Thursday, 28 October 2021

Croatian Gajeta Photo Becomes Official European Union Postcard

October 28, 2021 – A Falkuša gajeta from Komiža on Vis island and a Betina gajeta from Murter are shown in a competition-winning Croatian photograph which will now become an official European Union postcard

If you're reading this, chances are you already know Croatia is very often 'postcard-pretty.' Well, it seems you're not the only one to think so.

One Croatian photographer's work has won over judges in a competition to find an official European Union postcard. The photograph (main picture), taken by Hina journalist Andrina Luić shows two sailing boats – a Falkuša gajeta and a Betina gajeta. Both are traditional wooden ships commonly seen in Croatian waters. In the background, the Betina gajeta is instantly recognizable as Croatian because its sail carries a red and white checkerboard pattern.

European Union postcard competition

71299576_928242307537251_4078243795999653888_n.jpg© Dani u Vali

The 'Greetings from the Islands' photo competition was published in September by the European Commission's Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat (here). Andrina, who is from Lukoran on Ugljan island, took her winning photo two years ago in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. The sailboats were snapped during the festival of ships, sea and sailors 'Days in Vala' (here). The event is organized by Cronaves of Split, of which Andrina is a member. They are a society with an aim to promote Croatian maritime heritage.

Andrina's photograph will now help promote Croatian maritime heritage all across the continent. Thousands will see the traditional wooden ships and their sails when the image is made into an official European Union postcard. The picture triumphed above other island photo entries from Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and elsewhere in Croatia. The evaluation criteria were originality, creativity, overall artistic impression and composition, and visual appeal. Each competitor was only allowed to enter one photo into the competition. It would seem that Andrina - who has been taking photographs for many years - made exactly the right choice.

Falkuša gajeta from Komiža on Vis island and Betina gajeta from island Murter

Neven_Jović.jpgTraditional gajeta ships from Betina in a regatta around island Murter © Neven Jović

A Falkuša gajeta is a thinner and faster version of the Murter-style gajeta. Falkuša boats have been used for fishing in the area of islands Vis and Korčula since at least the 16th century. They were adapted to the needs of fishermen from Komiža on Vis island, who would regularly travel far out into the open sea - as far west as the Palagruža archipelago - to chase their catch.

The template of these boat designs was taken to Betina on Murter island by Korčula shipbuilder Paško Filippi in the first half of the 18th century. There he founded a shipyard and began building his boats, adapting them to the slightly different climate and the very different needs of the locals.

The people of Murter and its surroundings needed a boat as much for transportation of goods as they did for fishing. Therefore, the Betina gajeta was made stronger, wider, bigger and more load-bearing, with a deck at the bow and stern. They were commonly used to transport goods between Murter and estates on the Kornati islands.

You can today visit an award-winning museum (here) dedicated to the history of this wooden boat building in Betina, island Murter. Or, if you can't make it there any time soon, you can now make do with one of Andrina's postcards until you can.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Rich History of Vis Regatta: From Just Six Crews in 1934 to Over 1,000 Sailors Today

October 17, 2019 - The Vis Regatta kicks off this weekend for its 75th edition, but much do you know? A closer look by TCN contributor Valentino Komusar. 

More than 1,000 sailors and more than 150 crews from all over Europe are expected at the 75th edition of the Vis Regatta this weekend. The Labud Sailing Club from Split will gather the best Croatian and European sailors. The most prestigious Croatian regatta will provide sport and entertainment this year, both to the participants, their friends, and their guests, while many celebrities will not only attend, but also participate. 

Since the 1st of July 1934, the Labud Sailing Club has organized this unique event. On that day, only six crews participated and they competed in sailing in maestral and western wind, and even during the night because, thanks to the favorable wind, the regatta was completed in one day. The first-ever trophy was won by the helmsman of ‘Zuluma’ - Vinko Reić. It’s an interesting fact that the trophy was transitional, and the only way you could own it permanently was if you would win the regatta three times in a row or four times with interruptions. 

In 1936, the Vis Regatta grew significantly more popular due to one decision - a sailing boat larger than 9 meters was allowed to participate. There was even a prize for that category, which was a silver plaque made by the wife of the president of the Labud Sailing Club, Mrs. Delfina Dešković. Two years later, for the first time, an Italian sailboat participated, while in 1940 was the last pre-World War II Vis Regatta. 

