However, Aegean is currently not planning to return to Split, only to Dubrovnik.

The flight schedule is still subject to change, and it is to be expected that Croatia Airlines will also operate on a regular route between Zagreb and Athens (with a technical stop in Dubrovnik).

Finally, Croatian Aviation announced that the Turkish charter airline Freebird Airlines would introduce numerous charter routes to Dubrovnik Airport at the end of this month. 

Namely, from February 21, this Turkish carrier will launch regular charter traffic on 13 lines to and from Dubrovnik Airport from:














On the 13 listed charter lines, Freebird Airlines plans to use A320 aircraft, with a capacity of 180 seats in the passenger cabin. As a result, this airline will generate many passengers on these routes, which is also much needed in the winter months.

Dubrovnik Airport published statistics for January this year, in which a total of 9,320 passengers passed through it, which is almost 50% of the traffic from January 2020 when the pandemic was not yet present in Europe. In January 2021, there were only 3,729 passengers in Dubrovnik.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

2 Polish Lot Zadar Lines, Brussels Airlines Split and Dubrovnik Flights for 2022 Summer

January 19, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as two Polish Lot Zadar lines will return this summer, and Brussels Airlines Split and Dubrovnik flights have been announced from April. 

Polish national airline, LOT Polish Airlines, will resume traffic between Zadar and Rzeszow, the largest city in southeastern Poland, in the upcoming summer flight schedule, reports Croatian Aviation.

Namely, LOT has announced on its official website that the Zadar-Rzeszow line, a city in southeastern Poland with just under 200,000 inhabitants, will return this summer. This route was introduced by the Polish airline in the summer of 2020, and regular operations also took place in the summer flight schedule in 2021.

Flights between the two cities will run once a week, every Saturday, starting on June 18, and the Polish airline plans to use DashQ400 aircraft with a capacity of 78 seats.

In addition to the regular route from Rzeszow, LOT Polish Airlines will operate to Zadar Airport on a regular route from its main hub - Warsaw.

Flights between Warsaw and Zadar should start on Saturday, April 30. Larger capacity aircraft, such as the Embraer E195, which has a total of 112 seats will operate on this route.

Like other airlines, LOT Polish Airlines is currently working on finalizing the summer flight schedule, so in the coming weeks, we will know the official 2022 summer flight schedule. 

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that Brussels Airlines has announced its 2022 summer flight schedule, which includes two Croatian airports - Split and Dubrovnik. 

Although the airline was expected to increase the number of weekly rotations to Croatia, judging by the published schedule for the summer season, this will not happen.

Namely, the Brussels - Split - Brussels line has been announced from Saturday, April 23 to the very end of the summer flight schedule, Saturday, October 29. Two flights a week are currently announced on Saturdays, both on Saturdays, offering 642 seats on its A319 and A320 aircraft on a weekly basis between the two cities.

The Brussels - Dubrovnik - Brussels line is on sale from April 2, and flights are announced once a week, also on Saturdays. Unlike flights to Split, the route to Dubrovnik should run until October 1. Airbus A319 aircraft with a capacity of 141 seats in the passenger cabin has been announced between Brussels and Dubrovnik.

Brussels Airlines has previously confirmed that it will not return to Zagreb International Airport, which was expected given that Ryanair has introduced a regular route between Brussels Charleroi Airport and Zagreb, and Croatia Airlines operates from the main Belgian airport from Zagreb. This year, Brussels does not plan to operate to Zadar Airport, but only to keep seasonal operations to Split and Dubrovnik.

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Sunday, 16 January 2022

TUI Zadar Flights Added to Croatian Destinations, Austria Airlines Zagreb Flights Temporarily Suspended

January 16, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as TUI Zadar flights are on the list of Croatian destinations this summer, while Austria Airlines will temporarily suspend Vienna-Zagreb flights from Monday. 

TUI fly Belgium, a member of the well-known TUI group specializing in organized tourist trips to a number of well-known leisure destinations, including Croatia, has announced a number of destinations in the upcoming 2022 summer flight schedule.

In the past summer season, TUI Group planes flew to Pula, Dubrovnik, and Split, and this year, according to the announcements, we can expect them in Zadar as well, reports Croatian Aviation.

Just like last year, TUI has strengthened its network of destinations this year by adding four new airports to its list.

The list of airports for 2022 according to which TUI fly Belgium plans to operate along Zadar includes Havana (Cuba), Aruba (Netherlands Antilles), and Ohrid (Northern Macedonia).

