Thursday, 13 June 2019

VIDEO: Discover C_Two Hypercar Science with Mate Rimac

June the 13th, 2019 - Mate Rimac's story is inspirational to say the least, and is far, far beyond the Croatian average when it comes to creating your own company and seeing it flourish beyond your wildest dreams in a relatively short period of time. 

Rimac, an otherwise unassuming man from Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is no less than a genius dressed in everyday clothing. Not only is he the founder of Croatia's highly respected Rimac Automobili, the producer of the world's beloved supercars, but he knows the ins and outs of each and every detailed and intricate process involved in their creation, from start to finish. 

Mate Rimac is, without a shred of a doubt, the protagonist of Croatia's most successful entrepreneurial story. Having attracted the attention and direct investment from some absolute giants within the car world and beyond, including the likes of Porsche.

Recently, Mate Rimac and hia facility near Zagreb, where the supercars are made, were visited by British YouTuber Shmee150, who was astonished by not only Mate Rimac's knowledge of all of the processes involved, but with the fact that all of this is taking place in no less than Croatia, a country infamous for its red tape and failed investment stories.

Following the visit from the YouTuber, who Mate Rimac guided around the factory himself, speaking in perfect English, the Croatian entrepreneur decided to embark on his own YouTube series covering life and work within Rimac Automobili in Sveta Nedjelja. So far, he has uploaded three videos in the ''Discover Rimac Today'' series. The first video can be viewed here, and the second here.

In his new video, Mate Rimac takes us behind the scenes of the science behind the hypercar. Watch it here:

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Monday, 10 June 2019

American YouTuber in Croatia: What the Internet WON'T Tell You!

Recently we wrote an article on Kaleigh Hendershot, an American YouTuber living near Zagreb who uploads typically comical videos about her life in Croatia, making various comparisons with her life back in the United States, funny Croatian customs, and how she's had to adapt to life here. 

She began uploading a series of videos entitled ''Living in Croatia'' which still have a satirical undertone, which is a reflection of her obviously comical personality, but look at the more serious and practical aspects of moving to Croatia, and what it's like to live and work here.

In her latest addition to the Living in Croatia series, Kaleigh discusses an array of topics specific to Croatia, covering things that the good old Internet is unlikely to tell you, such as how long you'll need to wait for the most basic of things to be dealt with by the state, and why you should probably kiss the easy use of shopping platforms like Amazon a kiss goodbye.

From the infamous Croatian bureaucratic system and a touch of corruption, to the temperament, the sluggish effects of južina (southern wind) and the endless hospitality and kindness that is typical of Croats. She covers much more in her latest video, aimed at informing those who are planning on making the move of several things they're unlikely to know about until they get here.

If you'd like to have a laugh at some of the realities that you were harshly confronted with when first moving to Croatia, or if you'd like to know what obstacles you might be in for when you arrive here, give Kaleigh's video a click. 

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Sunday, 2 June 2019

American YouTuber in Croatia Uploads Video Series: Living in Croatia

June the 2nd, 2019 - Croatia has a growing number of foreign residents in spite of the mass exodus of Croats fleeing abroad for better lives, more job security and more promising economic conditions. But just how does one move to Croatia? What is the process like?

These are many of the questions that pop into your head as soon as you start to become serious about the subject, and when it comes to residence permits, requests, applications and making yourself legal here, we've answered as comprehensively as we possibly can for both EEA citizens and third country nationals, regardless of your personal situation, in this article. Please pour yourself a large rakija before reading.

Still, you've likely got more questions and you'll soon get to know that the Croatian law appears to change like the direction of the wind, and what you're told seems to heavily depend on where you ask, who you ask, and just what side of the bed whatever official you're talking to has woken up on that morning.

Kaleigh Hendershot is an American expat living near Zagreb, and she has a YouTube channel dedicated to her life in Croatia, entitled ''This Croatian Life'', where she makes usually comical videos about her experiences dealing with everyday life in Croatia, from finding a job to funny customs and comparing life here with her Croatian partner, to her former life in America.

While the majority of her videos are on the more amusing side of life in Croatia, such as the dangers of the dreaded propuh and what Croats say incorrectly in English, she decided to upload a series on ''Living in Croatia'', in which she discusses the more serious and practical aspects of life here, and details her personal experiences of those things, making sure to note what I already have above: Everyone's experience is slightly different.

From legalities, practicalities, job searching, language and general living, Kaleigh has detailed it all in her Living in Croatia series, of which there are currently two parts. 

If you want to grin at some of the absurdities of life in Croatia, as well as learn what moving here might mean for you, especially if you're a US citizen like Kaleigh is, she's worth a watch.

Here are the first two parts of her Living in Croatia series:

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