Friday, 2 October 2020

“Naša Dika – Veronika Desinićka!” to be Held at Veliki Tabor on Saturday

October 2, 2020 - On Saturday, the third of October, the manifestation “Naša dika – Veronika Desinićka!” will be held in the fort of Veliki Tabor.

The fort of Veliki Tabor, with its unique monumental and authentic fortification structure, is one of the most important cultural and historical monuments in continental Croatia. It is situated at the top of Mount Hum Košnički at 333 meters above sea level. The fort has dominated the Zagorje area for over half a millennium. Its architecture blends in with nature and creates a unique sight. The breathtaking spectacle from Veliki Tabor extends over the entire area of Hrvatsko Zagorje and over parts of Slovenia.

The manifestation “Naša dika – Veronika Desinićka!” is dedicated to the best-known legend regarding this noble medieval city. The museum will be open longer than usual - until 8 pm.


A rich and diverse show program is prepared for the visitors to inform them about the unfortunate love story between Veronika Desinićka and Frederick II of Celje, who allegedly had the castle built in the mid-fifteenth century. The manifestation starts at 4 pm with an educative workshop “Veronika memory” suitable for all ages.

After the workshop, the visitors will be able to explore the castle and exhibitions under the guidance of a costumed leadership. The puppetry show “Naša dika - Veronika Desinićka!” will be held around 6:30 by the puppeteer group Ioculatori for the first time.

The program ends with a projection mapping of “Living Tabor” and “The Legend of Veronika Desinićka” that were made as a part of the project “Living castles” financed by the European Regional Development Fund. All visitors will receive the brochure “Taborgradske priče i lutkarske predstave” written by Renata Dečman as a souvenir. The brochure contains stories about the most famous legends about Veliki Tabor and a few short descriptions about four puppet shows that can be seen at the fort of Veliki Tabor. 

Sources: Veliki Taborr website

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