According to currently available data, flights from Brussels (BRU) to Zadar have been announced from April 23 to October 1, and TUI fly Belgium aircraft on this route should operate twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Croatian Aviation adds that although the summer season and the whole of 2021 were very challenging for the airline industry, it seems that this airline believes that the 2022 summer season should be more successful, so in the announcement for the upcoming season, all destinations from 2021 remain on the list of destinations, including four new ones.

In 2022, TUI fly Belgium plans to offer 95 destinations and 168 routes, and flights should take place from airports such as Brussels, Ostend, Antwerp, Charleroi, Liège (Belgium), and Lille (France).

Furthermore, Ex Yu Aviation reports that Austrian Airlines will temporarily halt Vienna-Zagreb flights from Monday, for the third time in the last two years. The service should be suspended until at least February 28. 

"Due to the rapidly evolving pandemic situation, during the second half of January and part of February, certain flights have been cancelled, but the majority are on sale from February onwards. Zagreb Airport is in contact with airlines across the world. However, due to the confidential nature of such contacts, we cannot share any more information at this time," Zagreb Airport said. 

Croatia Airlines will continue to fly between Vienna and Zagreb with three weekly flights planned. 

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Tuesday, 4 January 2022

12 Ryanair Zadar Summer Flights Postponed Until Beginning of June

January 4, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as 12 Ryanair Zadar summer flights have been postponed until June.

After announcing the temporary cancellation of 12 routes from Zagreb Airport, Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has postponed the start of operations on the same number of routes from the Zadar base, reports Croatian Aviation.

Ryanair had already announced the start of operations on almost all seasonal routes from Zadar Airport at the very beginning of the summer flight schedule (from the end of March this year), though this will no longer happen. Namely, on 12 international lines, Ryanair postponed all operations until the beginning of June. This airline did the same with the lines from the Zagreb base.

The following lines from Zadar have been postponed and have a new start date:

Zadar - Aarhus, from June 3, twice a week,

Zadar - Nuremberg, from June 2, three times a week,

Zadar - Bari, from June 2, twice a week,

Zadar - Bologna, from June 2, twice a week,

Zadar - Milan Bergamo, from June 2, twice a week,

Zadar - Turin, from June 3, twice a week,

Zadar - Maastricht, from June 3, twice a week,

Zadar - Gdansk, from June 4, twice a week,

Zadar - Vaxjo, from June 1, twice a week,

Zadar - Bournemouth, from June 4, twice a week,

Zadar - Liverpool, from June 2, twice a week,

Zadar - Manchester, from June 4, twice a week.

The two-month postponement is justified by the airline's low demand caused by the pandemic and the reintroduction of passenger restrictions across Europe.

If passenger restrictions remain in force as we approach the start of the summer flight schedule, there is no doubt that other airlines will be forced to modify their operations as well. As a result, there will be fewer weekly operations than planned or the complete cancellation of operations, as Ryanair has already done on 12 lines from Zadar for the spring of this year.

Croatian Aviation concludes by asking how this airline will continue to react to the reduced demand and whether it will additionally cancel flights from Zagreb and Zadar, adding that such moves do not instill confidence in existing and potential passengers.

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Saturday, 18 December 2021

Two New Zadar Airport Summer Routes, KLM Boosts Dubrovnik-Amsterdam Next Year

December 18, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia with two new Zadar Airport summer routes from Oslo and Lubeck, while KLM boosts Dubrovnik-Amsterdam next summer. 

Two foreign airlines have announced routes to Zadar Airport - from Oslo and Lubeck, reports Croatian Aviation.

Namely, Flyr and Lubeck Air have announced new routes to Zadar Airport for next year's summer flight schedule, directly connecting Zadar to Oslo and Lubeck.

The new Norwegian airline, Flyr, will connect Oslo and Zadar from April 9 to October 29 next year, twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. The B737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 180 seats have been announced on the route, and the line will operate from Gardermoen Airport in Oslo.

Lubeck Air will run a direct flight between Lubeck and Zadar from May 19 to October 27, 2022, once a week, on Thursdays. ATR75 aircraft have been announced on this route.

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that Dutch airline KLM will introduce additional flights to Dubrovnik Airport next summer.

The world's oldest airline will soon officially announce the summer flight schedule, including news for the Croatian market. Namely, KLM will significantly increase the number of weekly operations between Amsterdam and Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik-Amsterdam line was introduced this summer, after a full 33 years, and flights between the two mentioned cities in the peak season ran daily.

Given the tremendous interest of passengers, KLM plans to operate between Dubrovnik and Amsterdam twice a day and 14 times a week next summer while maintaining two daily flights to Zagreb and as many as three daily flights to Split.

