Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Police Called as Boat Crew Decide to Spit-Roast Lamb on Beach

Ever been lying on a Croatian beach somewhere and had a feeling that the only way the experience could possibly be better is with some lamb roasted on a spit? Some carefree (or perhaps better to say careless) individuals decided to throw caution well and truly to the wind and disregard the law... all in the name of lamb.

As Morski writes on the 14th of August, 2019, there was news of a disturbance of public order and peace on a beach in Vrsi on Monday the 12th of August. Namely, at around 12:30 in the afternoon on the beach Golubinka, some people sailing a boat entered into a disagreement with the swimmers there, which resulted in a verbal confrontation between the two parties, which involved a 38-year-old man and several others who were on the boat.

After getting off the boat, the crew decided to take things even further by setting up to spit-roast lamb on the beach, according to a report from 057 info. The police were subsequently contacted and came and intervened to break up the situation.

Misdemeanor charges are still being determined, and the 38-year-old man in question has already received one misdemeanor charge for having an open fire on the beach.

Information has since been obtained from the Zadar County Police that all persons from the boat will face a judge at the misdemeanor court for their rather strange actions on the beach.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Vrsi, One of Croatia's Youngest Municipalities, Welcomes More Tourists than Ever

August 14, 2019 - While many complain that this year's tourist season did not live up to expectations, one of the youngest municipalities in the Republic of Croatia is feeling quite the opposite - meet Vrsi.

Namely, this municipality within Zadar County is recording a plus in both the arrival of guests and the number of overnights, and its Tourist Board is unaware of July’s black hole, the low occupancy of apartment accommodation, and the drop in overnights despite the increase in accommodation, reports Jutarnji List.

Instead, the latest results published by the Vrsi Tourist Board reveal that a 4 percent increase in overnight stays has been achieved between the beginning of the year and the end of July.

“In the first ten days of August, we have recorded 7 percent more arrivals and around 30 percent more overnights compared to the same period last year. Judging by the bookings, we expect that the continuation of the season will be in the plus. Traditionally, Germans are still our biggest market,” said Rafaela Maraš, director of the Vrsi Tourist Board.

There are many undiscovered and marvelous places on Croatia's coast, which intrigue and arouse the imagination of the country's inhabitants and foreigners alike. Among Croatia's undiscovered gems is undoubtedly Vrsi and Poljica, an area made up of about 2,100 inhabitants.

“There is no successful tourism without the cooperation and involvement of all individuals in this tourism phenomenon,” Maraš stressed.

Vrsi welcomed the tourist season on their toes, which can be seen by the impeccably organized and vibrant Vrsi Summer 2019. To the satisfaction of the locals, weekenders, and tourists, the Vrsi Summer 2019 program has several manifestations of different thematic content, from cultural and entertainment to sports.

“Expectations are increasing every year,” Maraš admits, adding that the Tourist Board organizes the events with the help of the Municipality and the Vrsi infrastructure.

This year, the municipality has a more varied and more abundant summer program, boasting plenty of Dalmatian spirit and klapa evenings, a fishermen's evening, an unforgettable children's program with shows, creative and visual workshops, an animated show, a party in the old village, folklore evenings in Vrsi and Poljica, and comedy for adults.

“Vrsi, thanks to its great maritime tradition, is ‘doomed' in tourism," Rafalela Maraš stressed.

"Thus, it is ideal for a relaxing holiday, a holiday in the spirit of nature, a holiday in the spirit of tradition, culture, and romance. The refreshing air from the Velebit mountain range, the clear sea, and unforgettable sunsets and hospitality are the main advantages of Vrsi tourism. While some enjoy their intimacy more at some of the smaller beaches and coves, others choose beaches where they can observe and be seen. Vrsi is a promised tourist destination,” Maraš concluded.

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tourist Offer of Nin Riviera Becomes Richer with New Digital Application

Next week, the tourist offer of the Nin Riviera - which consists of Nin, Zaton, Privlaka, Vir, and Vrsi - will be enriched by the Pointers digital application.