Thursday, 6 January 2022

Late Mayor Milan Bandic's Assets Total Three Million Euros?

January the 6th, 2022 - The late Mayor Milan Bandic, who passed away back in spring last year from what was then reported as a massive heart attack, has left a very long legacy behind him. From political scandals and serious allegations to being a longtime corruption suspect followed closely by USKOK, one cannot ever say that the former Zagreb mayor had a boring life.

His widow, Vesna Bandic, about whom we recently wrote, has stated that she doesn't know where all this money ''hidden away with friends'' the late Mayor Milan Bandic was claimed to have, but it seems that the assets we do know about could be worth a massive three million euros in total.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the legacy of the late Mayor Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic is extensive, and his assets could be worth at least 20 million kuna today, Jutarnji list reported recently.

This is of course if you count the well-known properties, movables and works of art Bandic had possession of both here in Croatia and in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were linked to the former mayor by the Zagreb County Court and are scattered on several sides, some with his brother Drago Bandic and others with the Brzica family from Imotski.

In short, the court attributed four apartments in Zagreb worth about 10 million kuna, a cottage in Samobor, some works of art and oldtimers, and a property in Herzegovina worth 10 million kuna to the late Mayor Milan Bandic.

The story of Milan Bandić's mythical properties and assets, which is almost impossible to trace in its entirety, was recently updated by Bandic's widow Vesna Bandic, who said in an interview with Jutarnji that she could soon be left without everything, about which you can read in more detail in the link provided above. According to official data, only a part of Bandic's estimated legacy now belongs to her.

In the interview, she said that after her husband's death, she owned a part of the property Buzanova street, a cottage in Samobor and a part of the property in Herzegovina, a luxurious property in Grude in an area that has become known for being closely tied to Bandic and his cash. The problem now, according to Vesna Bandic, is that she cannot reach an agreement with her late husband's brother, Drago Bandic, on how to divide up the property.

Public cadastral data shows that only two properties now officially belong to Vesna Bandic. Half of the apartment in Buzanova street and a cottage in Samobor. Specifically, she owns a 176-square-metre apartment in Buzanova 4, which consists of a 119-square-metre attic living space, a 54-square-metre terrace, some basement storage and a garage space.

For the other three properties, apartments in Kruge, Jarun and Gracani, Vesna Bandic says that she has never heard of them and that they didn't appear among his registered properties. However, the court found that these apartments, formally owned by the Brzica, Mate and Silvana families from Imotski, could allegedly also belong to Bandic and that Bandic used them, according to Jutarnji list journalist Filip Pavic.

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Monday, 3 January 2022

From Money to Properties, Vesna Bandic Talks Life After Milan

January the 3rd, 2022 - The former longtime Zagreb Mayor, Milan Bandic, passed away suddenly and prematurely in spring last year from what was then reported as a massive heart attack, leaving behind him a long political career, an array of allegations of corruption, as well as his wife, Vesna Bandic.

As Index writes, Vesna Bandic, the widow of the late Zagreb mayor and multiple USKOK suspect Milan Bandic, spoke to Jutarnji list about his premature death and what followed it. It should be noted that Milan Bandic passed away on February the 28th last year, and the circumstances surrounding his death are still not completely clear. A journalist from Jutarnji asked Vesna Bandic if she knew where her husband was the night when he passed away. She doesn't.

"God, if I only knew! He was at a dinner party, but I don't know who he was with or where he was. You know... there were various stories about it, including that he was with Natalija (a model). I have to say that I'm not jealous, I've never been jealous, I didn't mind. Wherever he was, well... that's where he was. Over last fifteen days or so before his death, I noticed that he was very, very unwell," she said.

It should also be noted that it was confirmed to Index back in March last year that the ambulance for Milan Bandic came to the building where Bandic's associate Natalija Prica lived at the time.

Vesna Bandic has also complained about various real estate problems.

"I can't come to an agreement with Milan's brother about the propery issues"

"My daughter and I inherited some property in Samobor, some in Herzegovina and some in the City of Zagreb. And now that my daughter and I have had something in Herzegovina handed down to us, Bandic's brother strongly opposes it, but since half of this apartment is his, we did offer it to him. We'd hoped to 'exchange Herzegovina' with him, and he'd give us half of this apartment in return,'' Vesna Bandic explained, adding that she just couldn't come to any sort of agreement or arrangement with the brother of her late husband.

She also claimed that half of the apartment in Zagreb was not fictitiously registered as belonging to his brother, adding that she'd always been on good terms with Milan Bandic's brother, and especially with his wife.

"What will I live on? Well, now the procedure is asking for seventeen million kuna back from the campaign, and if they manage to prove that they're entitled to it, they'll take the Samobor and Herzegovina properties from us. At least that's what is circulating, that it's possible that they'll take our property in Samobor and Herzegovina from us," Vesna Bandic added.

When asked by a journalist whether she will only end up with an apartment in Zagreb in the end, Vesna Bandic said that she would actually "be left with nothing".

"His pension, which I received, barely covers my utilities, which are four or five thousand kuna, and in winter 6000 kuna because the apartment is large and I have a pension of 6800 kuna. What will I live on? Sometimes I think: Milan, dear, all you did is leave me with problems... And you know those rumours about that there are millions hidden away somewhere, that there are bank accounts in Dubai, money with friends... Maybe that's all true, but he never told me about any of it it. Whenever I'd ask him where all this money is, he would tell me: ''At a friend's...'' concluded Vesna Bandic.

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