Next year, KLM will have 7 daily and 49 weekly flights to Croatia in the peak summer season. Given the quality of service and the vast network of destinations, and its central hub in Amsterdam, there is no doubt that the airline will bring a significant number of tourists to Croatian airports next summer.

KLM currently operates twice a day to Zagreb and will briefly launch a line between Split and Amsterdam around Christmas and New Year.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Croatia Airlines Copenhagen-Zagreb Flights Boosted in December, New Ryanair Zadar Flights

November 24, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Croatia Airlines Copenhagen-Zagreb flights are boosted this December, while Ryanair has announced two new lines to Zadar Airport next year.

Croatian Aviation reports that Croatia Airlines is increasing the number of weekly operations between Zagreb and Copenhagen in December.

The Zagreb - Copenhagen - Zagreb line was among the first to return to traffic last year after the end of the lockdown in Europe. The line was operated daily in the summer season, and Croatia Airlines additionally operated in the summer flight schedule on the regular line between Split and Copenhagen.

At the beginning of the winter flight schedule, the number of weekly operations between Zagreb and Copenhagen was reduced, but there will be an increase in the number of weekly flights in December, and the capacity itself.

From November 29 to December 5, Croatia Airlines will operate on this route 5 times a week, every day except Tuesdays and Saturdays, while 3 out of 5 flights will be operated with A319 aircraft, significantly higher capacity than DashQ400.

Daily flights were announced from December 6 to 12, but with smaller DashQ400 aircraft, while a week later (December 13-19), 6 flights with the A319 and one with the DashQ400 were announced.

From December 20 to 26, 6 flights have been announced, and Zagreb and Copenhagen will not only be connected on Christmas, but four of the six flights will be operated with the A319. Five flights have been announced from December 27 to 31, with three flights currently scheduled with the A319.

From November 30 to December 31, Croatia Airlines will operate 30 return flights between Copenhagen and Zagreb, currently offering almost 6,900 seats, most on A319 aircraft. 

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation announced that Ryanair launched two new routes from the UK to Zadar next summer, both operating from the end of March next year.

Ryanair will now connect Birmingham and Bournemouth to Zadar. While there are already scheduled flights from Birmingham to Croatian airports, this will be the first flight from Bournemouth to Croatia.

The Birmingham - Zadar - Birmingham will operate from March 30 to October 29, 2022, twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Bournemouth - Zadar - Bournemouth line will operate from March 29 to October 29, 2022, twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday.

There are an additional 45,000 seats between the UK and Zadar, or almost 130 more return flights from these two new routes alone. Zadar currently has 7 Ryanair destinations in the UK announced for next summer season.

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Saturday, 13 November 2021

New Ryanair Zadar Summer Flights, Blue Air Bucharest Flights to Dubrovnik, Split

November 13, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Ryanair Zadar summer flights and Blue Air flights from Bucharest to Dubrovnik and Split have been announced.

As the summer flight schedule is slowly being announced, more routes to Croatia have gone on sale, including to Zadar Airport, reports Croatian Aviation

New Ryanair summer flights include:

Zadar - Nuremberg - Zadar, from March 29, 2022, twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday until the end of October,

Zadar - Stockholm Arlanda - Zadar, from March 27, 2022, twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday, until the end of October,

Zadar - Turin - Zadar, from March 28, 2022, twice a week, every Monday and Friday, also until the end of October.

These new lines will offer almost 70 thousand seats from the end of March to the end of October next year. 

Nuremberg will also be Ryanair's ninth destination in Germany from Zadar (along with Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dusseldorf Weeze, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, and Memmingen), and Stockholm will be the third in Sweden (existing lines to Vaxjo and Gothenburg).

Currently, 39 international Ryanair routes are on sale to and from Zadar Airport. 

In addition to the lines to Zadar, Ryanair operates on year-round lines to Zagreb, and next summer, it will be present in Pula, Rijeka, Split, and Dubrovnik. 

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that Romania's low-cost airline, Blue Air, announced two scheduled flights to Croatia in the 2022 summer flight schedule.

Namely, Blue Air has announced seasonal routes to Split and Dubrovnik.

The Romanian low-cost airline operated mainly on charter routes to Croatia in the summer flight schedule this year, specifically to Dubrovnik, with ad-hoc arrivals to other Croatian airports. The airline is now announcing regular operations to Dubrovnik and Split from the Romanian capital.

Bucharest - Split - Bucharest will run from June 23 to September 29, 2022, twice a week, every Thursday and Sunday,

Bucharest - Dubrovnik - Bucharest will operate from June 28 to September 27, 2022, every Tuesday and Saturday, also twice a week.