From 1950 and 1999, there were 48th editions of the Regatta, since the event was cancelled due to the Croatian War of Independence in 1991 and 1993. Despite having the first-ever edition of the Regatta in July, since the 1950s and just like today, this prestigious event takes place in October for three days at the end of the sailing season. 

For many years, the Vis Regatta changed its destination. Thus, one year, you would sail to the port of Vis and the next to Komiža. Extraordinary friendly relations with both of the destinations created and for generations preserved, excellent cooperation. However, many times, at the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, bad weather and storms would damage anchored boats in the port of Komiža. Therefore, the Labud Sailing Club decided that during the Vis Regatta, sailors would sail only to the port of Vis, but stayed in a great relationship with Komiža because they decided to organize Komiža Regatta, which had its 28th edition in May of this year. 

For the past 20 years, the Vis Regatta became one of the strongest Adriatic offshore competitions, which is sailed in two stages from Split to the island of Vis and back. It is more international than any other and it often welcomes skippers and crews from many different countries. Just like previous years, this weekend, more than a thousand sailors will take over beautiful Vis. 

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Friday, 11 October 2019

75th Edition of Famed Vis Regatta Gathering 1,000 Sailors from All Over Europe

October 11, 2019 - The Vis Regatta this year marks an anniversary not many sports competitions can boast - for 75 years, the Labud Sailing Club from Split has gathered the best Croatian and European sailors.

Dalmacija Danas writes that this year's Vis Regatta is the most popular yet, as more than 1,000 sailors and more than 150 crews from all over Europe are expected.

According to the dynamics of the applications so far, there is considerable interest, and an increasing number of applications from professional crews, and the applications indicate that the interest of international competitors is increasing as well. Crews from around ten countries are expected. While we can’t predict the weather, we are sure that the jubilee edition of this Adriatic regatta will require the crew's maximum knowledge and experience.

The most prestigious Croatian regatta will provide sport and entertainment this year, both to the participants, their friends, and their guests.

Many of the celebrities reported again include actor Vedran Mlikota, musicians Marijan Ban and Jurica Pađen, as well as famed Croatian basketball player Zeljko Jerkov, Josko Berket, owner of Marina Kastela, Zvonko Kotarac, Dalmatian builder and owner of Split hotels Atrium and Amfora Resort, Niko Dešković, owner of the German online car trading company Instamotion, Darko Smrkinić, owner of Zadar Radio 057 and Saša Keković, Montenegrin construction contractor.


"From this year, we are starting to make new strides in organizing and positioning the Vis Regatta, first of all, to reassure its sporting and exhibition character. We, therefore, invite sailors, as well as all lovers of the sea, wind and the island of Vis, to join us and celebrate this unique sailing event and jubilee 75th anniversary of the Vis Regatta,” said Ante Mlikota, president of the Labud Sailing Club. 

At the very start in Split, on Friday, October 19, the breakwater of the Split harbor, ACI Marina, and Sustipan will once again act as a natural amphitheater to monitor the start of the regatta. The people of Vis will enjoy the regatta on Saturday on Vis, as well as the many other entertainment programs prepared by the organizers for the competitors, guests, and locals.

On Friday from 3 pm in Vis, the traditional feast of beans and brudet for the participants of the regatta will take place, followed by cakes courtesy of O.Š. Vis.

On Saturday, the regatta begins at the Vis port, which always attracts many spectators. The day continues with banquets and tastings organized by the Vis Tourist Board and the town of Vis, starting at 6 pm, by awarding the winners of the regatta at the Vis port, and the banquet held by the students of S.Š. ANTUN MATIJAŠEVIĆ Karamaneo - VIS. 

The events in Vis continue with native varieties of wine, brandy and liqueur, and other Vis specialties (at the square in front of the municipality). 

On Sunday, October 20, the regatta starts at 9 am, and the winner will be received in Split around noon on the large pier of the ACI marina.

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Monday, 23 October 2017

73rd Vis Regatta: Molo Longo Tutta Trieste Wins the Race

This year's total winner of the 73rd edition of the Vis Regatta is Molo Longo Tutta Trieste from Rijeka.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

73. Vis Regatta This Weekend

From the 20th – 22nd October 2017, the 73rd annual Vis Regatta will take place.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

71st Vis Regatta in Full Swing -Photo-gallery

Enjoy these beautiful scenes from the race