Thursday, 9 May 2019

Mobile WiFi in Croatia: Roamfree Ninja 4G, 150MBPS, 14 People per Device for 2019

May 9, 2019 - Almost four years after starting a young startup offering mobile  WiFi in Croatia is still going strong, despite increased international competition. The Roamfree Ninja story continues.

A few years ago, while searching the web, I came across a new solution for mobile WiFi in Croatia. A new startup company called Roamfree Ninja was offering unlimited 3G WiFi, with a very generous data package of 75 GB a week, with a download speed of 21.5 MBPS. I wrote a little article about them, and it turned out that I was the first to ever write about them, which led to a meeting and a trial use of their device. 

mobile-wifi-in-croatia-roamfree-ninja (2).jpeg

My life was transformed! As a blogger, getting online is as important as oxygen, and the more I was travelling all over Croatia after the launch of TCN, the more I needed connectivity away from home. Mobile phone data packages were not what they are today just a few years ago, and the chance to to be online on trains and buses and get some work done was revolutionary. 

One of the things that impressed me back then when I met the Ninja team was their attitude to customer service. They were very proud of their 2-minute average response time (and I found out that it was indeed the case when I contacted them), and it would seem from the reviews that they have managed to keep that high quality of service over the years - customer service features large in the predominantly 5-star reviews.  One of my favourite stories was told by Total Croatia Sailing editor Tash Pericic, when Roamfree Ninja saved the day of her skipper husband's boat when the boat's WiFi failed with guests on board.

mobile-wifi-in-croatia-roamfree-ninja (2).jpg

We have all changed since that first contact back in 2015.  And none more so than Roamfree Ninja. Not only a sleek new design for the device itself (see how it looks when delivered to your address, hotel, yacht in Croatia), but a serious upgrade in performance as well. 

With the increasing competition, I had expected Ninja to have fallen behind somewhat in what they offer, apart from that excellent customer service, but I was surprised to learn that they still offer the best packages, with the most comprehensive data package. At the best price. With free delivery. And up to 14 people able to access one device at the same time. 

From 3G download speed of up to 21.5 MBPS in 2015, to 4G at up to 150 MBPS in 2019. 

From 2.5 upload speed in 2015 to up to 70-80 MBPS in 2019.

mobile-wifi-in-croatia-roamfree-ninja (1).jpg

I had a good browse through the web to see what the closest alternatives were, but I could find nobody with such a generous data package of 75 GB per week, especially for the price. And even if you managed to exceed that gigantic limit, the unlimited WiFi continues, albeit at a reduced speed. 

It seems that this little Croatian startup has a very right future through season 2019. To learn more about Roamfree Ninja and its packages, visit the official website

mobile-wifi-in-croatia-roamfree-ninja (1).PNG

Delivery is free inside Croatia and comes with a pre-paid envelope to return the device. 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Croatian Telecom First in Croatia to Offer WiFi Phonecalls

A step forward for communications as Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom) offers something new to customers.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

ZET to Introduce Free Wi-Fi in All Trams and Buses by End of April

The project announced in 2016 is finally getting implemented in public transport

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Money Available for Croatian Municipalities to Have Free Wi-Fi in Parks, Squares and More

The money is there for Croatia to be able to install free Wi-Fi in public spaces, parks, squares, and more.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fifty Croatian Schools Will Now be Connected with WiFi

More than 26,000 students from 30 primary and 20 secondary schools in Croatia will use a Wi-Fi network with high speed internet access thanks to a project that was conducted by Microsoft Croatia and Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet), with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Solving Tourist WiFi Issues in Croatia: Meet RoamFree Ninja

I like these guys...

Getting online in a foreign country is rarely a straightforward experience, and although Croatia has much better WiFi access than many countries in Europe (here every bar and cafe is seemingly connected, a direct contrast to my experience in Munich this year, for example), for those who want to be online constantly, running into the nearest cafe to get online is not the most convenient option.

One can of course rack up roaming charges from your home country, whose costs will vary and possibly dictate how much you are online, but there is another way, especially if you are travelling in a group.

Meet RoamFree Ninja, a new Croatian start-up of two established companies, who have successfully launched a one-stop WiFi solution which is proving so successful that they are already expanding into Austria, just three months after the launch.

The concept is simple - quality WiFi all over the country and outstanding customer service. The Ninja team have introduced a device which creates your own personal hotspot with a generous 75GB a week at 21.5 mbps, with up to ten devices able to connect at the same time. Want to surf on the beach, post videos from your rental boat, or have the kids watching online movies as you power down the Croatian motorway? This is the device for you. 

I met the guys in Zagreb for a beer or three last week to learn more, and they generously allowed me to road test the device for a couple of weeks. The concept is simple. Pre-order the service with a credit card booking, and your hotspot will be waiting at your Croatian address on arrival - hotel, yacht etc. The kit comprises a device smaller than a regular phone, power cable for charging, simple instruction manual and pre-paid envelope to return the device when you leave. This can be left in the care of your hotel reception. As they expand into other countries beyond Croatia and Austria, here is your one-stop European WiFi solution. 

So how was it? To be honest, a total life-saver. Running round Zagreb trying to confirm meetings, send documents and get a little blogging in, the need to find a cafe and buy a drink to get online was over, and I caught up with my necessary business in the park. Three hours of power blogging on the overnight train from Zagreb to Split would not have been possible without my Ninja, and I mananged to Skype conference calls to America and Germany on the ferry from Split to Stari Grad. 

Even for someone as technologically challenged as me, the device was idiot-proof. Simply switch it on, search for the RoamFree Ninja network, enter the code on the back of the device and surf away. Checking out the range, we could get online some 50 metres from the device, and with up to ten connections possible per device, the family has been enjoying extended surfing wherever we go. 

While locals obviously have access to the local network through their phone packages, the appeal of RoamFree Ninjas, particularly for those travelling in groups or to more remote locations, is clear, and I predict this will be a smash hit service next season. 

Prices are from 7.95 euro per day, including the delivery and return service. While that might appear expensive for one person, it is a bargain when spread around a group, and a price worth paying if you need to have regular access to quick and reliable Internet. As the Ninjas expand into other countries, I am sure the service will be even more attractive for tourists. 

I really enjoyed meeting the guys in Zagreb, and I am not surprised that their average customer response time so far is 02:32 minutes. They are young, smart, local and very focused, a little like RoamFree Ninja itself. Why not check it out and have one more excellent service to your guests next season. 

Visit the RoamFree Ninja website here