The airline plans to operate on ad-hoc charter flights to Croatia next summer, mainly for Romanian tour operators selling holiday packages in Istria and the central Adriatic. Blue Air will thus operate on charter flights to Pula and Zadar airports.

When asked about introducing a regular line to Zagreb, Blue Air points out that they are considering several destinations, including the Croatian capital. 

Until the beginning of the global pandemic, Croatia Airlines operated three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) between Zagreb and Bucharest in the summer flight schedule. The line was introduced in May 2017 and was in operation every summer until 2020. It is unknown whether Croatia Airlines will resume operations between Bucharest and Zagreb in the summer of 2022.

In addition to two new lines from Split and Dubrovnik, Zadar will also have a regular connection to the Romanian capital. Ryanair will continue to operate between Zadar and Bucharest next summer, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from March 30 to October 29, 2022.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Ryanair Zadar Base: Flights Reduced to the UK in July and August

July 7, 2021 -  Three new routes are postponed while the number of rotations on two existing lines to the UK is reduced at the Ryanair Zadar base. 

Although Ryanair officially opened its base in Zadar at the beginning of July, announcing 78 weekly flights to 37 destinations, 17 of which are new, by the middle of the first working week, the largest European airline had to postpone the start of three new routes and reduce the number of rotations on two existing lines to the UK, reports

The lines to Edinburgh, Newcastle, and Liverpool, which were supposed to be established from the first of July, have been postponed until the beginning of September, and the number of rotations on the lines to Manchester and London Stansted has been reduced from four to two a week.

Ryanair did not publish the information on postponing the lines on its official website, though it was learned by people in Zadar who booked tickets for Edinburgh in July and August. The company informed them that the lines were canceled, and reservations were not accepted until September.

"Ryanair has postponed the start of certain routes to the UK, so instead of July 1, the routes to Edinburgh and Liverpool, which were supposed to fly twice a week, and Newcastle, which was supposed to go once a week, will start on September 1. In addition, the lines to Manchester and London Stansted are already running but have been reduced from four to two weeks of rotation," confirmed Nikola Barač from Zadar Airport.

Although they are not sure at Zadar Airport why there was a delay and reduction of flights to Great Britain, they assume that the reason is the epidemiological restrictions that await all passengers upon arrival.

"Ryanair has not informed Zadar Airport of the reasons for the reduction of flights to the UK. However, since passengers must be in a ten-day quarantine upon arrival in the UK, it can be assumed that the cause of the decline in interest in these flights is the epidemiological measures in force in the UK," Zadar Airport points out.

The news of postponing Ryanair's flights to Great Britain in July and August resonated negatively in the Zadar area, which has been developing its tourist offer for the last ten years thanks to the guests of low-cost airlines. The Association of Private Accommodation Landlords president in Zadar, Daniel Radeta, was surprised by the information.

"It is definitely a blow for this tourist season in which we have already gone deep. There is no going back. This is devastating information given the circumstances, more precisely the new bans introduced by the Civil Protection Headquarters, and concern only Zadar County," said Radeta, adding that "northern" tourists are among the best when it comes to spending power. He believes that the delay in flights will definitely lead to the cancellation of reservations in private accommodation.

"When it comes to Zadar County, the British make up a substantial share of tourists precisely because of the connection via airlines. In addition, they are among the largest consumers, so the delay of flights in July and August, the two strongest months of the season, will definitely affect the season result. It will certainly not be what we thought," Radeta points out, adding that this move by Ryanair is not only a blow to renters but the entire tourism sector in the area of ​​Zadar, but also neighboring counties where Ryanair's guests went. Therefore, he points out that the tourist boards should have put more effort into facilitating the arrival of guests in Zadar and how to ensure their safe arrival and departure, at least in the form of a rapid antigen test. "This would make a difference compared to other destinations in the country," says Radeta, who also referred to the latest decision of the Headquarters on the ban on holding concerts and similar events in places where it is not possible to keep records of guests.

"Such decisions greatly affect tourists who thought to visit our county. Before arriving at a destination, tourists read about what is happening there, and according to the headquarters' decisions, they think that we are falling on the road because of COVID-19. The tourist community now only cares about its program, which until recently they did not even have, and they should worry about attracting tourists to our destination. Now the most important thing for them is that their festivals are held at the Forum. Some have the right to everything, and some to nothing," Radeta estimates.

The Zadar County Tourist Board director, Mihaela Kadija, did not have information about the cancellation of lines for Great Britain during the two peak summer months.

