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22 Decanter Medals for Ludbreg and Varazdin Vineyards

October 26, 2020 (Press release) - Decanter 2020. – 22 medals and 11 recommendations for a modern, fresh, low-alcohol wine

Ludbreg and Varaždin vineyards deserve to be on the Croatian wine map

The new premium wine region is located in Varaždin County, the region of modern, fresh, low-alcohol wines. At the 17th Decanter World Wine Awards 2020 in London, the world’s most prestigious wine evaluation, 11 wineries from Varaždin and Ludbreg vineyards creating wines with a lot of passion and love, won as many as 22 medals and 11 recommendations.

Silver and bronze medals were won mostly by family wineries that can cope with the best in the world in terms of quality, which has now been confirmed by the world's most respected experts.

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This is a great success, especially if it is known that, with the encouragement and support of Varaždin County, they sent a significant number of wine samples for the first time for a prestigious evaluation in London. More precisely, 35 samples were personally selected by the Croatian sommelier champion and Decanter judge Siniša Lasan.

"After the first 'scan' and conversation with the winemakers, I saw a tremendous potential that is now proven by the results of the most rigorous, but also the highest quality exhibition. This is a big step, but we need to work harder and better to finally seriously include these two vineyards, Varaždin and Ludbreg, on the wine list of Croatia. Results like this will help, and I believe that next year we can reach gold," Lasan pointed out explaining that this year wines were evaluated only by the UK judges, and autochthonous varieties were preferred.

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Among the 11 members of the Decanter wine national team of the Varaždin County, the most successful one was Kopjar Winery, winner of one silver (Graševina) and four bronze medals (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat Yellow, Rhine Riesling). The judges vividly described their Graševina as a wine "with an intense taste of poached pear with an indication of acacia and tea leaves".

The highest score was given to Košćak Winery for its Sauvignon, which they could not resist even in London.

"Lively and upbeat Sauvignon with fresh green notes and a long finish," the judges described.

Among the winners is also the Kotolenko Wine Temple, for which wine production has been the main source of income for more than half a century.

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"Look for wine where it is created by human hands," is the motto under which the Kotolenko family creates Pinot Gris, Muscat Yellow, Sauvignon, and other top wines on the fairytale hills of Varaždin County.

"Our goal is to produce a good wine of continuous quality every year. With a lot of work, commitment, love, and knowledge, nothing is impossible. Evaluating at the Decanter is proof that we work well and that we go the right way. It is now our responsibility to be even more committed to quality and to spread the wine story beyond the borders of Varaždin County. Because a day without wine is like a day without sun," concluded Slavko Kotolenko, still under the impression of success in London.

Wines from the Varaždin and Ludbreg vineyards deservedly enjoy the interest of the wine public, which is not surprising, given that Varaždin County is the second most successful in Croatia in terms of the number of medals, awards, and registered samples at Decanter. As many as 35 samples were sent, out of which 22 wines received medals and another 11 wine recommendations. With this, they achieved an incredible, 95 percent success rate at the largest wine competition in the world with more than 16,500 entries from almost 50 countries around the world!

Wine promotion and branding activities continue at an even stronger pace.  Awarded wines have a 'Decanter' label as a quality guarantee, a special catalog with a detailed presentation of all awarded wines has been printed, and it is planned to have wine workshops with caterers and distributors throughout Croatia.


All medals of the Wine national team of Varaždin County – Decanter 2020.

Silver medals were won by Košćak Winery for Sauvignon Blanc, Mežnarić Wines for Pinot Noir, Kopjar Winery for Graševina, Najman Winery for Rhine Riesling, and Makar Winery for Graševina.

Bronze was won by Košćak Winery for Rhine Riesling, Mežnarić Wines for Muscat, Kopjar Winery for Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat Yellow, and Rhine Riesling semi-dry, Najman Winery for Pinot Noir, Makar Winery for Manzoni White, Kežram Winery for Rajn Riesling, Kotolenko Wine Temple for Pinot Gris and Muscat Yellow, Šafran Winery for Graševina and Manzoni White, Lovrini Vineyards for Brut Nature sparkling wine, Stručić Winery for Chardonnay, and Maruševec Castle for Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

Recommendations were given to Košćak Winery for Cabernet Franc, Mežnarić Wines for Sauvignon Blanc, Najman Winery for Sauvignon Blanc, Kežman Winery for Muscat Yellow, Kotolenko Wine Temple for Sauvignon Blanc, Šafran Winery for Traminer White, Lovrini Vineyards for Sauvignon Blanc and Rhine Riesling, Stručić Winery for Rhine Riesling and Graševina, and Maruševec Castle for Sauvignon Blanc.

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