"I am sorry, but I am not surprised by such a decision of the airline due to the epidemiological restrictions that some countries have for their own and other citizens. Even before July 1, when they officially opened their base in Zadar, Ryanair had 13 open flights from Zadar. Still, the aviation industry is specific, and in such pandemic, conditions are susceptible to any changes," said Kadija, who does not think that due to fewer arrivals, guests from the UK season be less successful.

Guests from the UK are always welcome, but I don’t think they will significantly affect the season's success. Our traditional markets are Germany, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Those markets are stable for now, and I don’t think this flight delay will have an overly negative impact on this year’s tourism results.

The introduction of restrictive measures by the Zadar headquarters due to the growing number of new cases is also welcomed.

"That was the right and the only possible decision in the current situation of increasing the number of newly infected. When we had about 20 patients daily, Germany put us on the orange list. After that, the number of patients per day rose to 40 and more. Normally we should not allow such a spread of infection because our guests are looking for safety, not risk, and places where measures are not being followed. That is why I welcome the decision of the staff. If people adhere to the measures, we have the opportunity to have a great season," said Kadija, emphasizing that the number of guests in June was over 40 percent higher than last year at the same time. July.

As of July 1, 37 destinations were available from Zadar on Ryanair's direct flights, of which 17 were new.
Austria: Vienna; Belgium: Brussels Charleroi; Czech Republic: Prague; Denmark: Aarhus; France: Paris Beauvais, Marseille; Germany: Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dusseldorf Weeze, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Memmingen; Hungary: Budapest; Ireland: Dublin; Italy: Bari, Bologna, Milan Bergamo, Naples, Rome Ciampino; The Netherlands: Eindhoven, Maastricht; Poland: Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw; Romania: Bucharest; Sweden: Gothenburg, Stockholm Skvasta, Vaxjo; United Kingdom: Edinburgh, Liverpool, London Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle.

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Saturday, 29 May 2021

180 Polish Tourism Representatives in Croatia to Promote LOT Warsaw-Zadar Flight

May 29, 2021 - There are 180 Polish tourism representatives in the Zadar area at the moment to promote the new LOT Warsaw-Zadar flight.

HRTurizam reports that to promote the Warsaw-Zadar flight, the Polish national airline LOT, in cooperation with the Croatian Tourist Board, i.e., the CNTB Representation in Poland, the Zadar County and Zadar Tourist Board, and Zadar Airport, organized the arrival of 180 guests and representatives of the Polish tourism sector in Croatia.

Among the passengers on the flight are representatives of 17 Polish airports, the most important Polish tour operators and agencies, and 22 journalists from the most important Polish media, who are in Zadar and Zadar County on May 28 and 29.

"The Polish market is among the top five of our most important markets, and the stay of influential Polish guests in the Zadar County will further strengthen the tourist connection between our two countries. LOT has announced eight airlines from Poland to five Croatian airports this season, so I believe that in the coming period we can expect excellent numbers from Poland, especially in Dalmatian counties that Poles traditionally prefer," pointed out the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić during the reception of the Polish tourist delegation.

The President of the LOT Management Board Rafał Milczarski, the Member of the LOT Management Board Michał Fijoł, and the President of the European Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (ECTAA) and the Polish Chamber of Tourism Paweł Niewiadomski also arrived in Zadar County.

LOT CEO Milczarski stressed that their passengers fly safely within Poland, but also around the world. "Those of us that flew here to Zadar on this special flight want to show everyone that Croatia is open and that we believe that Croatia is a safe destination," said Milczarski, adding that he will personally spend this summer with his family in Croatia.

"According to the latest research, 79 percent of Poles want to travel to Croatia, which, you will agree, are great results. With more and more good airlines, a large number of charter flights, and standard car traffic, we can expect a huge number of Poles in Croatia this year," said ECTAA President Niewiadomski.

All participants will be divided into six groups that will individually visit Pag, Vrana Lake, and Pakostane, the island of Ugljan, Starigrad - Paklenica, Biograd, Nin, and Zadar. In addition to the natural beauties of the destination, participants will be introduced to the traditions of Pag lace and salt, eno-gastronomic offer, and numerous cultural and historical sights from Zadar County.

"I am delighted that Zadar County will be able to present all its beauties to the Polish tourism sector and journalists on this occasion. I sincerely hope that this visit will contribute to the development of tourism and good relations between the tourism industry of our countries," said the director of the CNTB Representation in Poland, Agnieszka Puszczewicz, thanking everyone who helped in the implementation of this project.

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